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Found 15 results

  1. Ok, now i feel shame. Can anyone explain this. FV4202, 226 AP at close range (100m) have more pen than usual? +-25%??? Same goes for APCR...
  2. Hello WoTLabs! Longtime lurker since 2013 (2014?), finally decided to create an account. Used to play on the SEA server with various accounts (never bought a prem, I have a hoarder personality and I wanted to play various lines without ever selling a tank, was a kid so no €€€ for garage slots), now on EU playing from a 5 year old MacBook because of university, recently upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 16GB, before that I played Hearthstone at a decent level. Joining WoTLabs so I can ask questions, git gud and look for senpais.
  3. UPDATE: Sadly I have discontinued support for updating this document as it received zero support in the form of charitable donations (the odd £1 or $1 to good causes is always a good thing!). If you'd like to retroactively support this then either read the doc or help me with my other hobby - magic - by buying me a pack of cards or something from my Amazon Wishlist. The guide is still very useful as a reference - more so when combined with the latest XVM documentation. Due to the constant reformatting issues on this forum (doesn't normally create issues but it does with something this big!!) I have changed the format into a Google Doc that anyone with the below link can read. Make your own XVM Config [Guide] Few disclaimers: This is written as a guide, it's not a 100% 'step-by-step spoon feeding instructions' as that would defy the whole point! It's to give you ideas/inspiration and remove the fear you have of creating your own configs. If you break anything I'm not to blame. I have included as much helpful info as possible and if you wish to have anything added then let me know. It should be enough to get 95% of you by without breaking too much stuff!
  4. Hello, Berean checking in. I've finally decided to check this forum out for help rather than the official forums. The games I'm currently playing (That I have the time for anyways.) Is World of Warships and Armoured Warfare.
  5. So um, I'm using WG's own wrapper and I'd like to start uploading to vBAddict (mostly for MoE purposes), but I've been searching as hell but I can't find the dossier and upload it manually, and since ADU is an .exe program it won't run. I googled around and saw that it should be possible to get it using other wrappers such as Wine and stuff, but I can't for the love of wot work this one out... I've also asked this on the vBA forums but I figured some of you techies here might have a solution as well.
  6. +9000k battles... still a scrub though and looking to improve... Wanted to say hello to the forum and if I've offended you in game you probably deserved it.
  7. After midnight eastern time. Toonin dies down. Anyone w e100 or fv 183 knowledge theyd care to share? Have ts3. started lemming. getting better. Could always use more knowledge. shoot me a msg in game. Happy tonkin
  8. Hello! I am _pip_ a part of the Dickens Empire . In this thread I will post some of the more interesting replays from my adventures in pubbie land. It will be from both NA, and EU servers as I have friends who lend me accounts on both servers. Will start off with a replay from Sand River in the E25: Link for download Chaffee Mastery on NA: Download link Cromwell Radley: Download link E25 4k damage: Download replay SU122-44 Mastery: AMX12t Mastery: Replay T29 Mastery: Replay Another Chaffee Mastery: Replay T37 mastery first game: Replay T37 Mastery again: Replay T37 3.5k damage: Replay
  9. Ok, I am always brutally honest and that comes to self assessment as well. I am SERIOUSLY behind the curve in this game, (6000+ battles before somebody clued me in to wtf wn8 is and how it works). I started on a craptop and a dgaf attitude (yeah not the best combination lol). However the continual bitching in pubs does get old. After being clued in as to wn8 (and its importance) i find my skill set as wanting (im being VERY generous)... What im looking for: a mentor/mentors that are willing to teach, platoon, etc. About me: Mid 30's, former US Army NCO with too much time on his hands (play 5+ days/wk and at all hours due to insomnia). I listen and follow orders. I understand that an order is not a suggestion, and I carry it out without hesitation nor questioning (prior clans have used this fact as I have no problems being the point man and dying first if thats what is required of me). I am highly intelligent, and a very apt pupil who WANTS to learn. I am highly aggressive, as goes with Alpha type personality (and the fact I am indeed a Viking descendent), and I have found heavy tanks to fit my aggressive nature. I am good with taking criticism, as I understand the fact that im not the best. I learned in life long ago there is alays somebody better, and I am the type that realizes, accepts and then finds those that ARE better and are willing to teach. While I do not question orders during the moment, please expect me to ask questions after the fact as to the "why" a particular order is given at a specific time. I generally play all hours on the NA server. I can play either east or west but have better ping on east. Yes my stats suck, but wn8 is on the climb since i was clued in as to how it works (ding ding ding, I can be taught ) I am a team player and do not leave teammates hung out to dry. I have ts3 and mic. Yes i spend $ on the game (its my hobby, generally $100 or so a month) Thanks for taking the time for reading my post and hopefully Ill see you on the battlefield -Rogue_Viking tX avail: T-57, E100 Grinding towards: E5 (at 103), Deathstar (at AT15)
  10. Hey all, I'm _Brendan! I've been playing WOT since August 12th, 2013. I started off as a red baddie like most players do. When I first viewed my stats on Wotlabs, I realized just how bad I was... 757 WN8 and a pretty low survival rate. All I was really doing at that point was derping around in my IS-3 and low-tier tanks with bad players. It was then when I started stepping up my game. Come May 5th, 2014 I first sign up for the Wotlabs forum. Here were my stats at the time: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/brendanthekid/1399248000 I was slowly getting better at tonks. Since joining Wotlabs, I have read countless guides and watched tons of replays from all you good players. I have tremendously improved my gameplay and just last night got my first 6k, 7k and almost 8k dmg in my Object 704. Here are my stats now: Finally, can someone review my replays please? I uploaded my past 50 games here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cuts8orope3818s/Past%2050%20replays.zip Thanks Wotlabs!
