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Found 4 results

  1. Introduction Hello and before anyone can get mad or offended and so on please hear me out? As someone who is working on becoming a game developer someday I try to understand why and how some updates, marketing strategies, and overall mechanics effect how player bases react. So in this forum I like to kindly request that all information be backed up with a reasonable argument. We all want this game to do well and we all are responsible for helping its staff by providing accurate feedback. As such I have spent time looking over forums discussing with all different level of skill players and clans on team speak and so on. Illegal mods As many players know who have been playing for a decent amount of time, know all about War Gaming's stance on how illegal mods are handled. This involves mods such as Grox pack and the famous War Pack. While this is as far as the player base that this effects the mod has easily got to be new players who understand basic game play but don't understand advanced game mechanics. This comes out to I’d be willing to wager to say 80%~ of the total north American player base information is from WoT labs. This is not a bad thing but cannot be overlooked. As such it has caused some players who don't understand to quit the game / rage uninstalling. A simple idea at least worth looking into is > Ways WG can fix this issue step one you know that magical thing known as a python log? Well it is a file in the wot client that checks if your running mods and a few other things as well. How can this be used? Have a program that before allowing any mod to be used it checks with the servers list of banned mod descriptions and looks for code in a mod that would affect the said parameter. This is pretty much a simple way of at least heavily hindering the ease of using illegal mods. And all legit mod creators can if their mod is denied access by the program to submit their mod to an official moderated forum were a (very small) team of WG staff can look them over to see if it passes the test if it is legit and legal it would have an exception thrown in the code to allow this mod although this would have to be done every patch for mods that are legal but don't pass the bot. Game mechanics As many higher than average players improve they start to come under what many call XVM sniping. As some of you may know XVM is a mod that tells according to a community created skill equation to all players who have it showing them the most proficient player on each team. This can create a very toxic environment as this also can show an estimated "win chance" according to the skill level of each team. Leading to people saying and doing things such as "oh this match is a loss" and or drowning them-self or disconnecting. This is also many new players when they look at mods for the first time. This is a bit of a sub issue but many players of a higher skill level that I have talked to would love an option to hide their stats (like how Press accounts do). In any case XVM as said above is no good for anyone creating a hierarchy based on a number. As for XVM sniping itself it's when people with high WN8 (the number used in XVM) get typically when SPG players focus them the entire match is a huge contributor to why experienced players in general despise SPGs and I will go into that later. SPG Mechanics Self-propelled guns as they are in WoT are an extremely big issue in terms of source of player rage lack of immersion and in general considered an “easy class.” Now why is that the case why does it induce so much rage? Well the reason for it is not something that can be just found by looking at numbers. Now some people may disagree with me but from the information I have been able to gather the issue lies in the simple fact that: Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, and Tank Destroyers all are incapable of doing anything to stop arty directly, (directly being able to get to and destroy them). Typically players know nearly exactly were the SPG players are but only after being hit or seeing someone else get hit. This most likely is why artillery results in the following: frustration at being helpless, frustration from getting hit for typically 33% of your total hit points and then rare sudden one shot hits. Also worth mentioning that although SPGs were added with the intent of reducing camping as an experiment I have seen thousands of times were players are punished indefinitely more for playing more up front and trying to be more “active”. Then on the reverse players who hide the entire match in fear of getting spotted and slammed by a round that they cannot stop. This has absolutely nothing to do with if an SPG is actually aiming at their current location or if said SPG is loaded or not. The entire concept of “I could be hit” is what seems to drive this mentality. That said this entire argument can be proven invalid if example player teams SPG player knows how to counter battery and drops it early in the match, simple problem is most SPG players have no clue how or don’t want to as is not very rewarding and anyone who is remotely intelligent in a SPG moves right after they fire to avoid counter battery or the shot fails to connect even if they don’t move. Some possibly ways that this could be fixed in my personal opinion is an increase to splash decrease in shell penetration and something like a warning when a SPG is aiming in the square players are currently in like a red square appearing in the map? This would help people be more aware of the map itself as well. CLAN WARS 2.0 Disclaimer: I am not nearly as well informed of how clan wars 2.0 works so take all with a grain of salt Alright I have seen and hear a great many things and although I am personally moderately ok with how clan wars 2.0 works I can see how players especially the ones with jobs or school (this is most players) feel about this. First off many have complained how much skirmish grinding it takes to stay on the tier 10 map this is mostly on how far players are committed to playing said skirmishes and being basically forced to play is not helping. Solution? Possibly make it so each provenance makes the same amount in relation to the amount of influence and industrial resource needed. And as an incentive have a modifier to give let’s say X% more given to tier 8 compared to tier 6 and so on. Also landing zones are an issue but I’ll leave that up to someone who knows more about it. Link to the official discussion on the normal WoT forums doing very well http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?showtopic=476890
  2. All this is collected from vBAddict (filtered for t10 machines only) which by no means is 100% correct but i think it gives an indication of tank class comparison quite nicely Heavy - 1,959.1 Avg. Dmg. Medium - 2,027.8 Avg. Dmg. SPG - 1,677.9 Avg. Dmg. TD - 1,965.1 Avg. Dmg. **halfway throug this I started thinking about XP distribution for roles. ** As you can see the classes are pretty much the same across the board except for ary which averages significantly less but who am I to judge a person for taking up a t10 slot with a useless RNG slot machine. Anyways the point of this was to look at the shiny numbers and talk about general class balance based solely on damage output. Should the classes be averaging about the same damage per game or should it be significantly different? 1. I think that TD's should be doing the most, at least 15% more than the second place contender simply because that is their primary purpose (dishing damage = more xp). 2. Heavies should be at the forefront of the battle in most cases and should be able to tank for their team and deal a lot of damage simply because of their proximity to enemy machines (tanking = more xp than damage) 3. Mediums have their place in dishing damage but I am one of the few that think they are a bit more like MBTs than "mediums" simply because of their ability to flex around the map and deal damage comparable to heavies with the bonuses of having better cammo, better penetration values, better maneuverability, better speed, and in some instances higher dpm which makes them more useful than a lot of heavies 4. No arty opinion because of all the feels. ** Seeing all of this is it fair to welcome a Class rebalance or just leave it as it is because these numbers just show the current meta and that changes with time? ** I welcome criticism of my opinions and I feel that most comments will help me formulate a better understanding of tank classes on a whole. Thank you.
  3. As my stats are growing higher this summer, I find that the chances I am getting focused down by enemy arties are rocketing(Not that I am exceptionally good but I am better than my teammates most of the times; you know, world of tanks ) My play style is the rather aggressive kind, always leading my teammates to charge at enemies and use my armor to absorb damage(esp in tanks like 110, E75, etc.) But how do you do that while effectively avoid SPG fire? I have tried to stay behind hard covers but I find it rather boring, and my DPG will be affected by a lot. Thank you for your advice!
  4. So it seems when there's SPGs in a game, there's always a M44. Many people here think British SPGs are OP but they are not as popular as their fame suggests, even the mighty FV304 showed up less often than M44 from my experience. I absolutely hate them. They were always hunting me like mad when I was in my cats (tiger/panthers). Checking replay I found they can change fire arc very fast, often 1 kill to the east and then another kill to the other side of map. They has long range, can hide all the way back, good alpha as well. I actually don't hate FV304 as much, since they have to fight up close like everyone else. But for M44 drivers, I want to put their heads on spikes :-/
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