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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Wotlabs Forum, as my first post, I want to try 100 battles solopub challenge in an is7 I've set my goals to: Is-7 DPG: 2250+ Is-7 Winrate: 54.5%+ Crew+Loadout for my IS-7: Current Stats: Hope I can reach these goals Batch 1 5 battles DPG: 3710 Winrate: 40% Replays: http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/HbsUwKG6/file.html Batch 2 5 battles DPG: 2656 Winrate: 60% Replays: http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/dNs3sj1R/file.html Batch 3 5 battles DPG: 2564 Winrate: 40% Replays: http://www92.zippyshare.com/v/TiXZfYfe/file.html Batch 4 15 battles DPG: 2063 Winrate: 33% Replays: http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/yI0dhclF/file.html 30/100 and I might give up, since tank is medicore at best DPG in challenge: 2520 -.- DPG in tank atm: 2204 WR in challenge: 40% WR in tank atm: 52.48%
  2. So I'm going to try my hand at because it seems like a good excuse to derp around at tier six spamming gold and food. Here are the rules of engagement I'll be adhering to: 50 games, all solopub. 5 games per session. I'm not going to do this every night, so it'll take me a bit longer than 10 days. Almost all APCR except for a handful of HE shells. Food. VStab/Rammer/Optics and a two skill crew (camo and gunnery/sixth/stowage). The goal is to get the highest winrate I can, although the sample size is too small to draw conclusions from. Data tracked and presented using an amazing program that you need in your life. All replays hosted so you can watch me derp if the mood suits you. I really like with play-by-play analysis, so I'll probably try to write up some of these replays in the same fashion if time permits and I feel like it. I'll try to cover games where I exerted the most influence on the outcome, both with game-winning decisions and errors in judgement that threw a game. I run a vanilla client except for vbAddict's uploader stuff, so I'm not going to be able to present XVM chances to win or exact player data in my replay commentary. Wish me luck! First session will probably be tomorrow or Saturday because I got a super shitty night's sleep last night. All aboard the S.S. Goldspam!
  3. This is probably old news for folks that regularly keep track of their stats, but vbAddict and WoTNumbers now keep track of your solopub and platoon statistics and can display them independently if you're interested in seeing your progress. For example, I can look at my overall solopub progress with the "Solo" tab on the vbAddict "Progress" page. will let you go a little further and filter out battles for an individual tank, solopub or platoon, and time period, which gives you a little more granularity in how you're viewing the data. You can also select what data you see in the table of battles so if you're trying to pad treecutter solopub, you're good to go.
  4. I am trying to improve my overall stats lately, but although my WN8 is rising steadily, my WR is remaining stagnant. Im not the guy that sits at the back waiting to be a late game damage farm hero, i play aggressive when i can, and defensive when i need to. I try to react to failing flanks, wether that means pushing my flank, flexing or retreating. Basically, i am trying to hit every tip the forums give about l'ing 2 P. My question: my WR is stuck at 53% but my WN8 is rising through 2000. I play mostly solo. Is it a fantasy to aspire to get purple win ratios in solo pubs? or is that usually reserved for platoons? Some clans require good solo WRs, and i see lots of bluni/unicorns with purple Wrs....is that all solo or plats?
