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Found 1 result

  1. With the exception of perhaps Himmelsdorf (and even then...) Your scout This is the guy that's going to: * Show you which direction the enemy is deploying and the composition of the deployment. Oh and if you have xvm installed you'll also know where the good tanks went. * Light up the enemy tanks so you can shoot them without being seen. * Generate map control and area denial. Knowing what area is clear for your team will allow them to advance to better forward positions. Enemies getting spotted by your scout will have their sixth sense buzzing and likely hold off from advancing. * Counter-scout to remove enemy scout threat for your team/artillery. Your higher tier scouts can also: * Light and/or kill artillery (which was a major factor pre 8.6 but still important). * Flex to cap or defend an enemy cap. * Harass, distract, or destroy higher tier enemy tanks. No other type of tank in the game can do so much for their team. A great scout on an average team will provide it with a distinct advantage over a better team that has an inferior scout. The major problem is that... there aren't many great scouts in the game. It's the most difficult skill to master. You need to: * Be extremely fluent with control of your tank. * Have very high map awareness and response time. * Know the best passive spots and the best avenues for active spotting. * Understand when push, fall back, or engage. * Have a thorough understanding of the game mechanics. * Communicate with your team Take an often hated-on map like Campnikova. A simple parallel scout run on your way out of the base can easily result in the destruction and/or damage of numerous enemy tanks within the first minute of the battle. This provides a huge advantage to your team. The 'B' side also has the awesome G2 passive spot and the 'A' side gets the excellent E7 spot. The E7 spot is probably superior because spotting from G2 can cause the bulk of your tanks to sit in base for an extended period while they shoot at the enemy base. This can lead to loss of 'the hill' and map control as well. The E7 spot relies on your team advancing quickly towards to hill in order to get shots down the A line as the enemy moves up. Long post is long....anyways. It makes me cringe every time I see a scout tank crying about being in a high tier match. They can do so much to help the team if they understood how valuable they could be!
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