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Found 44 results

  1. WoT Numbers just phased into Open Beta for those who's looking for an alternative to WoT Statistics. It has a pretty fresh user interface that you can customize, and also includes a grind progress tracker. The table columns are also customizable to your liking. Not all features are finished, so expect bugs, errors and other magical stuff to occur. Site: http://wotnumbers.com/ Previews under the spoiler; Image 1: Home page, which is fully customizable. Image 2: Tanks page, which allows displaying of the most demanded statistics, also customizable. Image 3: Battles page, which displays the last played battles depending on selected time table, which surprise surprise, is also customizable. NOTE: DO MIND, I'm not the developer, I'm just a beta tester that decided to viral this here. All credits should be directed towards to BadButton and cmdrTrinity from the EU WoT forums, as I don't believe they're registered here.
  2. Just wondering why my WR is so far apart from my WN8 at the moment last couple of months). I always thought there was always going to be a bit of a correlation in the gap between or could spotting not being taking into account or other non included metrics cause the gap ? I am a true pub scrub but do love my lights and would love to see my WN come up more. Cheers!
  3. I have been noticing what feels like a progressively longer and longer delay between real time events and when the stats update. This is most evident in my forum signature. It shows that I haven't played a battle all weekend, which is patently untrue. Is there some reason why there's such a lag between playing the game for a day and the stats showing up on WOT Labs? My in-game session stats are up to the minute. I've also notices in random battles yesterday, XVM seemed to be having an issue. More than a few battles, I'd only get XVM data on a couple tanks per side, with everyone else being grey. In a Tier 8-10 battle I find it highly unlikely that 25 out of 30 players had no stats to show...... So, what gives? Are we having a server issue or something?
  4. Hey guys Just wondering about the correlation of the win rate vs the WN rating. In my tiny brain I would have thought that if you had a half decent winrate than your W.N rating should be close to it at least in colour as surely your win rate is largely down to your skill and understanding of the game ? So if there is a biggish gap (platooning excluded) between the figures why would this be ? In Barnesland if you have a high win and low WN you must have been tooning up with a good player or two, and low win and high WN you get super unlucky all the time with mega shitty teams or play all the shitty ships (highly unlikely but possible) Many thanks in advance.
  5. Looking to see what my 40t stats are and it appears the 40t is not showing up in the stats or list of tanks played. Has it not been added? I could have sworn it was there before and I know I get stats from Yassen's IG for it. However when I search my name on teh site it's not showing as a tank played. Not that I played any games the last 24 hours when I played 2 non lor games yesterday and then ran credits with a few friends for a few hours. Regards.
  6. In a probably useless effort to mediate the ever returning threads of often mediocre players demanding the addition of expected values for their new toys (in the vain hope their stats will get an insignificant boost to a value no one cares about), I will compile in this stickied thread the reasons for their loss. Most of this information is originally from our resident statistical lump of gold, @RichardNixon 1. Why are new tanks not giving me stats: - WG does not always immediately release the stats of newly added tanks in the API, meaning that WoTLabs cannot read the data to be included into its calculations. - Added to this: WN8 data doesn't typically include any tank details except the ID. Sites used to do automated encyclopedia lookups, but WG murdered half their API team a few months ago, and no new tanks are currently being added. For example: The Mutz was in the newer tankopedia API and the KR was in the deprecated one. The M41 isn't in either/ Not all is lost though: Sites (like WoTLabs) have to enter the name, tier, class etc manually. The data's there in the API though. This, however, takes time and manual labour, and known expected values (or replacement values). It's not always easy either, as for example, there are two M41 90s in the API. The GF version (ID 50961) has something like 30-40k players on EU, while the plain one (ID 64017) has one player on EU and ~100 on RU, which is typical for supertest tanks. 2. Why are other sites giving me stats for this tank and WoTLabs not? - WN8 didn't define a method for handling missing expected values, so sites vary. Some methods will universally inflate WN8, while others are in the right ballpark for most tanks or most accounts. - A lot of sites pull updates automatically from wnefficiency.net. If that's not updated, then nothing happens though, unless replacement values are being used. Sites and session mods sometimes pick their own values for missing tanks when the official expected values are taking too long to update. - WoTLabs "official" WN8 works with "official" expected values for each tank, using replacement values from other similar tanks, still need internal discussion, much like a full update of the WN8 expected values. This takes time. TL:DR Tanks will get added sooner or later. WN is a measure only relevant over larger number of battles. Replacement values also take time as enough players (and not only the good ones that free xp or grind faster) should have played the tank to get a relevant sample. Lastly: The people who take care of all this, do this voluntarily and in their own free time. They have no obligations to anyone, least of all to a random dude who's irky because his overal or recent meaningless value is temporarily slightly lower than it might otherwise be. Additionally: If you were referred to this thread because you made a thread about this subject without first checking this stickied thread, you are bad and should feel bad.
