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Found 5 results

  1. This tank is...special. Any vets with tips. So far, it's like a Lee, with less traverse speed. Paper armor, offset gun...ugg
  2. Copy pasted from the reddit thread because I am lazy. The torpedoes for troops event starts today. The event is a massive fundraiser to support Opration Supply Drop. The streaming starts today, Friday at 12PM PST when Wargaming.net kicks the stream off on www.twitch.tv/wargaming - There will be giveaways every hour to include Doubloon packages and the T7 Polish DD Blyscawika. Come out and support our troops and win some cool prizes. Stream schedule is as follows with the channel on www.twitch.tv/torpedoesfortroops[1] All times PST. Timeslot (PST) Streamer 12pm - 1pm Kick off from WG! Tragicloss, BTed72 and likely AlsoRobots 1pm - 4pm @zoupgaming 4pm - 8pm @Trobsmonkey 8pm - 12am @Maraxus1 and Starshield 12am - 4am @Sirpete1Uk and @PeggyTvOK 4am - 8am @AngryScot_tv 8am - 10am @DeeJayKnight 10am - 12pm @Judge_R 12pm - 4pm @OhJeezums 4pm - 8pm @Anidiotplays and @XxPhionaXx 8pm - 12am @TragicLoss
  3. What is this game Seriously, I have no words. Feel free to voice your bafflement below. A side note: playing this match has made me realize how unreliable the AP rounds on the T110E4 are. From now on, I will shoot pure APCR.
  4. Edit: Doing something else with my weekend. My vacation plans for next week fell through, so I'm looking for teams for the tier 5 and 6 tournaments next weekend. I should be able to make it on all days to all times, except on Saturday for the tier 6 skirmish because 4 tournaments a day is a tad too much. A T37, SU-100Y and ARL 44 with decent crews are ready for the skirmish starting on Monday. If things get really desperate I can put a 90% 2.5 skill crew in my Cromwell. The lineup for the weekend stuff at tier 5 is more flexible, I think I have every non-arty tier 5 in the game unlocked although shuffeling crews could get slightly problematic depending on the nation. I also have all tier 5 premiums except for the KV-220, LeFH, Ram II, and SU-85i. In addition to that, I have 6 million silver lying around, so spamming sprem etc won't be a problem and there won't be any whining about running out of credits in the middle of a game. No mic on my end, so I won't be able to call but I can listen well enough. Last team I was on (I think):http://worldoftanks.com/uc/teams/114221-Master_s_Pupils/ Stats: Edited on Monday
  5. So, as a bit of background and context, I used to win more. A LOT more. Like solo'ing 58% for 1000 battles in my 140 and IS-7. I consider winning to be the only thing that matters (I will use WN8 in the context of this poast though, for comparison). However, I never really progressed beyond blue. As I continued to stagnate there, I noticed one day that I had a particularly bad losing streak with the same WN8 as I typically get when I win a lot. I found this to be strange, as with my uber-aggressive play, my WN8 typically correlates to my win-rate; either I derp and die early for low WN8 and a loss, or get high WN8 and a win. Despite this anomaly, which should have struck me harder than it did, I shrugged it off as a result of tilt and low sample size. Fast forward about a month and a half, same exact recent WN8 as before, but MUCH lower win-rate with the same tank set. I'm just curious as to what happened. Now I'm wondering if better players could help me figure out why this is happening. About the only change is that I'm platooning more than ever before, with better players, to see if they can tell me what's gone sour, but I'm still having teams fold constantly. I'm now starting to get results like this: Wins/Battles: 0 ( 8 ) (0.0%) Exp: 4 237 (529) Free Exp: 194 Kills: 12 (1.5) Deaths: 8 (100.0%) Damage Dealt: 20 143 (2 517) Damage Received: 13 340 (1 667) Spotted: 11 (1.4) Defence: 0 (0.0) Capture: 0 (0.0) Efficiency/WN8: 1 514 2 614 0/8 battles solo, 2614 WN8 The sad part is not the result itself, but the fact that it's becoming more and more common. I can't even get my normal amount of spotting because all of my teams have been rushing out ahead of me, in every direction. I'll poast some fresh replays later for people to analyze.
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