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Found 8 results

  1. Most of the time people ragequit / do something stupid when it seems the game seems lost, this video shows nicely why you should always keep playing, till the bitter end.... It also shows: Maximum RNG Why you should ALWAYS train fucking repair skills, ON ANYTHING! + stronk pley ofc
  2. [massive wall of text, had to sit in train long time and f******n spoilers not working] Since the last tier 9 ranking is old a new one, and since I own (and play) 21 of the 29 tier 9`s I think I can judge them fairly well. Another reason is that imo many people under or overrate certain tanks because of play style preferences (I’m sure I will also fall in this trap myself). For this rating two things are important, solo play & platoon play, if your 100% platooning or 100% solo it might differ a bit, I assume that ``you`` play between 1/3 and 2/3 solo and 1/3 and 2/3 platoon. Rating is based pure for ``winpower``, damage and wn8 are thus not important, it’s about winning! In terms of importance: Firepower (inc gun depression, and gun handling / bloom) > Armour > Mobility > Soft stats (camo, view range module dmg). On a number scale it would be 10 > 6 > 5 > 3, the gun is by far the most important mobility and armour are about equal and soft stats don’t matter much. It also means that a tank with a crap gun has to be phenomenal in other aspects to make up for it. As final note, mobility is mostly a ``negative stat``, having good mobility doesn’t make a tank good, but having bad mobility does make a tank bad. The average is 6.4 and not 5.5, since 5.5 would mean the avg tank is a turd, and that’s certainly not that case. Tier 9 contains many strong tanks and is as a whole a very good tier. Also not one tank gets a 10 since not one tank is that good, the only tier 9 tanks which would be a 10 would be tier 9 IS-4, also beta Obj 704 and beta T-54 come close (9-9.5 or perhaps even 10). Lowest rated tank is a 3, even though a 4 can also be justified. The numbers below a 7 are fairly meaningless; I placed the tanks from strong to weak and put numbers behind them so the exact number doesn’t really matter that much down there. I gave for example both Amx-50-120 and Amx-30 a 5, yet Amx-30 is the better tank, but amx-30 is certainly worse as the 6 tanks, while amx-120 is not as crappy as the 4`s. ps: I also included the following buffs in this rating: IS-8 mobility and gun handling buff and JT hp buff to 2100. 10: Beta IS-4 9: E50 & St-1 8.5: T54, E75 & M46 8: WTF-P4, VK-B, T30 & Conqueror 7: M103, Wz-11111111-4, Jagdtiger, Wz-120, Cent mk7, T-10, T54e1, Obj 430 v2 6: Obj 704 & Type 61 5: Foch, Amx-30, Conway & Amx-50-120, 4: Su-122-54, Tortoise, Leopard PTA, Type 4 & T95 3: Lorraine
  3. As the title says: I now have one hundred million credits! (had to buy and sell some ammo to make it 100 mil exact) Also, mandatory poll, whats the highest amount of credits you ever had?
  4. So, a couple of months ago the wonderful @TheMightyJingles posted several videos talking with Slov (?) and some other developers from WG. A particular section talked about equipment. TLDR Version of that: Tankers are using only a few pieces. If it can use a VStab? Done. If it can use a Rammer? Done. Can use vents? Done. Optics make sense? Done. I mean, for hell's sake my MT's tier 6+ are VStab, Rammer, Optics unless it cant use a VStab, so I use vents. But, what if: All tanks had their stats buffed by 2.5% + Crew. Vents are Removed from the store All Tank which had a rammer available: -10% Reload time on all tanks which use it, Rammer Removed from store All tanks which can use a VStab: Dispersion buffed by -20%, VStab removed from store All tanks with VR over 380 (Except scouts, but would receive a 5% increase to VR): VR is buffed by 5%, Optics exclusive to scouts How would this affect your crews, and equipment load-outs? I'll add my own thoughts to its effect on my crews/equipment. Theoretical at this point, but from that video it made it sound like this will come down the pipes in one way or another in the future
  5. Hi, I've been a lurker here for a while. I'll start shitpoasting sooner or later so here's something from Rita: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.hk/2015/09/hd-screenshots-is-8-and-t56-gmc.html As you can see, aside from the fancy optics, the tank looks quite a bit shorter as though it got deflated somehow. The turret also got flattened and lost its turret ring weakspot. It actually looks like a Russian hovermed now, instead of a bloated abomination. I checked the new screenshots against tankinspector: it seems the frontal pike has a much better slope now, though it might be too early to tell. Another interesting tweak are the splashboards in front of the pike which make it deceptively like a WZ-111. They were there in the old model but mounted differently and not as part of the damage model. Again, might be a way to give the -8 a stealth buff. On a historical note, the new upgraded turret looks to be a different model compared to the old one: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/230370-t-10-heavy-tank/ It seems they used the T-10 turret and not the T-10M one, which seems kind of pointless, seeing as the T-10M was supposed to be the modernised tank.
  6. Ah, 2000th post! I started posting, I believe, December 8th, 2013... EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! 2000 post in exactly a year? Who'da thunk it?! Basically, I joined this forum hoping to get better. I was about to leave 1Cav1, where I got my first taste of Clan Wars and how badly managed a clan could be. At that time, I was a 900 WN8-ish overall and 1200 recent. I jumped here and started reading. Started learning. By January, I was accepted to Millards Minions with about 1100 overall and 1600 recent. And holy crap, combining MM with this forum was amazing! I learned a LOT while I was there! I took place in more CW with good success. Minions held onto land for... 17 days straight with our first real attempt at CW, which was huge for us! Started playing in some competitive formats such as skirmishes and open league. All HUGE for the learning curve. I was in Minions for about 100 days, and it was awesome! At the end, I was about 1450ish WN8, 2500 recent and 10k battles. But, that came to an end when I prepared myself for the hazing wonderful new fucked up but awesome group, Relic. Initially was accepted to Aux (We all know, Rel Aux best Rel!). There, I continued to hone skills, play a lot more CW against some truly good clans. I was there for the Otter War (war of rowing ducks?) and watching some of those groups go at it was amazing. I watched replays of many of the fights, and that was truly eye-opening as well. I was there for most of Aux's battles, and for that reason some idiots thought I was worthlessly bad enough ha ha ha whatever to join Relic 3rd. Holy Crap. TL:DR Version Basically, this wouldnt have happened without WOTLabs combined with Minions to really bring home how to apply game mechanics and personal skill. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be with a like-minded group who really do want to get better! So, after 2k post... Thanks. Forum has had its greatest of times (Bun, and other baddies who have gotten better and been accepted unquestionably) and the worst (The great Un-Banning of Perma-bans). But through it all, the forum is still here to help players get better, to vent, and interact in an overall positive manner in spite of personal differences. Bravo. Bravo indeed
  7. So when I was reading the latest developer post on FTR, I found something very interesting about SerB. So, apparently SerB is an author. Does anyone else want translations of his works just to see what they're like?
  8. From a recent FTR: - Q: “If – as you said – the battle chat serves to coordinate your team, why is there the possibility to talk to enemy team?” A:”So you can call them noobs of course”
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