  11. Hello all, I'm looking for a toonmate until about 7:30 EST playing my Panther for the on-track, Pref 8's 9's and 10's. Can use your clam TS, my clam TS (limbo.teamspeak3.com) or Wotlabs TS. Cheers!
  12. Hello i'm Andison and I'm looking to take my game out of the basement and become a more effective tanker. I consider myself an average player, but that is not cutting it, i want to learn and not be a scrub anymore. I'm thick skinned and intelligent and am looking to the forums for advice and knowledge from those who know their stuff. I will try to bring it ( intelligent posts) and thanks for listening, peace!
  13. halp. http://puu.sh/3wDb7.zip Idk what to do. I keep trying to survive and damage, but I can't seem to carry any of my teams to victory. Am I being too aggressive? Not aggressive enough? Need moar HEAT?
  14. Hey Everyone! I just yesterday managed to achieve a 51% W/R. Which means I am now Green on XVM. Improving feels great, i tell you. With this achievement i thought it would be good to give a bit of an Autobiography of My life in WoT, and How I improved at the game and how i played at different stages. I thought it would be a good track of my improvement and may give a few players an Insight on what Scrubs and play4Fun players think when they are playing. so here goes: Stage 1: This was the First stage of My development. It spans from when i started playing to Joining my first clan, at tier 6. During this stage I was literally a play4fun noob. Everyone knows what that means, but what it meant for me is that I only played to have fun shooting things. i didn't care if I did no damage, or if i lost. i didn't care about what other people thought, or any other thing. All i cared about was being entertained for a couple of hours a day. Nothing else. I had no idea about stats, or any other things, but I did see my 50% W/R and was a little disappointed when it when down to 49% but never thought anything of it. This stage lasted until I joined my First clan: MAYM3. Stage 2: The second stage was when i Joined the Clan. it started just after i joined when i started being taught by Clan Mates some of the more basic game mechanics, like Penetration, Camouflage, and that sort of thing. it was still very basic and never went much beyond "Shoot the side Armour not the front" and "sit in a bush it makes you harder to see". nothing about angling, Side Scraping, etc etc etc... I was also introduced into Clan Wars at this time, although since in our clan the highest tier was 9 and a couple of 8's we barely ever won. and the only time we did win that i Can remember is when the enemy only brought 3 tanks. Stage 3: This stage was the stage that I moved from MAYM3 to MAYHM, from a sub - clan to the main clan, after My friend who was also in the clan got his tier 7. (I already had one and was waiting for him to get one). Just after this i was introduced to XVM and stats. the start being when one player in a pub match said he had It and could see his team was pretty bad. I went into the Stat Denier phase pretty quickly. I literally could NOT comprehend how Win Rate, which was a result of 29 other players apart from yourself, could mean how good you are. No idea how that was possible. i mean, there was 14 other players on your team that each did their own team. and it was not possible that you could be called a bad player because those 14 other players may have failed miserably. Luckily My Win Rate never went down from 49%, so i wasn't struck as a major victim of stat whores, since 49% is "average" That being said i did look at Wot-news.com for its efficiency calculator and noticed mine was around 700. i didn't believe it was that low. I knew i wasn't a great player but i didn't think i was bad. Stage 4: This stage was when i joined the Forums First, and it ties in with stage 3 a bit. for the first ~100 posts i had i was a VIVID stat denier. Anyone that said anything about stats got a big denying replay from me. Luckily when i joined the forums it was just after they removed neg rep so i couldn't get negged for what i said. But as the post count rose i became less and less of a stat denier, by ~300 posts i had Admitted Efficiency did show skill, but i wouldn't budge on W/R. but by ~500 posts i gave way and changed my mind believing that W/R was a factor of skill as well. Stage 5: This stage started about at the start of this year. when i Started trying to improve my Gameplay. I had admitted my Stats were bad, and wanted to improve them. I wasn't worried about W/R that much since it was 49%, and things like Efficiency needed boosting more than W/R at the time. so During this time I was playing for stats, not for wins. after i had reached 900 eff i stopped playing for stats and started playing for Wins. and this is where i am at now. I constantly play, not for stats, but to win. If i do something stupid or fail at a game with only 1 shots worth of damage i am annoyed with myself, but if its a win I have the attitude of "well, a win is a win, ill take it". although i still tell myself i should of done better. about 25 days ago i joined BURDY, and ever since joining them i have done NOTHING but improve. its great. I enjoy watching my stats rise and I find i am enjoying the game much better that i did previously. In the latter days of my old Clan I only platooned with 1 or 2 players since they were Average at least, but in BURDY since everyone knows what they are doing it makes it much easier and not much pressure on me trying to carry. Well, that's my Life in World of Tanks. I will continue to improve my Gameplay and i am looking forward to getting my Efficiency and WN7 to green overall, rather than green 60-day. I hope this little insight to my development of a player was an interesting read. It was good to reflect back on my play and see how far i have come since beginning. P.S Special shout out to GoodeyeSniper who told me yesterday he thought i was a gudpoaster. glad to hear people dont think me a troll PP.S i would of put all that in a spoiler but i dont seem to have the option to in the edit pane? any ideas?
  15. Just want to say thank you first to Neverwish for keeping Wotlabs going after Tanks Of Science closed down. Secondly, thank you for creating this resource for those who want good, consolidated information. Grinding through the chaff of WoT Forums can be tiresome looking for information of value. Thank you.
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