  5. The FCM 50t is generally regarded as it's squishy and can't hold a flank alone. I'll openly admit that I'm pretty bad at solopubbing the thing, myself. Well, I've got some credits to make, some free and convertible XP to generate, and some learnin' to do so without further ado I present my "Pork Learns to Love the Pubbies Solopub Challenge". You might ask, "What is the point of this solopub challenge?" I'm glad you asked! Here are my goals: Stop trying to farm damage. I've been guilty of playing the FCM as a pure support sniper in the past in the hopes of boosting WN8 and my credit earning. That's bad. I've uninstalled session stats to get out of the stats-chasing mentality and into the win-at-all-costs mindset. Damage is not always king; local advantages are often better for winning than sniping at a tank that's positioned himself effectively out of play. Trust my teammates more. My current mindset while playing involves me conserving my HP at all costs. No more! I'm going to start using my HP as an expendable resource that I can use to keep my teammates alive. If there's an autoloader that's about to get rekt while he's reloading, I'm going to jump in and save him if the opportunity looks favorable. Basically, I'm going to try to be the best team player I can be so that our team gets and maintains a numerical advantage, even if it might involve a bit of self sacrifice. Even though pubs be pubs, I need to trust that they're going to continue to shoot at enemy tanks if I can keep them alive to do so. Do what it takes to win. If my team forms a lemming train, the best play might be to secure a defensive position near our cap or the other flank to stall or defend against a capfast. If my team is pulling slightly ahead in endgame with 5 tanks left to their 4, it might make sense to go ahead and cap instead of trying to kill every tank. I'm going to try to make the best play that would tilt a questionable game into a winning one, even if it's not optimal for purpledom. I'm going to post replays and session stats in small batches whenever I work on this challenge. The goal is to solopub the FCM 50t and E-25 for something like 100-150 games so I can improve on all of the above points. I feel like the E-25 fits in the same sort of niche that the FCM does: great for getting damage and platooning but not so great for winning without a good team or platoonmates. I'm not going to be doing this challenge exclusively, but I am going to focus on it until I feel satisfied with the results. Wish me luck, gents! Solopub Challenge Overall (Incomplete): Won 48 of 77 games for a 62.3% winrate. Session 1 (won 10 of 16 games, 62.5% winrate). [ Session 2 (won 2 of 3 games, 66.7% winrate). [ Session 3 (won 6 of 9 games, 66.7% winrate). [ Session 4 (won 7 of 8 games, 87.5% winrate). [ Session 5 (won 5 of 6 games, 83.3% winrate). [ Session 6 (won 9 of 22 games, 40.9% winrate). [ Session 7 (won 1 of 3 games, 33.3% winrate). [ Session 8 (won 4 of 4 games, 100% winrate). [ Session 9 (won 1 of 3 games, 33.3% winrate). [ Session 10 (won 3 of 3 games, 100% winrate). [
  6. This weekend, I spent a lot of time solopubbing for the first time in a while and had a rough go of it. As is my wont, I figured I'd create a poll to see how much time you guys spend in platoons. What are you thoughts on judging the skills of others based on how much they solopub? For the poll, you can get your solopub v. pontoon battle counts from vbAddict. Just go to your summary page, then click the "Battles" tab. This only includes the battles that you've tracked with the ADU, though.
  7. I've been grinding a bunch of different tanks lately in the hopes of filling my garage with awesome tier 10 tanks but neglecting my own play. What good is a garage full of tanks if I can't play them well? I remember that I improved quite a bit when I undertook my WZ-132 challenge, so I figured I'd do the same thing at tier 10 with the STB-1. So without further ado, here's the "Pork Sucks at Solopubbing Tier 10s" challenge. Here's my ground rules: Play 200 solopub games in the STB-1. Don't play any other tanks and don't platoon. Purple (WN8 and winrate) or bust. Gather the stats/replays and post them every 25 games. Report any insights I have about solopubbing tier 10s as I go along. Run food but shoot mostly APCR, reserving HEAT for E 100 turret faces and the like. This is more of a self-improvement challenge than an e-peen waving; I'm bad@STB and want to get gud. Without further ado, let the suck commence! Edit: I'm over halfway through with the challenge. I started running the E 50 Ausf. M and FV4202 because the STB was bleeding my credits dry. Session 1 (games 1-25), 48% winrate and ~2000 WN8: Session 2 (games 26-50), 40% winrate and 1633 WN8: Session 3 (games 51-72), 50% winrate and 1247 WN8: Session 4 (games 73-97), 64% winrate and 2111 WN8: Session 5 (games 98-122), 52% winrate and 1893 WN8: Session 6 (games 123-144), 47.6% winrate and 2441 WN8:
  8. As you probably know, I've been with the hopes of getting better at it. I think it's working, but it's a hell of a slog. How did you see the most improvement in tier 10 play and how would you recommend improving at tier 10? If I've left out any options, please let me know and I'll add them.
  9. Rexxie wrote an informative guide to subdividing tank classes called "On Sub-classes and Roleplay". I'm curious: which of these subclasses do you think is the best for winning solopub? If you feel strongly about one subclass being the best at winning solopub, I'd also love to hear how you play a tank in that subclass to its strengths to secure a win. Edit: This poll is multiple choice, so feel free to vote for multiple subclasses.
