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Found 19 results

  1. Hey everyone! For those who don't know me: I used to be pretty good at this game, playing in WGLEU for a bit, got 3 marks on most of my t10s and was main FC in OMNI, for a long time top 2 EU clan. Nowadays I am a bit less active and my play (mainly aim :P) is worse, and OMNI dropped off a bit but remains a topclan. I stream: Skirmishes (T10/T8 maybe), SH wars, solo randoms, platoons, etc. Activity varies: genghiswolves - Twitch On youtube I upload CW videos, awesome random replays (commented), sh war replays (some skimirshes), guides and recently a warleading guide. Over 500 videos total, checking out the older ones may really be worth too (when both I and OMNI were at our peak :D). But new videos have more effort putin so yeah Feedback very very welcome by the way! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ZDlC6oi8t21oqRzWdHMhg [Currently uploading daily] You can also find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/genghiswolvesOMNI/ and twitter Melvin Wolf (@genghiswolf) | Twitter Oh, and if you want to donate to motivate me to stream/youtube more, link in stream description Anyway, ready to answer any questions and might post some updates here (any rule on pushing?). Used to be really active here 2-3 years ago, not so much since. Thanks for the featuring btw.!
  2. Forums: F15.ovh TS: F15.ovh Youtube: The Furious Fifteen Facebook: The Furious Fifteen The Furious Fifteen is a Kung Fu Panda clan focused on Bamboo with a laid back attitude and highly skilled players. When we are not sleeping we do platoons, clan wars and strongholds. Pandas on global map The Vision: We are to be a top clan with dedicated players eager to improve. Our player base shall lead by example and show a non-elitist, helpful, attitude in all aspects of this game. We will keep the calm and relaxed atmosphere Only by fulfilling the following demands will you be worthy of trying to earn your spot among The Furious Fifteen At least 10k games played. In your garage there are at least 5 useful tier10's with average damages above 2500. You will have to be carrying an overall win rate above 60% and an overall WN8 above 2200. We are not looking for falling stars. Your recent WN8 has to be above 3000. After applying and fulfilling these demands you will be put to the test by our recruiters. Impress them and you may just get to put the panda on your tank. This isn't enough, though. You will have to earn your right to be part of The Furious Fifteen. As a recruit for two weeks you will have to convince us that you have what it takes. Some of our videos from our youtube Skirmish F15 vs FAME F15 platoon: Tanks are fun! We are BSOPS "You can run away as quick you wantBut you wouldn't go too fast or farBecause as you ran from my ninjatic hauntI'd peg you with a ninja star" ( Cpt_Shakesbeard-"We make nightcrawler squad of epic shitz, ninjas, fking katana mothetrzukers proper. We are called Blacked Spack Ops!) We play for victory, kill for laughs, die for the team, that's who we are! The Furious Fifteen
  3. Hi everyone, the question i would like to ask isn't so much on the mechanics of the game and such but is a question directed more to combat officers/callers/strategist. Now knowing that this is the purple poaster section you all are very skilled so the question might seem simple or even mundane to you but for the average/below joe the answer might not be so simple. Here's some background before the question. My clan would like to pick up skirmishes (t6 and t8) again and our setups are generally the try hard setups (pure gold, favor given only to specific tanks etc) which is ok since we have to compensate for our lack of teamwork/skill but it becomes frustrating and a chore when you play those games and make a huge loss on credits on a loss and a minor loss on a ... well... win. I'd like to move away from the try-hard setups and rather move to the tank setups that will allow people to play their prems to make creds or their tanks they would like to grind past without pubbing themselves to a coma, however as stated previously our skills/teamwork/tank selection/calling/insert all of the above make it that we rarely win even with a try hard setup. With this background the question is: How do you prepare/train to go about winning/grinding/credit making in skirmishes without the try hard setups? Or does it come down to the individual skills of the teams to gel and cover the weaknesses and up to the individual players to gather the skills needed for this to work? What are your opinions? If something doesn't come across clearly enough just ask and i will try clarify what i mean. i want the skirmishes to work for our clan but i want it to be fun and not some chore that we are dragged into because we don't have enough members some of the times. I want help to see if there is anything i could do to help them/myself Thank you
  4. Hi all, just wanted the comunity to know that if you want you can invite me for random srkimishes or stronkholds battles. Just add me in my friends list (let me know that is for this) and done. In case you want to know my tanks: tier 6: M44, AMX 13F3AM, t37, 59 16 and pzIVS tier 8: is3, amx 50 100, wz-111, ru 251, t49, pershing, fcm 50t tier 10: amx 50B, jageroo, is7, obj907, 113, 121, patton that's all
  5. topic says it all we need 1 player for skirmish 16 with a heavy tank preferably t29 with good crew and another player for weekend warfare tournament with a tier 9 heavy (e75 or st-i) witha decent crew ofcourse players should attend all nights with 1 exception( you can't miss more than 1 day) recruits should have at least blue stats and preferably recent purple leave a comment if u have any questions. OR pbkac.ts.nfoservers.com look for warNpeace channel under otters clanwars http://worldoftanks.com/uc/teams/136187-warNpeace/ http://worldoftanks.com/uc/teams/136428-warNpeace/
  6. Reqs 2500+ Recent WN8 Tanks: Standard WGLNA setups Priority IS3 50 100 13 90 Ru-251 Bulldog 1 day of absence allowed. No exceptions PM if interested.