  7. These days I just leave it for other people to deal with, but the armor on this is too silly for me to not make a thread. If I've not gotten too out of touch with WoT, this armor wouldn't be too out of place on a proper tier 10 heavy. I think when we first saw this, it only had a 90mm upper plate or something. Basically a weaker T-10 hull with an IS-6 turret and a stronger 122mm. Times have changed. It should be noted that I'm going off of line of sight thickness, not effective. I think the turret side was supposed to say 40°, but oh well. Even the flanks are well sloped. The upper side hull is like the front of a Type 59 while the upper rear is the same, but 90mm thick instead of 100mm. The turret at the flat spots surrounding the mantlet are roughly 240mm-250mm LoS, though the lower half is a bit tougher. Mantlet is 240mm thick with pretty much nothing behind it. The 250mm part of the mantlet is the little circle around the gun. While it does have spaced side armor, that's probably more a liability than advantage in a good few cases. Though it's a small target, what's behind it is a very sloped bit of 30mm armor. It's a Soviet tank though, so most others won't be able to overmatch there on level ground. Current stats: PROTECTION Level 8 Health 1 500 Hull armor 130 / 100 / 90 Turret armor 250 / 150 / 100 GUN Damage 440/440/530 Penetration Shell speed 225 / 265 / 68 1000/1250/700 Elevation -6°/+20° Rate of fire 3.75 Accuracy 0.44 Aim time Dispersion Turret Straight line Hull traverse Turret traverse speed 3.2 0.12 0.24 0.24 24 VISION View range 350 Invisibility  moving 0.061  still 0.122  camouflage bonus 0.02  camouflage net bonus 0.05  fire penalty 0.183 Signal range 440 MOBILITY Speed limit Weight 35/14 51 500 Horsepower 700 Power/Weight Traverse speed Terrain resistance Hard Average Soft 13.6 30 1.2 1.5 2.3
  8. Made acc apparently long time ago, however never posted or did anything on it and i guess i forgot i have done one until yesterday, so basically we can say i joined yesterday anyway on topic, slightly stupid question but why wont my number of battles and stats show up below my avatar etc.?
  9. WoTStatScript Changes the profile page into a more colorful page, with the most common information that you would look for, like WN8, WN7, Efficiency and Noobmeter. It still add links to different sites that will give you enough information for your daily needs on players and clans. A userscript is a client sided javascript, that is loaded through a browser plugin, or the browser itself. Any suggestions are warmly welcomed. Download: WoTStatScript: Player Profile - GreasyFork or Dropbox WoTStatScript: Clanpage - GreasyFork or Dropbox WoTStatScript: Forums - GreasyFork or Dropbox - Adds useful links in every post on the official forums WoTStatScript: Tournament Teams - GreasyFork or Dropbox - Adds useful links in every post on the official forums WoTLabs: SigCleaner v0.4 - Dropbox - Removes animated images from signatures Dropbox links are usually outdated, as I'm a lazy cunt these days. Preview Profile: Preview Clan Page: Preview Tournament Teams: Preview Official Forums: (If actually have no humanity left) How to Use: Firefox and related browsers: Greasemonkey. Google Chrome, Chromium, and related browsers: Tampermonkey. Opera (version 15 and later): Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey. (12 and earlier only supports Violentmonkey, I think.)