  10. So I decided to start repairing my M48 stats, they have suffered badly from too much #YOLOSWAG rushing. And I thought that I might as well do it in the form of a solopub challenge, so here goes. My goals are: 65% solo winrate and 4k+ dpg Current M48 stats: I will archive replays and update thread after each session. Wish me luck! Update 1: 3500 dpg for last night's session, went full potato after about 10 battles, and should have stopped earlier https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_jyA0ZSbH5nbmdnYlRSMU1wUFE/edit?usp=sharing Update 2: Pretty much same story as update 1, did awesome for the first 10 battles or so, then I went full retard for the rest of the session :/ End result was 3969 dpg over 19 battles, still need to go a bit higher. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_jyA0ZSbH5nNzZ5ZG1IdHRLZ3c/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Before I start, here's the battle simulater FAQ: http://www.vbaddict.net/content/63-Battle-Simulator-based-on-Replays You can even use it on your mobile phones! Please spare some time in looking at my replay overview >_< I have been solo-ing tier 8 since my 300th battle (I was a greater burden back then than now), and have always suffered low winrates on that tier. I'm currently at a plateau (stats not going up for a week, wr fell 0.2%), so I thought I'd post here. Here are some of my recent replays with not-completely fail teams (ones that die so fast I that I get flanked from 3 directions): http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/lakeville-soviet-union-t-34-128032813262015666 JgPantherII, Lakeville: I made a fatal mistake in calculating JgPz4 reload and died early. If I didn't die maybe the outcome would have been different... http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/live-oaks-soviet-union-t-34-140164154547999108 JgPanther II, Live Oaks: I didn't know whether returning to base to defend was good, or if I should have went closer to shoot the WZ-132. Either way, halfway back both flanks collapsed and we lost. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/malinovka-soviet-union-t-34-139202262262319731 JgPanther II, Malivoka: Should I have went up the hill? Did I camp in base too long? Where should I have gone? This was my nth lost in a row last night, where n is greater than 10, so I was very exasperated at the start of the match. Also, my client crashed halfway while camping in base, so the replay is cut by 3 min. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/malinovka-soviet-union-t-34-134591516085813878 T69, Malinovka: Not sure if I should have gone up the hill, but I held on pretty long against 3-5 tanks trying to kill me, using ridge lines. What should I have done? The E1 went to kill himself by going over the ridge line several times, despite getting shot -.- http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/highway-usa-t69-132974834561021484 T69, Highway: Team vaporised to a Ferdi, and I took too much damage at the start due to getting blocked from behind -.- Also, I failed to track ferdi on my last shot... Did I miss his tracks or did RNG troll me? http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/severogorsk-soviet-union-t-34-86293565165071386 Tiger II, Severogorsk: I went up the opposite hill as usual, and died after getting overwhelmed. My Tiger II is sitting on a 28% WR at the moment; bought it a few days ago. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/cliff-soviet-union-t-34-83789058065627006 Tiger II, Cliff: I basically stayed under the hill as I was afraid of dying. Was I too passive? I couldn't pen the IS-7 and IS-3 facing me, even with gold (I think I did load gold). Did practically no damage (201) this battle and got carried. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/murovanka-soviet-union-t-34-84925609491362857 Tiger II, Murovanka: I was completely useless this match too, maybe I should have went into the forest and snipe? I was bottom tier with stock turret http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/karelia-usa-t20-125769816468583492 T20, Karelia: I took a lot of damage at the start due to getting shot from the opposite cliff. Where should I have gone? I was mostly useless this match with a total damage of 444. This game was a victory http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/cliff-soviet-union-t-34-115632203296299625 T20, Cliff: I thought I wasn't spotted at the start and didn't get into cover. Took a lot of damage for nothing too. Was mostly useless this game. Should I have gone to the donut? Or climb the hill? I got kinda angry when I took shots for nothing and the tanks behind didn't help. Was also on a 10+ loss streak that day. I admit I was too reckless for expecting support. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/severogorsk-soviet-union-t-34-95294987688875580 T26E4, Severogorsk: Was I too passive this match? I couldn't pen the E-75 and was only sniping the other SP whenever he turned his turret away (weakspot). Definitely didn't need to load gold but I did and wasted it. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/lakeville-soviet-union-t-34-106594982220141563 T26E4, Lakeville: I was pretty useless this match too, made 8 shots but only 1 or 2 dealt damage. Was I too aggressive? http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/lakeville-soviet-union-t-34-195823310046207031 KV-5, Lakeville: HTs were sitting outside city and dying. At the end it was 3v3 I think. In hindsight I should have asked them to go a big round through city instead of valley. This game was a draw. Should I have went through city too? I had approx 2s left to shoot the last guy on their team, but I didn't have the gun depression (moved back too much) to do so. Any feedback is much appreciated. Most of the above replays are losses. These matches were played in the past 2 days (except the last one).
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