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Found 1 result

  1. Arty guide status update: haven't even started. Busy with final exams. Won't start working on it until Dec. 17... You might want to go through the different pages to search for the actual tips. As you know, posting arty guide on WoTlab forum attracts a lot of love. Hi everyone! Artillery is one of the most unique class of tanks to play. Artillery is a very powerful class of vehicles and can often determine the outcome of a battle, whether people like it or not. It doesn't matter if one is an experienced artillery player or has just begun to explore this fantastic class, discussing strategies and exchanging tips with fellow artillery players can only improve your game! Please share anything that you think helped your game and could possibly also improve other artillery players! After a few thousand games in artillery, I learned a few things myself: 1). different artilleries have different shell travel times. always count how long it takes from when you click the trigger to when the shell actually lands. Factor in the shell travel time and predict where your target will travel during that duration will significantly increase your hit ratio. If you start to feel agitated and find your shells always land after your target, take a breather and calm yourselves: this helps to stop you from counting to fast and misjudging your tanks shell velocity. For new artillery players, there are mods online, artillery reticle mods, that have shell travel time displayed on your reticle when enter arty mode. 2). study the shape of your aiming reticle. The shape of your aiming reticle while in arty mode tells you about the terrain at which you are aiming and often also tells you the angle at which your shell will land. If your reticle is a long, thin oval, it means your shell will hand closer to ground at a sharp angle; so in this case, you would aim slightly behind your target so your shell doesn't land infront and miss! If the reticle shape is a fat oval, it means your shell will come more perpendicular to the ground; so you would aim your target at middle of your reticle to increase the chance of your shell landing on top of your target, where the armor is the thinnest, to do maximum damage. 3). set up near a wall or an building. This is to combat light and medium tanks that bypass your team and try to kill you. You set up near a building or a corner is so that the tank hunting you can't see you and have to guess where you are. This means they will only spot you by proximity when they come around the corner. Because people drive very fast, they often don't react fast enough to avoid driving infront of you, which is the very moment you have almost 100% chance of nailing a hefty shell into the side of their armor and do full damage. set up near a hill or a wall so that tanks can't circle you. If they try to get around you, they'll hit the wall and be very vulnerable to your shots. 4). install xvm. The xvm is very helpful in that it identifies on the enemy team who the best players are. The best players are also the most predictable players: there are key positions on very map that they try to rush to at beginning of the game. You pre-aim at those positions or along paths that lead to them. When the good players get spotted at the very beginning of the game, you have the opportunity to nail them right away. It's crucial that you are ready IMMEDIATELY when they appear because it takes 2 seconds for their 6th sense to activate, which is also the average shell travel time for a big caliber arty gun from 800m alway. Also, having the xvm allows you to prioritize your targets. You nail the best players, who are also the main forces that push, then the rest of their team will halt their advance. Dealing 2k damage to the enemy's best players is more significant than dealing the same damage but to less important players. 5). study your target. Sometimes your target keeps reappearing at the same spot because that spot is a key strategic location on the map. You study his movements to find a pattern in his habits so that you fire at the best opportune moment to nail him. A useful tip for hitting target that pokes over a ridge, fires a shell and retreats immediately: you fire when he's on the way up the ridge to fire. This is so that your shell hits him when he exposes himself over the ridge to fire. The average aim time for a gun is like 2 seconds, so your target will stop briefly, which is when he'll be hit by your shell. The shell hitting him not only will mess with his aim, it'll also likely to track him, giving your team the chance to shoot him to pieces. Even if he repairs immediately, he still loses because he just used up his only repair pack. I have the luxury of playing object 261, the tier 10 soviet artillery almost exclusively nowadays. The games in which I participate as artillery is only in tier 10 games. Depending on your arty, the tricks that worked for me may not work as well for you. Hope other artillery players join in on the conversation and make each other better! Ignore the haters! ARTY MVP!!
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