  7. If you are a player looking for a team, or a team looking for player(s), feel free to post here. It is encouraged to say what tank(s) you have or are looking for, to make it easier to find players and teams. There are two separate registrations. State if you are interested in registering for the entire tournament (Group Stage + playoff) or only for the weekend (Bravo Playoff only). Here is mine: Looking for a team, available every night. T9 Tank options: T-54 Obj 430 II IS-8 T54E1 Lorr 40t Waffenträger auf Pz. IV Also have lots of lower tier tanks available. I'm looking for a skilled, serious team with experience playing together.
  8. Howdy Amigos! I am looking for tankers to join up my tournament team for the upcoming skirmish and beyond. I'm looking for players that posses the following: Ability to purchase the necessary tanks if needed Attendance (will kick inactives) Purple recent (no shitters) blue overall (not teal) Be sociable Mic and the ability to communicate If you are in clan "MVP" dont bother asking In return I'm offering: Stable TS Gud calling Rewards! Good players to hang out Gud fites and Gud times New friends Rewards: Skirmish 4: 2,850 Skirmish 5: 2,850 Skirmish 6: 3,500 Skirmish 7: 5,000+ If you are interested in joining the crew let me know via forums, ts and or in-game only. I have serious intentions on winning and I want to get to know the players and build chemistry for optimal tournament results. TS: ts.blitzkriegfederation.com Kthnx PS: sorry for double poast, right place this time! No bulli!
  9. I am a average too good player looking for a skirmish team, I have experience in them and other tourneys. I am open for other tourneys like this one http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/tournaments/Carnival-Parade/ And for my tier X stats Edit:found a team disregard unless you want a platoonmate
  10. Looking for one more blue+ player. At least 4/5 days attendance is a must. Can't be off Thursday or Friday. Need at least 1 of the following tanks: WZ-111 1-4 VK 45.02 B E-75 ST-1 T-54 pm here or in-game if interested.
  11. So I thought I'd make a thread where people (and me) could find a team for this skirmish. It's tier 6 with a 24 point max, tier 4 LT's only. Four players and three reserves. Redshire encounter. I have a Cromwell, and could buy another tier 6 if you are not running Cromwells for some reason. I can make every battle except Wednesday and the first battle on Sunday.
  12. Pretty straight forward, I'm looking for a consistent skirmish team (Alpha or Bravo), preferably with 1900+ recent Wn8, for here on out to make some gold to for premium time, tanks etc. I have TS3 and able to listen to callers and will be able to make battle times (unless something comes up). .
  13. Howdy Amigos! I am looking for tankers to join up my tournament team for the upcoming skirmish and beyond. I'm looking for players that posses the following: Ability to purchase the necessary tanks if needed Attendance (will kick inactives) Purple recent (no shitters) Be sociable Mic and the ability to communicate In return I'm offering: Stable TS Gud calling Rewards! Good players to hang out Gud fites and Gud times New friends If you are interested in joining the crew let me know via forums, ts and or in-game only. I have serious intentions on winning and I want to get to know the players and build chemistry for optimal tournament results. TS: ts.blitzkriegfederation.com Kthnx
  14. I finally posted my list of the most desirable tanks for regularly running skirmishes on WoTScout. My intent was to give a list of great choices for someone trying to get at least one viable tank per tier--a minimal garage for a desirable skirmish participant. Great input was provided by _vode_an_, but his list is a lot bigger. I wanted to get down to just a few per tier that will definitely get used each week. Tournament Tank List What are your opinions? Have I left out any pearls or included some lemons? I'll start first. I'm thinking of dumping the T-34 & Type T-34 from tier 5 just because of their lower HP pools.Tier 6 seems light. Have any of the heavies taken a prominent spot since the KV-1S split? I haven't been playing tier 6 strongholds, but I know 15 T-37's was fairly common during the 3rd campaign. For example, should the KV-85 or M6 be on the list?The E 75 and VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B seemed to fare better than the WZ-111 1-4 on Stalingrad in Skirmish 51.EDIT: Fixed broken links.
