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Found 1 result

  1. I just want some people's advice/opinion on this matter. I've got the T-55A LT & MT missions done for over a year now, and alongside those, I've yet to claim the female crew from StugIV SPG mission. Previously I'd gotten 4 crew members for my T-54/Obj 907, and another 4 on my Centurion AX. That was before WG changed the whole BiA and SoS system and allowed mixed gender crews. Now I have 3 female crew as yet unclaimed, and as I have yet to manage to complete TD-15.4 and HT-12.4, I'd like to at least move on to the 4th personal mission set in the meantime. It's all a matter of what tier X vehicles should I get a female commander onto My tier X lineup atm: STB-1 Centurion AX FV215b + coming soon Super Conqueror 113 Obj 907 Obj 140 M60 My tier IX lineup keep (for now) grinding selling soon : E50 Leo PTA T-54 (grinding T-62A) T-10 M46 M103 T30 Centurion 7/1 Conqueror Conway (we'll see if 9.20.1 redeems this) Skoda T50 RU251 Jagdtiger (no crew) T-54 ltwt T49 Type 61 AMX 13 90 Batchat 25t AP Shopping list T110E5 (moving the M103 crew here) IS-7 TVP T50/51 (considering moving idle Skoda T25 crew here) WZ-111 1-4 => WZ-111 5A M48 Patton (i've got a Pershing crew set to move here, currently in M60) T110E4 (considered selling T30 and moving the crew here) I've also considered getting an AMX 30 and placing a female TC there, and the IS-7 & WZ-111 5A seem likely candidates. I don't suppose i'll be keeping the BC25t AP after unlocking the BC-25t PS if I don't claim them now, what happens to them after the personal mission changes? PPS Did they fix the female crew voice for US crew? Or does she still sound lobotomized?
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