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Found 10 results

  1. Right, so I just did some testing on the "new and improved" HEAP which now bumps 150mm and 152mm up beyond the 32mm threshold point to penetrate tier 8+ BB bow and tier 8-9 BB deck (Iowa is 38mm however) This was tested at approximately 13.6km on a bow-forward Izumo using a fully upgraded Cleveland. Important thing to note here is that the shell caliber, and therefore the HE penetration* is shared with the Belfast and Kutuzov, two very special CLs with smoke and 6" guns that will see tier 8-9 BBs. *HE penetration is caliber/6-1 (so 150mm is (150/25-1)=24mm HE pen), the exception being German BBs rocking the caliber/4 rule (which curiously applies to their 128mm and 150mm HE on their secondary guns for both cruisers and BBs). And yes, I tested a Nurnberg 150mm HE vs Colorado 25mm bow. It shattered for 0 dmg without HEAP. Control test without HEAP captain skill: Test using HEAP captain skill: Yeah, pretty devastating isn't it? Shaves a full minute off time to kill, and on cruisers sporting an even faster shell output on their 6" guns (Basically every tier 7-8 light cruiser and Mogami 155), the difference becomes even larger as it gives fire damage less time to catch up between reloads. Bonus content: Melting a bow forward Iowa with Gneisenau secondaries and HEAP (impractical but still amusing to watch a tier 7 kill a tier 9 with only secondaries in under 3 minutes) edit: I can't format for shit.
  2. Hello fellas, I'm Jojo and I will be uploading replays worthy of watching. They will be unique, non of that standard "Just 4k+ Damage" replays. They will have a point to them. They will range from Solo carries to Platoon carries, or from Epic comebacks to So close losses. They will feature the best players on the server, and they will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube with Commentary/ Text on what I was thinking and probably explain tactics used, but this is still a WIP :^) o7o7o7
  3. I've noticed that for a while I have not been able to play higher than a 2500 WN8 level. I've tried adjusting my game play by playing more aggressive, playing more passive, but nothing is seeming to work. If anything, it feels like my WN8 is dropping. I'm here in hopes that someone can help me take my game play to the next level, any help is appreciated. I mainly play my IS-6, M103, T49 and my Object 140 and T-62A currently. I will post replay's of my performance soon if anyone would like to look at those http://wotreplays.com/site/1669924#tundra-whenisayboomisayboom-is-6 Typical game, take the east, fall back to cap, get tunnel visioned and forget to reset http://wotreplays.com/site/1669984#winterberg-whenisayboomisayboom-object_140 Good game in the 140, team stupidly caps while cleaning up .
  4. So lately I have been so busy getting screwed out of my top 3k spot for my tank in the the game, has been tiring and boring as shit. So I want to see if we can come up with a way to get a controlled group of Jizzinyourpants Uni`s to effect major differences in others WR and WN* numbers. So since ever Supercum is diff we would have to come up with a series of micro competetions where they could compete or shine in. I hear sooooo often that "Unis only play together because other UNI`s pull there weight" which, imo is less about that and more about them making it easy mode and win. Also I hear guys brag about how they can make a tomato`s have much better games because of them. So thinking with a clear mind, I want to come up with a way to try to test this theory in a semi fair way I`m thinking we call it the "Unicum Decathlon." We set up a bunch of scenarios and see which Unicorn can bring it home. I will re-initiate when I have gold packages ready. I really do want to see who is the best overall player. ANy Ideas as to what and how this could be done? I also was thinking about sponsoring a West solo challenge as well.
  5. I'm just a few days away from unlocking and purchasing both the Leo Prototype and the Cent. 7/1. I have ~150k in free XP to use, and I was curious where it would best be applied between the two stock tanks (I do not have the B barrel unlocked). As it stands, I'm leaning towards using 86k to unlock the turret and 105mm on the PTA with the balance going towards the suspension and (almost) B barrel on the 7/1. It would seem that with the total lack or armor and depression that the PTA has, the L7A1 should the main priority. I'm not a fan of 20-pdrs but I'm more comfortable using them in a Tier 9/10 game than the Bordekanone. Thoughts? Should I just save the Free XP entirely for something even more miserable than the stock PTA?
  6. Wasssup ladies and gents, So i recently bought some games and whatnot and realized i dont know any of the Labbers on steam so here you go, My steam name is Triffels and the URL is http://steamcommunity.com/id/Triffels/ Ive got a bunch of games and to list a few: CS:GO BL2 Arma 3 Arma 2 Dayz KillingFloor TF2 Garry's Mod Rust Terraria ive got some more but i dont really play them or theyre singleplayer. Ive also got blizzard games like HS and WoW if youre interested i could send you my BNET tag. Subsequently if you want to also have random people from wotlabs add you leave your steam in your post.
  7. to explain what this is I decided I need to improve my level of play so I made a challenge for myself. run as long as I can without toons/TC fgts I did this for about 130 battles so far, and now I decided to start the replay analysis part, which I wanted to share with you since I think I'm special and all, also that maybe you can try it aswell. I don't want to overdo this, so don't expect videos and shit. There will be lots of bad play, get ready to rage, I'm doing this to git gud. Guide on my Replay Analysis Folder: -there is a text doc with same title as the replay, I write down where I think I went wrong/could improve -15:00 is basically as every pubby stops eating cheetos and starts putting fingers on buttons, or right before the battle, I'll use this time to explain my initial deployment usually. -10 replays per part (I'll be updating when I feel like) Part 1 5/10 on the play rating LINK2IT Part 2 Soon 7.5/10 on play scale LINK2IT oh and for random replays I found funny or something while doing this http://wotreplays.com/site/1065571#abbey-xxx_mlg_f4z3_5m1l3y_xxx-kv-1s ^UM WOT http://wotreplays.com/site/1137721#prokhorovka-xxx_mlg_f4z3_5m1l3y_xxx-kv-1 ^The enemy stug at the very end got chased down by a reloading arty
  8. I enabled encounter mode after months. Its not bad, some maps are imbalanced but overall dynamic gameplay allows for damage farming in amx 50120. Problem is something else. If i recall correctly, it was 50% random, 25% encounter, 25% assault. So why do i play encounter like 70% of time in my 30 games sample? Is it small sample bias or does lack of players means higher probability of getting encounter. Also noticed MM is nicer for tier 9s with encounter enabled by being top tier more. Anyone with similar experience?
  9. So, got the Comet a week ago, and like all tier 7 meds that aren't the T20 or the Panther, it's basically the exact same tank as the tier 6 except it has more hitpoints and armor (lol) and in the Comet's case it's actually noticeably slower.I managed to have fun with the T-43 despite this because for some reason matchmaker seemed to only make me fight people who didn't know what a keyboard was when I was playing that tank, but with this I'm having no luck. I just can't see anything of value in the tank. It's not small, it's slow, it's gun is basically the same one you get on the Cromwell, but with less speed than the Cromwell and tougher enemies you can't really use it against anything but baddies that LET you get side shots (with gold it's not much better) and if it's camo is good (which I doubt) then my 99% crew with no 6th sense and no camo training can't take advantage of it Basically what I'm asking is why not just use a T20?
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