  15. Hey WotLabs, I'm looking for a team for Skirmish 2 and possibly future skirmishes. My recent WN8 is 2050 and WR is 59% For the skirmish I have a KV220, SU85I and ChurchIII in garage and can buy almost any tier 5 and put a decent crew in it. Have TS3+Mic. Can make all nights but may have to hop off for the last 1 or 2 batles. Thanks!
  16. So, I was randomly contacted by this guy: He has been leading tournament teams since the beginning of the year and wanted some input. He sent me a message on the official forums: "He man, we've run up against your tourney squad quite a few times. We've always been impressed by how well your teams perform and work together. I was wondering if you have any training advice or resources you could steer me towards. My guys have finally realized that if they want to be anymore than a upper bravo/ low alpha team they are going to have to work for it. I've been working on them the last couple weeks, but have now exhausted my limited training experience. Any advice is welcome." I felt honored and was taken aback a bit... It wasn't too long ago that I was reaching out for help and advice from better players on better-performing teams. I felt as if it were my duty to offer what I could. Truthfully, I enjoy good competition and slugging it out in battle. Hey; if I can convince just 1 more team to do a little less camping, I deserve a Nobel. I eventually asked for some replays to review, and I got 3 losses he suffered from statistically better teams. Here is my review: Tier-V: Hills Vs. [sTARR] I'm not sure what the the requirements on this skirmish were, but the lineup is very heavy. I tend to go with flexible, view-range abusing lineups... 09:30 Not too bad of an initial deployment, but guys in South can get out-spotted by that T67... 09:10 Yeah... That T67. 09:00 Playing peek-a-boom with their heavies. 08:40 You get some nice bounces, good angling, but your buddies are impotent. 08:25 Yeah... That T67. 08:05 After some nice shots by your buddies you start to get way ahead in the HP game... 07:30 There have already been a few occasions where you guys could've just smashed "W" into them and out-DPM'd them with enough time to turn around and hit those TDs that are now up your [edited]. This is where the game was lost. You were "winning" the hill on more than one occasion. While your initial deployment wasn't horrible by any means, doing a little math would have helped you know when to take the middle and cut your losses. That being said having that T67 and SU-85 in the West was trouble no matter how you cut it. Even if you did win the middle they would be able to own that island and spot any approach you had to their position or their cap... This loss should teach you [1] about choosing a more diverse lineup; having the mobility and view and camo of that T67/SU-85 combo allowed them to render your 1-2 line inert, [2] taking advantage of local advantage and superiority; once you have a healthy HP advantage get in there and focus them to death. Tier-VI: Ruinberg on Fire VS. [CARTL] Gotta' say, your lineup is again a bit iffy. Not only are you facing much better players, they are in a much better lineup. 09:40 Good initial deployment... 09:10 Okay, no one is going to even try and get a quick peek at their side of the field? Their T37 basically saw your entire team and know where you are. If you aren't going to return the favor you will at LEAST reposition? 08:25 No reposition; you're heavies are still in the same area and [CARTL] is getting into a position to push on the 0-line. Since you didn't get any lights early you have NO idea what the numbers are like against you. I think they are ALL there, which means they can push and then take cover on the 0-line... 08:10 Ooooh! You guys are doing something! They ARE starting to get ahead in the HP, though... 07:45 They are now 1k HP ahead... Time to STOP trading shots? 07:25 Okay, stop... Look at the map here. You guys are in a blob and working yourselves into the E-line & 0-line corner. This would be a perfect opportunity for that T37's mobility to scoot over to EF-7 and maybe take some running harrasment shots or even pre-spotted tracking shot... You don't want to control 1 square. You want to control entire lanes and get multiple angles of fire in. 07:20 Yeah; don't poke against HTs in a LT from within spitting distance... The chance of victory slips further from your grasp. 06:55 They are still playing a bit more timidly than I would have if I were them but will spend the rest of the game cycling out low-HP dudes and whittling you down taking you out 1 by 1. 