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Found 14 results

  1. I have a question regarding the spawn places on the Siegfried Line and it's the same for Bases 1 and 2. Sadly, I have only three screenshots, but believe me, every game is the same. Here are the screenshots: Why on earth do light tanks get a spawn place that is the furthest from the field area of the map, which makes them basically useless since you can't spot anything because you are 20-30 seconds late. What is the role of the scouts on this map? Can somebody explain me the logic behind this? I know they said that spawn places are random, but not once I got the spawn close so I can go and actually spot something. How do you play in this situation?
  2. i was taken to task on this one (replay link) so thought i'd ask for some purple advice as i just felt hemmed in with no way to help the team map is erlenberg, north spawn, standard battle, tier 8-10, many heavies with 3 arties, we are one tier 10 short our team completely abandons the east (as often occurs) setting up a linear heavy battle along the hill line west of the castle. i'm platooning with another light who signals he is going to scout the west side. here's how i see it: 1. 13:51 i start with an east scouting run, yes, i know soloing a flank is a poor idea, but figured a quick scouting run from a fast light would provide some intel, even though i have no supporting guns. (i'm taken to task on this, mistake or no) i find only 2 tanks and bail to my surprise almost the entire enemy team crossed over to our side. -was this move a mistake? 2. 13:25 i retreat and try to provide vision for meds covering our rear (north aiming east) took a hit from a TVP and didn't really add much so i'll call this a complete fail i abandon it at 12:04 as 2 TVP's come in and wax our meds -should i have stayed, pushed, or left? 3. 11:30 crossed over and start circling C-D 2-4 trying to provide some vision and looking for an opening for an arty run or flank, but feel totally hemmed in with no one aiming at what i can light chased away a light at 11:17 but otherwise failed again; still have a gun for in game -better move here? perhaps working central buildings? 4. 10:20 we've given up what pathetic map control we had with two collapsing flank i make a last ditch effort to hold off the TVP and T49 on our northeast/rear flank only to get shut down ignominiously any suggestions appreciated thanks
  3. First of all I just want to clarify the title, I'm not saying I am a Pro-Scout...not by any means. I am requesting a review of the linked game below by those in the community who are WELL versed in the art of scouting. The map is Fiery Salient and I am a lowly Type 64 that was thrown into a Tier IX match. To make things a bit more intimidating (for me at least) was the three man platoon of RELIC players on the enemy team. Now, the things I managed to do was to stay alive the whole match, acquire quite a bit of damage, acquire some assisted damage, help with the win (I think). I didn't actively scout and thus I have no spots this game. I know I wasted a bunch of time trying to figure out what to do and etc. I have some things in my mind as to where I could've done a lot better (or different at least) but I wanted to come here and get some Unicum feedback with constructive criticism and pointers that can help me become more effective. Type 64 - Fiery Salient Thank You for taking the time. -iAmEbola
  4. I just want to know if the +445 really, really, REALLY, annul a part of enemies cammo. For exemple, if I put situation awareness on my M41 doge as 3rd skill, it will spot a camping TD on 350m from me than it would spot without the skill that increases viewrange.
  5. I've been fascinated with scouts/lights ever since I started playing. I used to play TF2 and played Scout well so I figured I would try a quick mobile class in WoT. After 5,000 battles and map/meta changes I have no idea what to do for most maps. For Mali, I used to head to the swamp to get early base lights, until I got light by people on the ridge and quickly exploded. I just can't find a good database for early lights. Anyone have good spots they would like to share?
