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Found 8 results

  1. About 1,000 games into my WoWs career I posted a statistical breakdown of which ship types I did well in versus the ones I was meh at. My performance up to tier 5/6/7 was skewed heavily towards BB's - with cruisers second and DD's third. Surprisingly, my personal meta has switched - I am now much better at Cruisers - markedly so - than I am in BB's. My overall win rate in cruisers is up to 57%, while BB's are only 53.4% ( DD's are still sketchy for me @ 48.9% ), Looking at my performance in both WTR and winrate shows strong performance from tier 7 through tier 10 - much better than my overall performance. My first thought is that Cruisers tend to be harder to play for low skilled players - leading to easier WTR numbers. In addition, playing fairly well in a cruiser makes that spot not so much of a throwaway for your team, and gives them a real advantage compared to the other teams cruisers. I have the Hindenberg and am grinding towards the Minotaur ( currently at the Fiji ). The Belfast and the Kutuzov are two of my favorite ships to play, and they might be at the forefront of bringing cruisers back to the forefront along with the UK line from tier 6 going forward. Do you guys find that you still play one ship line far better than the others, or is your skill uniform across the different classes?
  2. Me and a friend were discussing this yesterday and I figured it was worth making a post, you'll never change something if you don't try and I'd love for this game to get even better. One of the primary issues I had with world of tanks, and it's extended to world of warships, is that vehicles aren't customisable enough. In WoT for example you always know the loadout and stats of a given tank. An E100 has 235 pen 750 damage 16.88 sec reload blah blah. This is because there is a "top" configuration for each vehicle. A ship likewise always has the same configuration when fully upgraded, the only exception that comes to mind being the Mogami with the choice of 6 or 8 inch guns. World of Warships had done a MUCH better job with captain skills are equipment choices, always room for improvement but I think they get a solid well done for variation and letting players make different builds. I'd like to take this further however and address the ship modules themselves. The unlocks shouldn't be flat upgrades but should allow further specialisation. One hull might have more secondaries at the cost of AA, another might give more armour but less health, or any combination of the above. Perhaps you could have a higher top speed but a larger turning circle. You could also allow choice of different main armament. An example would be the Izumo where there were a variety of different designs with different arrangements of the main battery. Cruisers too could have choices between more smaller calibre guns or less larger calibre ones. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself but I'd also like to see what people would think of a fully customisable secondary armament. Each ship (or hull) could have an allocation of secondary points. You could then spend these points to add different weapons. A 3x25mm mount could cost say 10 points while a 2x127mm could cost 30 points. For consistency you would probably need to have these applied symmetrically on each side of the ship, although the idea of a ship having more on one side is certainly interesting. This would allow people to further specialise, especially battleships. Cruisers could take lots of dual purpose batteries for AA escort while battleships could take lots of smaller calibres for personal defence. Ships could also forgo their anti aircraft guns in favour of more anti ship weaponry. At present a Yamato mounts 12 127mm guns on each side but could for example take 24 guns on each side at the expense of its 25mm and 155mm batteries. Or it could mount 155mm guns instead of the 127mm, increasing its anti ship defence but leaving it very open to air attack. Please leave feedback, what you think is good, what you think is bad. Any ideas of how customisation could be implemented in a different way would be great to hear too!
  3. WarShipStats.com has a survey out asking about the best ships per class and tier. Just filled it out to help the community and theirs devs (if someone is putting time and effort into helping us with any WG games, I'll certainly contribute). Links are: At the top left of the WarShipStats.com page, or Directly here At the end of the survey you can view the results thus far. Most are not at all surprising. I got most of them "right" (though I did do as they asked ... voted for those that I personally think are best). I'm only up tiers 5/6 (by intent ... taking my time). But I also have several ships that most normal humans don't (Alphawaki, Ark Beta, ... even the Marblehead, which many more do than those previous two) so I can vouch for their goodness or badness (Marblehead rocks!), but they got very few votes, as expected, since 99% of the playerbase doesn't have them) Rats ... can't remember the spoiler code so just putting these down below. The obvious winners: IJN DDs St. Louis Murmansk Cleveland Tirpitz Yamato Midway (though if you ask Aerroon, I think he might say differently)
  4. Leaving aside the "which ship is what" discussion, after a whole day of this, how do we feel the meta is going to unfold? So far, I've noticed much more stand-off than even in high-tier battles. People seem to be fixated on surviving – which is good – but often at the detriment of making an impact. I quite like the changes to the three maps. Especially the insanity of those two Fault Line caps. How the hell do you deal with that if you don't have any DDs (or if your DDs are passive prats)? Share experiences, thoughts and feelings. I'll go first: Fuck the idiot who shows up with a strike Indie. I'll be glad when I leave you far behind. On the other hand, at least at this level, the extra space makes me feel like I can easily make obviously telling contributions to the win or loss.