  10. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to announced the open beta release of WarshipStats.com. WarshipStats.com is a free, player created World of Warships statistics, resources and tools website. The WarshipStats team is committed to bringing a valuable, functional tool to the Warships community. Please drop us a line if you have any suggestions! Our current feature list includes, 24 hour, 7, 30 and 60 day performance based metric tracking, individual ship performance metric tracking, global wargaming leaderboard, ship analytic tools, twitch streamer sponsorships, and forum signatures. Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Feel free to check out the site and explore around. We are always adding new features and fixing bugs. Fair winds and following seas! WarshipStats.com Chandog
  11. This is going to be my official replay thread, the one and only. Some info about me in WoT and why watch my replays. I'm currently one of the best players on EU. Recent avg exp, dmg, WN8, WN7, PR and Efficiency you name it. I play all of my games solo, with encounter and assault enabled to bring some variability to the map pool. I play mostly T10 mediums and replays I'm going to upload will be about T10 most of the time. I like to play tanks that are fast and thus have a chance to make the maximum impact to the game. I don't play arty or td's, f*** clickers. My garage: T10: Leo 1, STB-1, Obj 140, T-62A, M60, E50-M, BatChat, T110E5, IS7, AMX50B, AMX 30 T9: M46 Patton T8: Type 59, FCM 50t, IS3 Those are the tanks I play, some I play more often than others. From heavys I play mostly E5 and I like all of my T10 mediums except BatChat. M46 is probably my favorite tank. My favorite heavy is E5 and Type 59 are FCM are just for money making. I do have a bad habit of typing bad words in to the in-game chat so keep that in mind. Also the occasional tk's will spice some games as well. Tank setups: T-62A / Obj.140: Leo 1: E50M: STB-1: T110E5: BatChat 25t: AMX 30 prot: M46 Patton: Type 59: Mods: Aslain's XVM (I've edited it a lot, mostly removed lots of irrelevant stuff and no xvm-stats.) Locastan's session stats Custom avatar_input_handler (Zoom-out mod basically) Hardware: Windows 7 i7 4790K OC at 4700 MHz GTX 770 OC 8,00 Gt RAM WoT on a 120GB SSD Gaming Monitor: ASUS VG278HE 1920x1080 27'' 144 Hz Second Monitor: old Samsung, 20'' 60 Hz Mouse: Mionix Avior 8200 Keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder x4
  12. I have a very well defined discrepancy in my skill levels between ship classes. I am sub par with DD's, mediocre with cruisers, and adequate with Battleships. I have equivalent numbers of battles between them, so it's not like there is a really small sample that is throwing off the numbers. DD: 256 battles, 46% w/r, 970 xp, 20,979 dmg, .67 kdr, 14.8% sr CA: 247 battles, 51% w/r, 1009 xp, 25,638 dmg, 1.32 kdr, 21.1% sr BB: 230 battles, 56% w/r, 1159 xp, 38,750 dmg, 1.62 kdr, 40.0% sr Aside from the fact that the stats are not very good, it's odd to me that there is such a clear cut difference in the results. I am 54, and while my mental faculties are still sharp, my speed reflexes are not. I feel like rapid decision making and quick reflexes are an advantage when playing DD's that require aggressive and fast changing play. With BB's, it feels like I have to plan a few minutes ahead to make sure I am in the right place to have good fire lanes to support my team. I feel much more comfortable picking the location that I want to engage from, instead of trying to react from overextending in a DD. SO far the only DD that I feel comfortable playing anymore is the Gremyaschy - it's camo and 14K gun range allow me to deal damage while hidden in smoke for quite a while before I have to redeploy. I suffer in it when rushed by higher tier Russian and American DD's though. Do the rest of you have big differences in Ship Class stats, or do you perform equally well in all of them?