  6. Hi, I recently achieved my objective of buying every Tier 10 ( except for arty because FK clickers) so I am slightly bored and looking for new goals. I used to mentor a lot through the wotlabs chat channel ingame. I played pretty much every tanks in the game but I really love light tanks and autoloaders , so I developped a frontline oriented, aggressive, in and out, playstyle. If you're interested in playing with me for a day or so, pm me in-game. You can also pm me on wotlabs if you want, in-game would probably be easiest though. Depending on which tanks we play (normally tier 8+) and how long we play I like to ask for a credit pack if it's within your means. If not we can work something out. I'm generally online between 6 and 11 PM EST so hit me up. The rest we can discuss on TS . #batchatlyfe OR4NGE
  7. When I've started the light tank missions i encountered the 4k spotting one... which I CAN't complete. So for example, when I'm in a game I don't know how well I'm doing with spotting. I'm wondering (will give some examples): - If I spotted an E-100 and I have a friendly tank near me (which can also spot E-100) and then I die...who gets the spotting damage--->me till the moment when I die and the rest goes to friendly tank or something else. - Similar scenario as the first one but this time I spot an enemy and get into cover whilst my teammate is still spotting him...do I lose my spotting as soon as i get into cover or does that spotting damage keep going to me for next few seconds (you know...when you spot someone and you break sight with them and they are spotted for about 3-5 seconds idk exactly). - And 3. scenario: you and ally are rushing an enemy (at the same time and same distance to them). Who gets the spotting: the one with the more viewrange or the one that gets closer to the enemy... I hope you understand what I'm asking...Didn't explain it so well (english isn't my mother tongue...) I have always been wondering about this and never quite understood it... Thanks and all answers are appreciated!
  8. Hello, fellow Pork Soda™ consumers! This thread's for replays and YouTube videos of those replays with commentary. My goal is to capture unique and teachable gameplay in a variety of tanks. Here's a game in the WZ-132 where I abused the new terrain on Pearl River to get some nasty flanking shots on some heavies, but ran into two AMX 13s that nearly clipped me: Here's an STB-1 game on Fisherman's Bay that showcases the hulldown and flex abilities of the tank. It's not particularly high damage, but there's a really fun bit where I cause utter chaos by pretending to be one of their tanks. Here's an exemplary game of playing peekaboo over hilly terrain on Komarin using the Centurion Mk. 7/1's high accuracy, depression, and strong turret & upper glacis armor.
  9. I have an abysmal 39% winrate in my WZ-132, which is largely regarded as one of the best scout tanks in the game. Why is that? I've been trying to get early game damage to beef up my WN8 and getting myself killed. Well, now it's time to learn2scout and rescue my winrate in the Li'l Weez. I'm going to keep my gun quiet until late game and abuse view mechanics to scout my way to victory. I'll post every game replay on my journey to the pantheon of scouting greatness and I'd love to hear your criticism on my play! Some things I'll be changing in my WZ-132 gameplay: Keep the gun quiet. On maps with good bush cover, this will keep me alive and spotting. On maps like Himmelsdorf, I'm going to try to stay out of the fight until mid-to-late game unless I see a good chance to harass (e.g. flanking on Mt. Himmelsdorf). Move to another location if spotted. I'm going to try to scout on another flank if I'm ever spotted. XVM and Locastan's Last Known Location will be additional tools at my disposal. Spot tanks that my team can shoot at. My teammates will be my weapon of choice. I will also try to abuse my camo and maneuverability to keep my team in invisishot range to the enemy. Tweak equipment/crew for view abuse. I'm going to throw out the VStab and Rammer and run: Coated Optics - naturally. Binocs - for x-ray vision through bushes. The WZ-132 already has great camo and I feel this will work better than a camo net. Vents - eke out a little more view range, on-the-go camo, and maneuverability. 85mm gun - less weight and more useful in late game situations where I can circle a tank. Regular med kit, regular repair kit, and 100 octane - will swap the gas for Improved Rations once I get BIA. Commander skills - Sixth Sense and Camo. Gunner skills - Designated Target and Camo. Driver skills - Camo and Clutch Braking. Radio operator skills - Camo and Situational Awareness. Ultimately, I'm going to stop chasing damage as a primary goal. My goal for this challenge is "winrate über alles." The strange thing is that I bet my DPG will actually increase as I get more end game cleanup damage by surviving to deal that damage. Please join me on this journey from bad2gud in scout play and critique my replays! I'm looking forward to hearing your criticism and will report the effect that your suggestions have on my gameplay.