06:35 See what that T37 and Cromwell over there? See what they're doing? You guys should have done that sooner... Working dug-in enemies on the 9&0-line FROM the 6-line is key and give you more map control. Things to learn from this game are [1] early lights can lead to early damage which is best damage; imagine the possibilities if you had faced off in the city UP 600HP, [2] use mobile tanks to be mobile and tankey tanks to tank tanks; flanking with T37s and Cromwells makes sense, smashing face in CQC with heavies makes sense, too, [3] a great position doesn't become great just by taking it; you need to do stuff when you have it, [4] own the MAP, not a tiny piece of it; create a FRONT, not a blob as blobs get surrounded while fronts can wrap around. Tier VI: Ruinberg on Fire VS. Vanilla (I think? It's been awhile.) You are facing one of the best tournament teams I have ever had the pleasure of (frequently) losing to, beating, and finishing alongside of... There is a lot of talent over there and a lot of experience. And, again, their lineup is far superior to yours. I'm guessing you couldn't bring more than 1 of any tank model? If so Cromwell, E8, T37 looks delicious... Were Type-64s viable? 09:40 You split your forces? Or is this a camp? 09:25 You allow them to own the middle and yet again fail to even attempt to get early lights. You are basically blind. You want to own middle road so that you have vision on THEIR side... 08:40 And they've already set up 2 fronts; E-line and 0-line... The box-in begins. 07:50 Annnnd you're camping... They will begin to slowly, methodically, expertly pick it apart. Great teams get camped on all the time. We get good at beating them. They probe for weakness getting your guys to fire while they have eyes on your positions... 06:30 So, they look like they are pulling back a bit or regrouping to do something. Now may be a good time to reposition or counter-push before they have time to react? 05:30 Or continue to camp while they continue to probe? My guess is that T37 is a spotter AND a distraction and that they are setting up to get shots from out of view in the city. 04:55 Look at that, they are in the city... They now control 3 sides; 1-line, E-line, and 0-line... 03:55 Without vision almost their entire force snuck into the city... Except for that T37, he's alone, basically... And whatever, they have picked enough and are now going in for the whole entre... What you should learn from this game is [1] that camping is very rarely the right thing to do... Especially the entire game. So, my overall critique in a nutshell is that you guys have decent enough initial deployments, you just get too timid or indecisive once you're there. Winning games is all about recognizing a local advantage or superiority, jumping all over it, and then MAKING the next opportunity. You need to dictate the flow of the game. I will tell you right now, if I had faced a team of your caliber the LAST thing I would expect or be prepared for would be an AGGRESSIVE push. Early lights -> Early Damage -> Initial Local Advantage -> Overall Advantage We got a chance to talk for awhile in our TS. Very nice guy and really just wants to start improving and doing better. I gave him some general tips on calling, talked about how important vision is, and really ripped into him for that camp against Vanilla. I also talked about trying to stick to a good core group of 3 or 4 guys, delegating battlefield duties, and how important focused aggression is in starting to swing that HP advantage your way. Those games where he was calling from the T37 he should have been way more dynamic and been harassing from multiple angles... I was happy and impressed to see them get to some pretty aggressive initial locations, he just fell a part once he secured them and didn't take advantage of superior numbers and/or HP when he had them. All in all I had a good time doing this. While I am far from considering myself the greatest source of knowledge on the subject, I've done enough of these things and done well enough to know I have something to offer. It also felt good to take that hand that was reaching out to me and give it more than a firm handshake and a short list of general tips. I really tried my best to be blunt and constructive. I also wanted to be realistic and let him know he will often just get outplayed by better tankers especially if you try and beat them the same way they are beating you. I think I may need to do this more often!