  13. Introduction Hello and before anyone can get mad or offended and so on please hear me out? As someone who is working on becoming a game developer someday I try to understand why and how some updates, marketing strategies, and overall mechanics effect how player bases react. So in this forum I like to kindly request that all information be backed up with a reasonable argument. We all want this game to do well and we all are responsible for helping its staff by providing accurate feedback. As such I have spent time looking over forums discussing with all different level of skill players and clans on team speak and so on. Illegal mods As many players know who have been playing for a decent amount of time, know all about War Gaming's stance on how illegal mods are handled. This involves mods such as Grox pack and the famous War Pack. While this is as far as the player base that this effects the mod has easily got to be new players who understand basic game play but don't understand advanced game mechanics. This comes out to I’d be willing to wager to say 80%~ of the total north American player base information is from WoT labs. This is not a bad thing but cannot be overlooked. As such it has caused some players who don't understand to quit the game / rage uninstalling. A simple idea at least worth looking into is > Ways WG can fix this issue step one you know that magical thing known as a python log? Well it is a file in the wot client that checks if your running mods and a few other things as well. How can this be used? Have a program that before allowing any mod to be used it checks with the servers list of banned mod descriptions and looks for code in a mod that would affect the said parameter. This is pretty much a simple way of at least heavily hindering the ease of using illegal mods. And all legit mod creators can if their mod is denied access by the program to submit their mod to an official moderated forum were a (very small) team of WG staff can look them over to see if it passes the test if it is legit and legal it would have an exception thrown in the code to allow this mod although this would have to be done every patch for mods that are legal but don't pass the bot. Game mechanics As many higher than average players improve they start to come under what many call XVM sniping. As some of you may know XVM is a mod that tells according to a community created skill equation to all players who have it showing them the most proficient player on each team. This can create a very toxic environment as this also can show an estimated "win chance" according to the skill level of each team. Leading to people saying and doing things such as "oh this match is a loss" and or drowning them-self or disconnecting. This is also many new players when they look at mods for the first time. This is a bit of a sub issue but many players of a higher skill level that I have talked to would love an option to hide their stats (like how Press accounts do). In any case XVM as said above is no good for anyone creating a hierarchy based on a number. As for XVM sniping itself it's when people with high WN8 (the number used in XVM) get typically when SPG players focus them the entire match is a huge contributor to why experienced players in general despise SPGs and I will go into that later. SPG Mechanics Self-propelled guns as they are in WoT are an extremely big issue in terms of source of player rage lack of immersion and in general considered an “easy class.” Now why is that the case why does it induce so much rage? Well the reason for it is not something that can be just found by looking at numbers. Now some people may disagree with me but from the information I have been able to gather the issue lies in the simple fact that: Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, and Tank Destroyers all are incapable of doing anything to stop arty directly, (directly being able to get to and destroy them). Typically players know nearly exactly were the SPG players are but only after being hit or seeing someone else get hit. This most likely is why artillery results in the following: frustration at being helpless, frustration from getting hit for typically 33% of your total hit points and then rare sudden one shot hits. Also worth mentioning that although SPGs were added with the intent of reducing camping as an experiment I have seen thousands of times were players are punished indefinitely more for playing more up front and trying to be more “active”. Then on the reverse players who hide the entire match in fear of getting spotted and slammed by a round that they cannot stop. This has absolutely nothing to do with if an SPG is actually aiming at their current location or if said SPG is loaded or not. The entire concept of “I could be hit” is what seems to drive this mentality. That said this entire argument can be proven invalid if example player teams SPG player knows how to counter battery and drops it early in the