  10. I'm looking for some pointers on scouting. I love playing my M24 Chaffee or T71, but there are a few maps where I simply flounder due to having abso-fucking-lutely no idea how to scout the map properly. One of my best examples would be Serene Coast. It doesn't matter which spawn I get, I have no idea what to do at the onset of the match. Could anyone walk me through some good locations for both active and passive scouting?
  11. The WZ-131 (and the 59-16 before it, grinded them when we had the community-choosen event on the EU server) is my first serious attempt to re-learn vision control and scouting since i started playing again this year. While my understanding of the ingame mechanics has improved a lot, i still feel like i'm very useless on many maps and in a lot of situations, and therefore are unable to even attempt to carry the game - i simply do not have a idea what i could do to improve our odds of winning. While for example malinovka is very easy to carry (this map is propably the only reason for my 55%WR @200 games), i'm absolutly lost on maps like Abbey, generally town maps and the new maps (Sacred Valley/ Severogorsk). Sometimes i can still deal a lot of damage even on those maps, but thats usualy in games that we would have won even without me. To give you some idea of how i play, i uploaded my 10 latest WZ-131 games+ "commentary" on what i think i did good or wrong. It would be very nice if some of you could watch one or multiple replays and give me some feedback, to be more specific: i) general map tactics - bushes and firinglanes i obviously didn't use, bad positioning etc etc ii) more general things like situational awareness and tactical thinking, especially where its lacking iii) really anything that comes in your mind to improve my gameplay (Warning: I have currently neither sixth sense (5% missing, rest of the crew is 95% camo) nor premium, so all XP values are raw) Equipment is rammer, camo net and optics. Replay 1) Cliff, Victory, 900XP, Survived One of those games where i didn't do particulary good or anything special - we would have won without me, and i don't think i could have done anything if they had overrun either flank. Cliff is one of those maps where i don't really know how to be helpfull - in the middle area i get turned into scrap very fast, both flanks are slugfests for heavys and TDs and the lighthouse is not very usefull in my opinion. I never felt like i had any great influence on a battle on this map in a light tank. Replay 2) Ruinberg, Loss, 450XP, Dead Another map where i don't really have a clue what to do. Since my chances in the city are really low, i went to the little village and tried to spot some people and get a few shots off. Works out fine until i yolo straigth in front of a SU152 and get a away very close. After my retreat i get cornered by a T71 and can't do much until i get killed and we loose. Even if the SU would not have been there, i doubt i could have had much influence on the city anymore... (Notice how much damage my team did in the afterbattle report, lol) Replay 3) Lakeville, Loss, 250XP, Dead Yet again: Apart from the initial spots on the people going town, i have no clue how a scout can be any helpfull on this map. Since i ALLWAYS (can't remember a single time it was not so) get spotted after spotting 1 or 2 of their people i immedietly pull back but still get damaged. Then i tried to make their T21 shoot me to scout him (he is a blue player) which works like a charm - but no one shoots him, so it was all useless again >___> I try to help some in city, but they get wrecked just when i arrive. Decided to take the bush outside the city to maybe spot someone for our TDs in the middle - nope. While our team in their base gets wrecked, i decide to push with the TDs - all their people left the town to defend the base and there was not much to be done. Since i couldn't help there at all i pulled back to look out for enemys and got killed by their T71 in our base... i have really no clue what i could have done, from the beginning on. Replay 4) Ensk, Win, 700XP, Survived Yes i had a very long streak of maps i don't like to play in lights, and this is another of them: Apart from some very carefull supportfire at the east side, i have *again* no clue how to be effective. Luckily both our flanks stomp the enemys very fast, there was not much to be done. Replay 5) Fishermans Bay, Win, 900XP, Survived At last a map that doesn't leave me totaly clueless... I get some initial spots and flex around in the middle for a few minutes, getting some (unimportant?) sideshots in until i decide its safe to go for arty. After i killed the arty, its nothing more than cleaning up. (Notice that apart from their green Platoons the complete enemy team was