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Found 3 results

  1. So, as it turns out I have decided to do another shitgifting. If you are reader of the world of tanks Wotlabs forums or even player here, you most likely know who I am already. Now you can ask what is on your mind from the best shitgifter in the NA server and lowest performing player in the world. I am here to provide shitgifting content which is beautiful soon and you may neg me but my shitgifting stats speak to the fact that is correct and includes facts of high quality. On to the shitgifting! This one will be a bit different. First, there will be two shitgifts, one for NA, and one for EU, in honor of our dearly departed emasculated Finnish Nazi weeaboo. Second, the contest will run a bit longer, I'll close it out sometime on Saturday the 29th. Third, due to the fact that there may be different species of shit for Halloween weekend, I will pick the prizes then (that TOG on NA is looking pretty good atm though). Fourth, it will not be a random draw, I will select the winners. Now it is my intention that you post in this thread and provide the best Gasai Yuno content that is fact and truth (or not). The beautiful content may be words or pictures. I have arrived to help people here with my shitgifting content and facts.
  2. So, the T14... You KNOW it's good when the best superlative that the WGNA hype machine can come up with is "beginner friendly". Not so sure about that, given that the gun has a .46 acc with a 127 pen skill round. Surprised they didn't characterize this steaming pile as a "sniper". @Jesse_the_Scout sums it up pretty well: "I have no luck in the thing anymore, and it's my most played tank. Just feels like another victim of World of 22. Armor used to be legit, now every one and his brother just breaks out the APCR when they see it. In the meantime the gun is terrible in every way, it's clicker bait, it's slow, and 105 HE does pretty consistent solid damage against it. Never worried about facing them either, armor is 22 unless hull down, they have no pen/DPM/alpha/gun handling, and you can easily outrun it in any tank which has reason to fear it." Anyhoo, I'm giving one of these turds away. The rules are simple (as they have to be, since you autist shitters don't have the attention span to read text longer than 140 characters): If you want, post in thread. To be eligible, you must either not have one in your service record, or prove to my satisfaction that you don't own one. Free gold !=shitgift. I will pick a "winner" in some random fashion Sat October 1st. I'll announce the winner in the OP, and said winner will need to PM me an IGN. NA server only, sorry eurofgts.
  3. It has been many moons since my drunken exit last year, and recently I decided that a crap job wasn't enough stress so I decided to try my hand at this awful game again. However, I need so have SOME fun, so for as long as I decide it's still fun (and I am still here) I will dispense the occasional shitgift to a "worthy" wotlabber. Problem is, I have been gone long enough for there to be many new faces, and old faces that never play the game but just shitpoast so I need a little help picking a recipient. So, give me a name (and an IGN if they are different) and a reason that this particular autist "deserves" this bounty. If you decide that you are the only shitter you know and nominate yourself, it must be accompanied by a solemn vow to humiliate yourself appropriately. Examples of appropriate self-inflcited pain are a 3-mark challenge (with updated thread), or livestream/youtube of you potatoing in the shitgift, preferably in a fail platoon with a ChurchGC, etc... Today's shitgift: The PZ IIIK(rap) As described by wargaming: "Introducing a German medium tank capable of filling the shoes of flanker or sniper – the Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K! It can zip around the battlefield without letting rough terrain get in the way. Make this multifunctional tank yours and get a Garage slot!" Yes, with a top speed of 40 kmh and a pwr of 13.19 you will be literally flying around the battlefield at near relativistic speeds, or If CHAI-sniping from beyond draw is your cup of tea, destroy your enemies with laser-like accuracy thanks to .4 dispersion and 103 AP penetration. Shred those Tier 7 heavies!!!! Make every round count, though, because while you may be able to fire 15 rounds per minute, you only carry 40! Good luck!
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