match, simple problem is most SPG players have no clue how or don’t want to as is not very rewarding and anyone who is remotely intelligent in a SPG moves right after they fire to avoid counter battery or the shot fails to connect even if they don’t move. Some possibly ways that this could be fixed in my personal opinion is an increase to splash decrease in shell penetration and something like a warning when a SPG is aiming in the square players are currently in like a red square appearing in the map? This would help people be more aware of the map itself as well. CLAN WARS 2.0 Disclaimer: I am not nearly as well informed of how clan wars 2.0 works so take all with a grain of salt Alright I have seen and hear a great many things and although I am personally moderately ok with how clan wars 2.0 works I can see how players especially the ones with jobs or school (this is most players) feel about this. First off many have complained how much skirmish grinding it takes to stay on the tier 10 map this is mostly on how far players are committed to playing said skirmishes and being basically forced to play is not helping. Solution? Possibly make it so each provenance makes the same amount in relation to the amount of influence and industrial resource needed. And as an incentive have a modifier to give let’s say X% more given to tier 8 compared to tier 6 and so on. Also landing zones are an issue but I’ll leave that up to someone who knows more about it. Link to the official discussion on the normal WoT forums doing very well http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?showtopic=476890
  14. We don't have a thread for these yet, so it seems to be time for me to step in and make it. This is a place to discuss: •The gimpy (but super cute) MS-1 •The German tier 2 light tank •The Pz. 38(t) with more turret armor and the autoloader from the M5 Stuart •The tier 4 medium with a noticeably smaller, yet better penning gun than the Panzer III •T-25 with even worse DPM, but isn't blind and can actually turn Full stats are in the spoilers. Links go to their respective pages on Rita's blog. I used to be a big fan of Czech armor, but then SS started posting about it and it was no longer hip enough for me. Discuss, bitch, and whine about your new favorite tanks here.
  15. Hello, WotLabs community! Hello! I was wondering if I could reset my WN8 by any means on my primary (and only) account. I would assume that this cannot be done, however, I heard that there was a new prototype system ((WN9) lost forum link.) I would assume that incorporating the WN9 system would bring about a reset of the new standard of stats, thus meaning that my stats could show how good I really am. I would reroll, however, I have too many memorys of good times, rare premium vehicles and standard vehicles that I could not be bothered to get again. The reason I was wondering about the aforementioned discussion is that I can not get into a good clan, and I can not reason with any recruiter. My battle count is too high for me to get my stats up with my current work situation. Viele danke, Viiranin (I can't format yet. On mobile.)
  16. I dont know when CWs 2.0 is turning up but Im kinda miffed that I missed out on the 907 as was on a break from the game when it showed up so would like to get myself organised for the next campaign reward tank (cue it being a tank I dont want) with a clan thats likely to win reward tanks, though Im happy to be carried I like to think that I am able to contribute. So this is the part where I sell myself right? Well Im salty, crabby and a big crybaby, I lack the inclination to statpad wn8 and though I like to do damage my personal meta is winning games. Im adept at being carried by genuinely good players and I have a penchant for crap tanks. I have the uncanny ability of hindsight and turn into the worlds greatest tanker once Im dead. I have an affliction where I cant shut up but thats ok as I come with a delightful and soothing British accent..... Im a pro derp sniper Hate cancer The holder of the worlds greatest Chi Nu Kai match (who doesnt need someone who can do this in a shitty Chi Nu Kai....) A pro kill stealer, check the low damage. Have an aversion for low flying tanks Drive a customized beetle (theres a tenuous link to tanks in there somewhere...) and myself and the wife are certifiable crazy cat people with 17 of the monsters pooping, vomiting and sitting in front of my screen (we extensively help out a local shelter to the extent where petco gives us a hefty discount...) This is Blinky and Phoebe, Blinky the black one is half blind and has cerebellar hypoplasia sits at the back door punching any cat that goes in or out on the head, shes awesome and I like to think her awesomeness rubs off on me by proxy.....at least I hope its awesomeness she rubs off on me....... That seems to have covered all the information that no one needs so I guess hit me up, platoon, carry me, add me to your blacklist yadda yadda.....