  17. Skirmishes and You Over the past year LIMBO and its relatives have participated with alarming regularity in these weekly tournaments. The format has been an attractive option for those of us with limited or sporadic availability on a week-to-week basis. These events allow us to participate in a structured competitive format and take home tons of well-earned gold as a reward. Throughout our trials and tribulations LIMBO teams have encountered hurdles and issues that will be commonplace for any core group wishing to partake regularly. I have also encountered many new recruits and players who have no idea that these events exist or what they actually are. In attempt to inform and educate the masses, I will outline their benefits and go into more detail regarding their operation. You may be able to avoid (or be prepared) for issues that took a small, casual community like ours by surprise. What is a Skirmish? TL;DR – They are fun, competitive, casual, and lucrative. How can I Skirmish? TL;DR - Just fucking click HERE. Why would I want to do a Skirmish? TL;DR - Gold and team-play experience. So, what do I need to know before this battle drops? If you are just starting out and have absolutely NO idea what you are getting into, there are bound to be surprises and failures along the way. The most successful Skirmish teams I have been on are comprised of a core group of players who platoon regularly with one another. We have a good feel for each other's "styles" and our synergy is complimentary. TEAM PLAY is MUCH more important than individual ability, statistics, or performance. These Skirmishes are the reason I no longer fret when an enemy team is blurple to the brim. Our lowly, scummy, scrubby LIMBO teams have bested many "better" clans due to better teamwork, more reactive decision-making, and... Maybe some luck. In turn, we have been bested by teams that looked like XVM cheese pizza due to their concentrated pushes, more advantageous tank compositions, and... Maybe some bad luck. Expect to spend A LOT of credits. You WILL want a lot of premium rounds and premium consumables. You DO NOT earn credits for these games. You also should consider dropping some gold to get a good crew in your chosen tank. I spend around 800 gold and average over 250k credits per skirmish. It is worth it! Here are some rules I've learned along the way. [1] Make sure you aren't breaking the rules. If they say only 2 heavies, or must have 1 medium, or no lights over Tier-III, PAY ATTENTION! [2] Don't be horrible douche-nozzles in chat to the enemy team. Butt-hurt is very, very real and cock-sucking dick-fuckers WILL try to get you disqualified for "Unsportsmanlike Conduct". They will sometimes succeed, and missing out on 5k gold because you just HAD to type, "Your mom blew me last night" feels bad. [3] If you have a dispute to file, do it IMMEDIATELY. We lost out on a Skirmish once because our team captain couldn't file an official claim until the day AFTER the scheduled battles. Our claim was denied based on that technicality... While the enemy team's decision to bring 3 "illegal" tanks to finally start winning was overlooked. Seriously, we were up 2-0 in the finals... Nope, not over it... Nope, never will be. [4] Do NOT get cocky. The top 10-20% is decided by a point or two. One loss too many may half your winnings, if only it were a draw... Individual stats can mean NOTHING. Experienced skirmish teams are DANGEROUS. They know the format, they know their tanks, and they will rape your doughy, dewy-eyed face if you give them the chance. [5] Fielding a team of tankers in machines they are comfortable in is more important than having a perfect composition. Having both, however, is ideal. [6] Good intelligence will go a LONG way. A little diplomacy can get you a big threat's initial deployment and preferred lanes. Even having someone just look up the recent WN8s of each player can give you a better idea of how your night is going to go; this is especially true for the initial group stages. [7] Have SOME semblance of a plan. You are going to want some initial deployment ideas for both spawns for each map and mode (if applicable). [8] Do NOT shrug your losses off as if nothing ever happened. This is not Happy Fun Special Super Snowflake time. Critique your mistakes, watch the replays, and make adjustments and notes. There are times where you will just get outplayed, but MOST of your losses will be due to apprehension, over-aggression, misallocation, or some other strategic failure. [9] Think twice before submitting a team for approval if it is not full INCLUDING the 3 reserves. You WILL want to go all they way, and having as many bodies available to battle on all of the days is paramount. [10] Have fun. While this MAY seem to interfere with rule #8, it is possible to be serious about winning while having a grand old time after a loss... Just take your losses seriously; you learn from loss. Popular and Good Tanks Per Tier Thank you for reading! Left me know if I missed anything and feel free to include any other tips of your own!
  18. Skirmish 32 7 vs 7 Maps include: Ruinberg, Prokhorovka, Abbey, Steppes, Ensk, Mines, Himmelsdorf No tank restrictions. What are the viable tanks? Anyone need an Obj 140?
  19. Hi guys. Recently I became interested in playing more competitive tournament games. I tried to do a couple Skirmishes with clan mates but... you know it's RDDT3. We're a pumpkin/tomato processing plant. So although it was a good learning experience, I would like to now play with a team where I have a chance to win. I have good tanks at every tier and have no problem buying one just for a tournament. As you can see my stats aren't unicum or anything but they are fairly above average and are improving: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/YT4LYFE So if you are an organized tourney team with a moderate amount of experience, I would love for you to have me. Thank you.
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