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Found 6 results

  1. Either here or on FTR someone offered to host Teamspeak servers to gaming communities for free just because. I clearly remember reading it but now I can't find it. I've browsed and applied some mild google-fu but the post/article eludes me. Any of you remember seeing that and can point me to the guy?
  2. Hello all, Looking at old wotlabs topics, there has been spoken quite a bit about differences between NA and EU server (more baddies / unicums, more gold ammo, more/less camp) But just as important as perception and so on, is what tanks are driving around, lots of tds / heavys will lead to camp, lots of mediums counter that, different tiers beiing popular leads to a different mm distributions, also popularity of certain nations can lead to different playstyles. I copy pasted some global server data from wot-news (`recent` 4 weeks data, from before new german TD line) into an excel file and made some quick comparisons (While the data is alrdy a little old, long term differences will still be visible) I compared: - nation distribution - tier distribution - class distribution And this showed some interesting things imo.. Beforehand i had assumed that (when looking from EU pov towards NA pov) - less US tanks / chinese - more brits / french / german tanks - more high tiers in EU (avg tier in EU has been higher since Snib started making server stats comparisons i think) - more TDs / SPGs - less mediums / light tanks If you have a look at the above tables, you can see i was both wrong and right - on US server there are almost 45% more US tanks as on EU - on US server there are a lot less german and russian tanks - on US server there are more british tanks (imo suprising) - on US server there are less french and chinese tanks the biggest suprise was for me the huge difference in USSR tanks 29 vs 23,8 %, that is quite a lot, also on US server there are even more US tanks as i though (20,85 vs 29,12%) Tier distribution is rather straight forward, lowest 5 tiers are more popular on NA, highest 5 tiers in EU Tank classes are also a bit suprising - TDs are equal (EU tiny bit more) - EU has much more heavys (31,06 vs 25,75) - NA has more light, medium and SPGs This tank distribution is interesting, since it means that EU has (relative): - less spotters (less light/medium tanks, NA has 10% more of these) - less arty (NA has 25% more arty as EU) - equal TDs (difference is marginal, however, US tanks and low tiers (T18) are (much) more popular on NA, so chance is that there (relative) more high tier tds on EU) - way more heavy tanks (20% more heavy tanks) this means that EU has less people moving around and less arty, while having more heavys. Important remarks here are: - on low tiers there are more light tanks and less heavys, due to the overall lower tier of NA the numbers of light and heavy tanks might be a little inflated (mostly light tanks) - new german TD line is not included, i guess new WTF line is the most popular td line on EU at this moment and it thus boosted the overall amount of german tanks, mostly at the cost US and medium players (my own feeling, no numbers sadly) - USSR meds and Japan meds are not included, these lines are however not (yet) very popular, so influence wont be that big (i think) ps: this might also explain why, EU players are more opposed against gold ammo, gold ammo is mostly a medium thing,
  3. Here's a quick summation of why invisitanks happen, even during a peek-a-boo, but also the action-reaction cycles of those situations. A poster @ NA WoT forums complained about Romulan tanks... and well, my post there is only going to be forgotten anyway, so I might as well put it here where people give a damn. More Romulan cloaking devices found. His beef was summed up in the following video video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys5Kv8woSVM My responses buried on the bottom of page 3; the wasted breathe and breathtaking Paint.NET skills ridiculous South Park-calibre box tanks shan't go to waste. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Sight lines (server vision checks) are drawn from the center of objects on your tank -- hull and turret -- such that your most-distant corner sprocket can be seen first by a passive tank parked on an edge. All of that foliage in your face and between you and the E100 doesn't help either. It's gimmicky but that's the way it is. Spotting Mechanics: It's in a spoiler because this is a touch esoteric. Spoiler Basically ANGLES: I'll draw a Paint.NET file since my coffee is still scalding: Note: of course, these are not perfectly to scale, but I did, in fact, draw 2 yellow lines from the T34 HT analogue, and it displays an important caveat: when you pie a corner by moving forward: your 2 vision checking areas can overlap -- so it really puts you at a disadvantage. (Whereas you can see with the E100 HT analogue, depending on the exact model and forward / center / rear turret placement of a vehicle, it can have overlapping spot-check lines, increasing the coverage) Finally, the E100 is very tall, and might have a spot check going over bushes you cannot, to see your front hull. WG.net did mention some time long after 6.4 they changed or added spot checking areas IIRC, but having played through many a patch cycle, I can tell you that they haven't really changed the scenario above. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ====================================== HOW TO DEAL WITH IT: 1) patience if that's an option; of course, there's a very simple technique available to at least rule-out the presence of a tank there with some confidence of probability: 2) when you get to the suspected camp position of a tank, and you are CONFIDENT YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY SPOTTED, you poke just ... a bit and back off. IF your lightbulb pops: you can bet poking hard and fast is gonna hurt -- a lot. Especially since it could be that worst-case scenario -- high-armor + alpha turreted heavy. And Patton knows what else. 3) Once a fight is joined in these situations, you'll want to bait the defender into shooting first and bouncing / missing / tracking you. A well-disciplined or skilled defender probably won't make the mistake, but many, many players do, and then they can be put into an increasingly negative action/reaction cycle. 4) in the sillier, mutually-stacked peek-a-boo fights, target selection is everything. *Did the very forward guy back up into a teammate? Well, make him pay while he's still exposed. *If possible, track the one in behind, trapping 2 tanks! (this is exceedingly rare) *Is there a tank in the rear of that stack with crappy armor? Often, he'll get left hanging in the wind by his bigger teammates in front, or can be caught off guard *SECURING A KILL IN THESE SITUATIONS IS OFTEN VITAL -- but only provided it's one of the tanks with actually relevant firepower / armor in this situation. Over-pieing to kill a medium tank who mostly wasn't penning people is a waste of hit points. Taking a shot, or even 2, but KILLING the biggest / toughest tank or best-damaging-output PLAYER (often a unicum, but just as often a solid green or blue purple) often IS worth it. *just as important a consideration -- taking shots for teammates, if you have the armor for it. The peeking side which conserves guns/lives usually prevails. 5) not an additional tactic but of absolute importance: you need to know your tank's armor profiles in this situation -- how reliable the off-angling glacis armor becomes, your back up speed, how exposed your sprocket is (permatrack here is quickly lethal, esp. tier 9+ matches) -- and your own tank's soft-gun stats and ability to work against enemy armor. It's rarely over quick, except for enormous, concerted pushes, or defenders against hapless, piecemeal attacks. =========== On your video: one last pointer: regardless of why/how the spotting works, the lightbulb gives you an edge to work with. When that allied Tortoise dies, it was his fading (residual) spot which timed out -- and made the E100 go invisible. At least, based on when you start your video, this is a reasonable inference. When you aggressively chase those vehicles, the worst case scenario is similar to what happened -- they actively disappear while you pie foliage and hard cover (the hill side) while you are lit the entire time. As it were, you and the E100 were mutually unspotted to each other -- you had an initial advantage which died with the Tortoise. (you were operating with knowledge of the E100, but not him, of you -- allied spotting) This is where my diagram kicks in. So the allied death reset the spotting cycle, and that E100 had the critical advantage of the defending spotting mechanics (and possibly the E100's height) and of course, tier/firepower. If anyone wants to add to this, clarify, pigeonhole -- esp. with-respect-to updates to the spotting mechanics ever mentioned in FTR which didn't make it to the NA WoT wiki -- please do so.
  4. So after 5 games where I was able to do absolutely nothing due to spiking 1000+ ms indicated latency (probably just 100% packet loss for a second) every 5-10 seconds, I decided I've had enough for the night. Trace shows its *all* within L3 (West) and Telia (East). W? T? F?
  5. RUSSIA STRONK "On three Sundays (19.1., 26.1. and 2.2.), if you end up in top 10 of your battle in XP, you will earn 30 percent more credits. BUT if you end up in top 3, you will earn 40 percent more credits. What? Not enough? Okay, listen well. These bonuses add up. Since ending up in top 3 obviously means you ended in top 4, the bonuses add up and you will get 70 percent more credits. (yes, this is specifically stated in the mission description)" From FTR
  6. Quoted from here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/252037-accident-at-wg/ Last night at 3:14 Central Time, the Central Server Core at WGNA HQ was shut down. The staff in WG is still unclear about the condition of the server or whomever shut it down. At the current moment, WG has lost all contact with its servers and with the game's main sites. (The "contact us" page has been shut down as well.) Costumer Service is back up. The case is currently under police investigation. WG assures that the server would not take longer than a week to fix. They assure us that they are doing everything in their power to switch the servers back on. These sentences look sketchy and shouldn't be taken seriously lol "Failed to connect to server, the server may be unavailable, or your network connection settings may be wrong" is the message when log-in fails. Anyone know anything? Its Saturday, which is unusual, (From what I know) for scheduled maintenance.. Some people are speculating it has something to do with the CW problem last night..?
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