  17. I'm looking for someone who has somewhat understanding of how to get better at this game and can help me out (So I would assume a Blue+ player). I feel like i'm not progressing and getting better at the rate I would like to be going and I make mistakes that cost me my life(In-game of course). I'm currently learning to play Mediums, Lights, and Heavies but I like the play of mediums and lights a bit more than heavies so If you specialize in those that would be great. I think I could also use more specific knowledge of map hot spots. I would like to improve in knowing what to do in situations so that I will be able to get out of possible situations that might get me killed because I wouldn't know what I should do. I would also like to get better at knowing the line i'm playing and what I should and shouldn't do in the tank i'm playing. I'm not expecting a huge commitment, just people who are willing to play a few games here and there to point out some good ideas/areas/tactics as well as some flaws/areas of improvement in my game, I have TS, do not have a rage problem, or an ego, and I can take all the criticism you throw at me (as long as it is for the purpose of helping me). Just to let you know just what i'm playing I have the Tier 8 heavy IS-3, the Tier 8 medium T-44, and the Tier 7 light Amx 13-75. I Don't really like playing TD's or Arty's that much so I wouldn't need mentoring for those. If you are interested in helping me out then I play on the NA server generally starting whenever I wake up so around 10 AM up until 2-4 AM (no not typo AM) sometimes earlier, eastern standard time. Thank you for reading, if you don't mentor but know someone who does could you please send them here
  18. This thread is for developing WN9. The OP will be updated when it is closer to release. Current concept: Somewhat similar to WN8 in that expected values are used. Instead of having multiplicative terms (... + a*b + ...) which increase in a parabolic curve, square rooted versions will be used, which linearize the parabola (and consequently improve accuracy). Scales differently depending on tanks played, so as to make similar ratings between tanks approximately equivalent to each other. Separate formulas may be used for scout tanks and artillery, to fix perceptibly important problems. Progress: Still a while off.
  19. The stats we are given at the start of a match is our team & enemy teams Wn8, Number of games played (measured in thousands) & WIN rate. Yes Wn8 & Win rate are useful, but they are also 'Historical' and not recent (I understand we can't display them however) Number of games just tells us how many games they have played, but doesn't break it down by class, tier or tank. My argument is that this should be done for that particular tank. itself . 1) Win rate with that particular tank 2) Number of games with that tank (60% with 10 dames vs 60% of 180 games tells you more) 3)Mastery & MOE. Tells you this player knows how to use the tank or has used it at its optimum, though looking at win Rate will tell you if hes consistent with it. I have a mate that has 9K games, a meh Wn8 and a Win Rate of 47% my analysis of him for usefulness to the team or opposition would be a plodder and shouldn't be expected to do more then just carry their weight (barely) yet my analysis would be different if I knew he had a 73% Win rate with that particular tank, 190 games in it and 2 MOE. Which set of information would you want at start of battle? This is why we have that battle screen information is to evaluate our and the other teams strengths and weakness.
  20. BOSS is one of the oldest, active clan tags on the World of Tanks server. Having been created in the first week of release of World of Tanks. Some of the original members are still active and in clan. After a period of relaxation and rest, BOSS has re-branded and is looking for new life and tankers to join us in our e-Sport clan. We are all about team play, whether in platoons, strongholds or our bread and butter, Tournaments. What does BOSS Gaming offer the avid WoT tournament tanker? 1)Organization: You will know when tournament sign up is, who is calling, tiers for tournament, time frame for tournament etc all updated frequently on our webpage. 2)Scouting Reports: Our team of tournament specialists provide you with detailed information of who you're playing, their stats and tendencies. We are tracking all. 3)GOLD! We consistently earn gold every week in Skirmish. 2500 for three - four night Skirmish tournament common, sometimes more. BOSS Gaming teams earned over 3k gold in Skirmish 30. 