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Found 5 results

  1. I recently purchased the Leopard after having a seriously heated debate with one of my friends whose general impression of the tank is that it is a steaming hot pile of German shit. However, after playing about 20 (with a 70 xTe) games in it, I could not disagree more with him. I love it! I just want to know if the German light tank line gets even better and also why people hate that tank so much.
  2. I've been fascinated with scouts/lights ever since I started playing. I used to play TF2 and played Scout well so I figured I would try a quick mobile class in WoT. After 5,000 battles and map/meta changes I have no idea what to do for most maps. For Mali, I used to head to the swamp to get early base lights, until I got light by people on the ridge and quickly exploded. I just can't find a good database for early lights. Anyone have good spots they would like to share?
  3. title says it all. looking for a scout expert to go into a training room with to figure out spots/route tier 6 scouts can properly use on most maps. After 21k games, Im looking for a proper way to actually do scouting. As well, Id like to have some clarification and reinforcement on basics. Thats all. If (willing), PM me, else,echo "move on, and have fun in pubs."
  4. First Wotlab post... Here it goes My Basic Idea Scouts. Scouts are the most under-rated class in the game at the moment. Even below arty at points I feel. Scouts like the A-20 are broken, and could use buffs to compensate. What would it accomplish though you may ask? Two things I feel would happen. 1) obviously less complaining by the scouts of "Im a dang tier 4 in a tier 8 battle" 2) It would allow arty to more effectively see tds and other tanks. This in the end would be a minor buff to arty, as more spots would be to their disposal (A small arty buff is needed imo) Arty would be able to hit TDs sooner, and possible knock them out of the game before they became a huge problem. A minor nerf to certain TDs are in store, only the Foch 155 and SU-122-44 come in mind for me, but not so wide-spread as they are suggesting. I realize it is a minor nerf to tanks like the T110s (not the 5) and more major to the 268 and Foch 155. Lets go over the major problems of TDs 1) Camo, scouts would thus light them up and reduce this problem 2) Armor, arty should be able to hit TDs more effectively and reduce this problem as well 3) Speed, a minor nerf would have to be in store for the TDs that shouldnt need it 4) Gun (Such as Alpha or ROF or a combo), for the most part, TDs have to have a good gun. What does TD stand for again? Tank DESTROYER, Not Tank Bouncer. Guns for most should stay the same. Again situational depending on the tank. Improved scouting would be a great plus for this game. More xp and awards should be given out to scouting tanks. Add some sort of Epic Reward possibly. Patrol Duty is a great scouting reward, scout not near as much but it is up there. How to improve scouting, here are my suggestions - Decrease TD camo minorly. (They still have to be kinda high up there) - Improve scouts turning ability - Improve view radius - Possibly may have to nerf gun or increase MM for certain scouts (They may become too OP due to the increased turning speeds) Honestly this isnt a lot, but I would think improved scouting would help our current situation much more than swinging the nerf hammer. TL;DR Improved scouting should fix TDs Sorry for the long post. If you disagree, don't just hit that big red button, explain. There is nothing I hate more than unexplained negative rep, I want to know why you disagree with me. This is my idea, it may be a cruddy one. What do you guys think? ~Happy Hunting! P.S. WG release Assisted Damage publicly for us scout players! My WN8 suffers because of my scouting. Also I cant seem to get rid of this highlighted part :/ I copied part of it from a forum post and it wouldnt undo for me.
  5. Ok, as my sig makes clear, I play TD's more than anything, but I've wanted to get into lights a bit more as well. Aside from having learned to skeetshoot the little pests along the way, my knowledge of how to play a light well is... poor. (Look at my M24 stats if you doubt me) My time in TD's had made it clear to me that you can divide them into subtypes (mobile stuff like the T49 or M18 are very different than the ARL V39 for instance, despite being all being midtiers as one easy example.) I know that people talk about the lights in the same way. Some are better as pure scouts, others as raiders and harassers. I'm not entirely sure though, which ones are which? My impression is that the T-50-2 is more of a "scout" while the AMX-13 are considered "raiders" In any case, which Light Line would I wanted to be scout? If I wanted to be a raider? (And where do the more recent US lights fit in, raiders?)
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