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Found 2 results

  1. So I bought this tank the instant I saw it was available because I need a TD to do missions in. Although pricy, money's not an issue for me so I got it. Impressions: I'm not here to talk about the stats of the vehicle because you can google that, I wanna share my experience with the tank, Replays: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftv6k6gm236ka6w/Scorpion 5 games.zip?dl=0 Positive: + Gun is great, pen is nice and the accuracy is good + Speed, it goes pretty fast but the acceleration is slow + Camo, this thing has godly camo, I don't even run a camonet and if I have a bush they don't spot me from more than 275m + Credit earning ability, this thing makes credits + Size, it's so small people actually miss fully aimed shots at you while you stay still Negative - You can't take a hit, HE destroys you and every hit you take basically reks your modules completely, very unforgiving - Turret turns slowly, while the arc is decent it turns so goddamn slowly turning the hull is usually faster - Acceleration is limiting, uphill this thing isn't fast at all - Meta, on maps like Ruinberg or Himmelsdorf I have trouble seeing how to make this tank work, since it's basically a one-trick pony - Reverse speed feels like T95 I put Rammer/EGLD/Optics on it, because camo net is yuck and it's open top so it can't mount vents. My loadout is 20/20/3 because the gold round can pen T10's frontally (even though you won't face them) and to basically negate IS-3's. Playstyle: I'm not the one to tell you how to play a tank, but this thing needs to snipe to work. You wanna use your camo and speed to get into positions where you can sit and camosnipe the shit out of stuff with essentially no risk of getting hit because you'll die. I took a hit from a JP2 and it rekt like literally everything inside the tank. If you ever played the E 25 it should be pretty familiar, but it's somewhat slower and can't really manoeuvre the same way. Watch the replays to get hang of what I mean, stay somewhat safe while making sure your gun keeps working and the tank reaaaally excels at it. In the Sand River game I outspotted an E 25 and fired at him without him spotting me back, the tank really is good even though the meta it should've been in has passed on a long time ago.
  2. Today, the M56 Scorpion was confirmed to be the American premium tank destroyer.
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