4)Calling: Experienced calling is a large key to winning. Our callers have all the tools, are prepared, experienced, and can react on the fly. 5)Support: Our groups average battle count is large, our core members have been playing a long time, there isn't much they haven't seen in this game. They can help you with most anything in this game. 6)Relationships: BOSS leadership has been around this community a long time, have established relationships with WGA and WGLNA Pro's who join our teams and help where they can. Often our teams have high stat, good guys from other clans joining our teams. Why? Because we earn them gold and provide a fun environment where to do so. 7)Strongholds: If this game mode interests you, we are active in this mode because it is team based and has rewards. We rarely lose. 8)Environment: Many stories of bad mixes in clans, with people you don't like or just plain jerks. We have always offered a fun, win based without the over the top egomaniac environment. 9)Two active WGLNA teams. One named a VIP team not long ago for a WGA event. if WGLNA interests you our teams offer a good entry to this format, with experienced people who were in on the ground level. 10) Just a plain and simple awesome clan tag and logo. Who hasn't wanted to say you're being a boss, and well, you could be with the clan tag to prove it! What do we need from YOU? 1) A commitment to assisting our leadership in tournament planning. You will go to our website frequently, tag your availability for tournaments on our calendar, and sign up for that you can contribute to. 2) SHOW UP for what you have signed up for. Number one way to get tossed from BOSS Gaming is to NOT SHOW when you said you would. We understand not everyone can make everything, but letting us know is key to long term membership. 3) Stats: You should be running 1700+ WN8 (60 day) minimum in order to successfully fit in, and contribute to our Skirmish teams. You should be overall green level. (Some exceptions to be made here.) 4)Varied tanks in your garage. If you sold all your tanks on the way to tier 10, you are of no use to us. We NEED tiers from all levels, with crews available. 5)You should not be stingy with your gold, if you need to train a crew for a tier 4 tank which would cost you 600 gold, but you will earn 2500 two days later in winnings, we expect you to do so. Running Skirmish with an 80% crew is being a bad team mate. 6)You will not be a troll. Trolling is poor form, bad sportsmanship, and sinks you to a level we do not want in our group. 7) ACTIVITY. You are signing up for a competitive, e-Sport clan. Sitting in our group being a 'chip' we don't use is of no use to us. You will play strongholds, you will join tournament teams. This is why you would come here, playing WoT during weekday afternoons and not when tournaments are active does not make you a tournament player, or mean you should be in a tournament clan. 8)Yes you need TS3 so we can communicate during tournaments. We only expect you in TS when team events are going on, if you wish to not run TS during solo pub play. If you would like more information, please go to our webpage and register on the recruitment page, and someone will contact you for a one on one TS chat and potential toon session. Registering does not ensure acceptance or commit you to joining. Everything is confidential. http://wotbossgaming.enjin.com/home PM Me Here if you'd prefer, or find me in game.
  21. Hey y'all. I've been doing pretty well on the new light tanks, the lttb, ru251 and t37. My Wn8 for the past 2 days has been hovering in the 1800s. However my overall WN8 score keeps dropping day by day. Is this a temporary thing, due to the new light tanks not being assimilated into the overall WN8 yet? Thanks people, Sneaky Bastard
  22. bjshnog


    VBE's ded.
  23. WN8 Resources Description Summary FAQ Colour Scale Expectation matrix - Download as CSV - Download as JSON (Note: a large portion of this thread is extremely outdated.)
  24. Whatsup guys I am new to the forums and the website and whatnot but not new to the game although my improvements are. I started off as major alpha scrub and now I am just a minor bravo scrub and my recent makes me a..... a..... still a noob. I try. But anyways, HELLO! I am here. I read how2poast n stuff. and I am just dropping in to say hi. I have 5k and a few battles and my username is GuySenseiRocks. I hope to see you all random battling and fighting the war on nerfs and baddies like meself. Good to be here and have fun.
  25. I freely admit that I am a math bumbass, and a bad player. Nor am I a numbers driven personality. I've got 6689 battles and a ~43% WR. I don't know how to calculate the following questions: how many games will it take to move a WR to 45 to 75% in 5% incriments. I guess anouther way to say this is, what are the numbers needed to move through the rateing colors starting at red make any assumptions neeed as to play improvement in order to get the numbers to work I've been told not to stress out over stats and just work on improving my game. I realize that I may not be able to attain superstar status, not everyone is capable of that. However, if the numbers I need to reach each new color on the scale are unrealistic I need to know that too. Perhaps then I won't feel like I've been beating my head against a brick wall. I WILL NOT crerate a new account and start over, so that is not what this is about. thanks from an ardent math phobic.
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