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Found 4 results

  1. Let's talk about the upcoming beast of a Tier 6: Škoda T 25. What makes it interesting? Well, here are the preliminary stats: That's right boys, it has an autoloader at Tier 6. Combined with mobility that's at least 75% as good as a Cromwell, this thing will pew-pew like no tomorrow. I can already feel the giggles of dropping 330 damage on some unsuspecting heavy, ducking back into cover, then doing it all again in ~7 seconds. This will probably become a unicum favorite, right beside crowd favorites like the Cromwell and T-34-85. However I've run into some issues when trying it on the test server. 1) That gun penetration really is anaemic: anyone that's played the Heavy Tank No. VI knows that 132 pen is garbage. At least this time, it's on a very mobile platform, meaning you can kind of make it work. Still, facing some Tier 8 beast such as the IS-3/IS-6 frontally, and even APCR can't do shit. 2) Gets ammoracked up the dick. From what I've read, it's a feature of the entire line, but then again you're not supposed to be getting shot at anyway since you have less armor than the Crommie. Still, Safe Storage is an immediate must, and a WAR may or may not be useful as well, seeing as this thing cannot mount a Rammer. Has anyone else tested this thing / excited for it?
  2. Since I haven't been able to find enough opinions on this tank, let's start here! What are your thoughts for ya'll folks who have owned it, or played it at all. Pros? Cons? Meh's? Quirks? Stronkholds? Tell me how you feel. Tell me how you REALLY feel.
  3. 11k combined damage, Crucial Contribution, 2x Defenders and assorted other medals http://wotreplays.com/site/2395423#himmelsdorf-kirino_desu-m46_patton http://wotreplays.com/site/2395429#himmelsdorf-utaha_desu-koda_t_50
  4. Hi, Here is a photo of the new Czech tier 6 premium medium. Short 88, 220 damage, -5 degrees depression. Time to discuss http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.ca/2015/06/skoda-t-40-czech-tier-6-premium.html Tier: 6 MT Hitpoints: 700 Engine: 700 hp Weight: 39,95 tons Power-to-weight: 17,52 hp/t Maximum speed: 50/20 km/h Hull traverse: 38 deg/s Turret traverse: 33,4 deg/s Terrain resistance: 0,767/0,863/1,918 Viewrange: 370 Radio range: 740,4 Hull armor: 65/40/? Turret armor: 65/40/? Gun: 88mm L/56 Damage: 220 Penetration: 132 (200mm for gold ammo) ROF: 9,086 DPM: 1995 Reload: 6,616 Accuracy: 0,364 Aimtime: 2,4s Depression: -5/+20
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