  5. Wasn't sure where to put this. I'm painting a few iconic ships of ww2 with Acryl paint and graphite on 50x60 cm canvas. Mostly the lower third is ocean then the ship and as background the navy flag and also the motto of the particular navy. Does anybody know the motto of the ww2 navies? I only found the British one, id Need the German KM motto, the IJN, the French and possibly the italic one. Any history buffs here to aid me?
  6. So I just noticed this posted this morning: official launch date September 17 Tirpitz will go on sale then, and the ranked battle season will start then as well. As for WoWS leaving "Beta" and going into release, discuss.
  7. Hello fellow Captains! (although at this point I don't consider myself a Captain... maybe more of a steward?) It took me several thousand battles in WoT to figure out that I sucked. It has taken less than one hundred in WoWS to get that same feeling. Allow me to elaborate (and rant a bit). Prepare your butts for a wall o' text. I really suck at playing battleships. I currently have the Wyoming and I am finding it a good ship but severely limited by my skills and perhaps the game mechanics as well (more on that later). More specifically, I am struggling with... 1. Citadel hits: Despite the finicky nature of long-ranged combat, I am having trouble doing more than average damage on my shots because I can't consistently aim for citadels. Even with the Wyoming a well-aimed salvo is lucky to hit more than 4 times at long (10-14km) ranges. Most of the other shots straddle the target, making each shot count because guess what, you have a 30s reload on your hands. Is the best place to get citadel hits still by aiming at the waterline? 2. Destroyers: The bane of battleship's existence. Let's pretend you are driving a Maus on a completely flat map that is only swampy terrain. Then, give a LT on the enemy team the ability to fire the equivalent of a JPE100 gun (albeit with a terrible shell velocity) while remaining unspotted by you. Furthermore, let him fire it multiple times in a spread. By the time you see the torpedoes, it is already too late for your big, fat battleship arse to turn. Furthermore, if you manage to have a DD in your sights, have the AP broadside that you have loaded for everything else (and probably weighing more than the ship you fired it at XD) over-penetrate and do minimal damage, allowing him 30 seconds to HE spam/burn you to death while remaining enticingly out of your secondary weapon's range. That has been my experience playing in a BB against a Destroyer. I consistently get wrecked by them and I am pretty sure it is operator error. Smug opponents have berated me for "Not staying 12km away" (DD's are 2x faster than me, I couldn't even if I wanted to. Besides, I am in an American BB, which barely has 12km of firing range as it is. If I am that far away from enemy destroyers (who are usually near the front) I am wayyy too far back to be of any use to the team) and "Straying from my cruiser picket line" (teamwork in WoWS is limited to driving in front of you as you release a full spread of torps at the enemy). Any good BB drivers (like Tedster?) have suggestions for how to deal with enemy destroyers? 3. Torpedo Bombers: Yes, I am watching my minimap. Yes, I can see them coming. Yes, I ctr+click on them to give my AA batteries a better chance at hitting them. I even go so far as making sluggish turns to try and throw their aim off. Well, I still haven't shot a plane down and while I have avoided torpedoes more often than not, I haven't picked up on the animation that signals they are going to drop torps (anyone have a video of this?) I feel this is one skill you can never be too good at. 4. Spotting mechanics: Unlike WoT, there is no set viewrange for each ship, rather a range at which that ship can be detected. This means that the little icon that tells me that I am detected is constantly lit, sometimes less that 30 seconds out of the spawn point. This also leads to ships (mainly destroyers with their high concealment attribute and ability to pop a somkescreen) to simply disappear. I find this incredibly frustrating and as far as I know there is not much I can do about it. 5. The Phoenix: Yes, I know, it isn't battleship related. But of all the ships I have played, it feels the most uncomfortable. It feels like a destroyer/cruiser mix that has none of the redeeming qualities of either class. Besides free xping it (not an option), is there any advice for playing this ship? As of now it is completely stock. I know this is a lot of text so if you have made it this far, good for you. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated, because I am not good at this thing called ships. Thanks for your help! I can maybe put some replays up if I figure out how to activate them. My apologies for not having any at this time.
  8. Fleet of FOG Is Recruiting -FOG- is an Anime based clan focused around Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio along with Kantai Collection we are focused on Tournaments, Strongholds, and soon starting CW. We are seeking courteous and active players that enjoy Anime and seek a thriving community. We are as well preparing to expand our Fleet to Warships upon release. ​Requirements: - WN8: 1200 - Recent WN8: Show Improvement - One Tier X - Active 2-3 Times a Week - TS3 Manditory ​We are looking for recruiters and active officers Become apart of our glorious Fleet friends
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