red/orange) Replay 6) Murovanka, Win, 800XP, Survived On this map in a scout on south team i would almost allways slow-mo-active-scout the forest (works like a charm, thank you camo crew <3) and from the north try to get into the little sink at the 1 line. If the enemy has no fast mediums or high-view-range tanks, i would try to knock over the tree and spot way more effective. Doesn't work out in this game, so i just poke out and accumulate some very little spotting damage. Luckily our team cleans up very fast and there was not much to be done again... Didn't feel very usefull though Replay 7) Sacred Valley, Loss, 400XP, Dead lol, no clue what to do on this map as a scout. Somtimes i manage to passivescout for minimal damage, but this time i went full balls and did some damage at the temple. Decided badly to rush the IS3 and got consequently killed. Team did very little damage though, don't know what i could have done... Replay Redshire, Win, 800XP, Dead I know this map is really great for vision-tanks, but i allways loose the vision game on redshire Got some lucky spots for some spotting damage and got killed because i tunnel visioned on the ISU. I don't really know how to spot enemys on this map in a spot where your allies can shoot them without suffering enourmous return fire... Replay 9) Sand River, Loss, 400XP, Survived Yaaa this map... i can active scout enemys for hours without any support fire to actually DAMAGE them After some useless spotting i decided to shoot the southern part of the map from the ridge, overextend twice and take a lot of damage. Then try to defend our base with my platoonmate but can't do much and run away as last player till we loose Replay 10) Here i wanted to insert some replay of me terribly failing on abbey (left path? all heavy and mediums, getting crushed. Middle? lots of Mediums and lights, get crushed. Right flank? i decided to spot some guys there and maybe flank over the little island later - get some spotting damage and then reverse to much fall into the water lol) Instead, have one replay of me actually playing good (for my standarts atleast). Its from yesterday, while the others are all from today and played in a row. Malinovka, Win, 1150XP, Survived (Scout+Patrol Duty) I hope some of you find some time to give me some helpfull tips and hints Thanks in advance!
  12. So yeah. Heavys/TDs/many mediums go north. Mediums/ light TDs/ retarded heavys go south or to the village in the middle. Scouts? I have no clue. So far i haven't found a single good bush or route, all flanking routes to help your mediums in the south can be shot at from the middle. Since most tanks are at the gud fite spot in the north and you can't really spot there, only a very few tanks are in the southern area with high amounts of cover and bushes. Any of you guys here has advice of how to play the map as a scout? Map for reference: P.S: As a light TD/Medium i usualy try to defend the base when the north looses but struggle to because i have no spotters. Since i usualy play solo and scouts have shit MM for platoons anyways i COULD spot the base if our team looses the north, but i then i lack firepower to kill them myself. (And obviously a strategy that only works if 2/3 of your team die early ain't a really good strategy)
  13. Hi guys. Some days i ago i saw this replay from the NA-Server: http://wotreplays.com/site/241870#malinovka-garbad_the_weak-t-44 Now i have some questions about that: a) How does he manage not to get spotted? I know he shoots the most enemys when they are double-bushed and has camo painting+ camo crew skill, but driving over the open field at the start of the match and firing all the times should reveal him. Atleast the Superpershing in their base should spot him if he is firing all the time from <400 meters oO b) was this some high-risk-high-reward gameplay because he could not know if any of the enemys scouts actualy scout the field or take the spot at F7, or do the people on the NA server don't do such things >_>? Asking because whenever i try something like this with any of my scouts its 50/50 if i get spotted, and i'm talking about getting to the bush trough the swamp, and not over the open field. And even with my WZ-131 (Camocrew+camonet+painting), if i shoot from this position, someone at the hill or in the base will spot me... So it is either a) total luck b) americans play crazy and all have 50% crews (apart from unicums) c) there is something that i'm missing? Thanks in advance P.S: I'm also really surprised how many tanks he can spot there. In my WZ-131 (no view-range skills or optics, but binocs which should give more range than optics+skills) i don't even manage to spot half as much tanks leaving the base >_>
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