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Found 11 results

  1. Jaegaer

    Slay the Spire

    Cheapish game that really really got me like no game since years. A lot of fun for the moneyz, quite relaxing and addictive at the same time. For those living under a rock: It's basically a card game where you build your decks and fight against various NPC monsters as you work your way up floor by floor to get as far as you can before losing all your hitpoints.
  2. OOPMan

    World of Codes

    If, like me, you've purchased games as part of the Humble Bundle then, like me, you may have some keys to spare for certain games. Without further ado: Steam Keys: Dead Space => DJ3N9-KCKEI-YEEZX Burnout Paradise Ultimate => 57D5M-8PYTR-PLGH4 Crysis 2 Maximum Edition => 74BJP-ZT8K7-HWHYF Gish => RZ4J8-9IJF7-7KZHL Humble Indie Bundle #3 => W5QZF-0PLB7-WV57N Greed Corp => A5S2D-X72RJ-L2Q7X-GKSK8-Q28PX (Pretty sure I didn't use this one...) Darwinia => BF6R3-YANAI-RJKC7 Multiwinia => BBD8R-EB8F3-4LT4J Defcon => B3IWG-MFHMK-Y544K Uplink => BBT4V-80G7E-N3ABN Warlock: Master of the Arcane => 4P70B-ANW8B-PNYM2 (Pretty sure I didn't use this one...) Defenders of Ardania => 0QDQM-XPX24-9FWP7 (Tower defence doesn't really do it for me...) Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity => 69JZ5-J2QXH-Q5GYP Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space => HC5B6-DWMMJ-NTXH5 A.I. War: Fleet Command => 7M276-KQXBQ-MDDKY (Pretty sure I didn't use this one...) A.I. War: Vengeace of the Machine => 5835C-J909G-B5I24 (Pretty sure I didn't use this one...) A.I. War: Zenith Remnant => 8ICIT-D9JHK-W7E7V (Pretty sure I didn't use this one...) A.I. War: Children of Neinzul => 8DE2Q-22F9C-FDTR9 (Pretty sure I didn't use this one...) A.I. War: Light of Spire => 8HFRC-L8ZYK-3NFAW (Pretty sure I didn't use this one...) Brutal Legend => ERGMW-GBZL5-I02XX FTL: Faster Than Light => C72FP-TVH79-MD27R (Beware, extremely frustrating game!) Mark of the Ninja => C0PEK-G2BQT-LW929 Trine 2: Complete Story => 67FMD-YZP7V-55QHF Bastion => LNZWD-QVZ7T-N3BRX Origin Keys: Dead Space => AMS2-BLRM-4U4F-2ANQ-VRKC Burnout Paradise Ultimate => 2GVD-GX2H-MGRG-MB7T-QSBR Crysis 2 Maximum Edition => FR3T-7FYX-TZ83-WZHX-474E Medal of Honour => 64YQ-XXLR-U8VN-UC7Q-CZTE Mirror's Edge => 9RLU-9D73-29PY-34X3-VX5K IndieRoyale: Golden Jubilee Bundle -> http://www.indieroyale.com/bundle/key/B52368D1986550 As you can imagine, this is a first come, first served deal. If you use a key, please leave apost so I can strike it out. Also, please don't use both keys for a given game... Finally, I will go over my Humble Bundles in the next day or two and work out what other games I'm not using the Steam keys for and post them... EDIT1: First set of codes all gone. EDIT2: Added some more codes for a bunch of Indie Games I'm pretty sure I have duplicates of for some reason or other. Test them and let me know if they're good.
  3. Hello there. it's almost New Year's! and in keeping my promise, it's time for another giveaway. To win, pick the game you would like from the list below, and comment which one you want, as well as what you look forward to in 2017. Games: Dishonored Metro 2033 Redux Thief Tomb Raider Far Cry 3 Undertale all Users who picked each game will be thrown into a RNG to decide the winners. if you don't win, blame RNGesus Giveaway will end before midnight EST, on New Year's day, __________________________________________________________________________________________ Giveaway Closed! Winners will be messaged and asked for steam username, As i have these games via gifts on steam. Winners were picked via RNG Winners: Errants- Tomb Raider Spinee: Far Cry 3 PrinzEugen478: Metro 2033 Dangalang_time: Undertale Toxic_Turtles690: Dishonored
  4. So, I started this as a status, but I'm curious to see about others' Steam history... Find your own - https://steamdb.info/calculator I'm here: https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561198041694819/?cc=us $1685 value of my account, $409 spent, 140 games owned with 50% not played... 4,036 hours on record I'll update this thread with the records, if you post your own link/totals... and have no shame. Value: $12759 - jackca10 (Jackquerdo?) Games: 1,124 - jackca10 Percent covered in dust: 84% - Neverwish Hours played: 6,111 - KYLoooo (Though, I'm thinking we should remove stetpedded hours from stuff like Clicker Heroes and AdVenture Capitalist, et alia...) My Steam Profile (from SteamDB) Worth: $1685 ($409 with sales) $1685 ($409 with sales) Games owned: 140 Games not played: 70 (50%) Hours on record: 4,036.1h
  5. Greeting, Found this game yesterday while I was bored trying to find good F2P games on youtube, and I found this. its really fun with good graphics might be a good escape when you rage from World of Tanks ;P More info: http://play-gearup.com/overview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4jYLSetFAo
  6. Dedicated towards discussion of current and upcoming sales and recommendations of great (or shitty) games. Does anybody have DisplayFusion? Is it worth it? http://store.steampowered.com/app/227260/
  7. Wasssup ladies and gents, So i recently bought some games and whatnot and realized i dont know any of the Labbers on steam so here you go, My steam name is Triffels and the URL is http://steamcommunity.com/id/Triffels/ Ive got a bunch of games and to list a few: CS:GO BL2 Arma 3 Arma 2 Dayz KillingFloor TF2 Garry's Mod Rust Terraria ive got some more but i dont really play them or theyre singleplayer. Ive also got blizzard games like HS and WoW if youre interested i could send you my BNET tag. Subsequently if you want to also have random people from wotlabs add you leave your steam in your post.
  8. Does anyone else have this game? The premise is that of a top-down Single-Player Dungeon Crawler where you're in control of a single hero. And you raid castles for loot. But the castles you're raiding are castles created by other players (once you get out of the level 1-4 learning section). So you raid other players' castles for epic loot, then turn around and use that cash to make your castle tougher so that no one can raid your castle for loot. It's quite addictive, and it's free!! Here's a couple videos of players attacking my castle and getting rekt. In this one, it was a 30-second face-eating. I rather enjoyed it, but I felt that I could improve on this perfection... So I did. This is the upgraded castle, with a 15-second mud-hole stomping: Get it!! And once you're in game, add me and come raid my panties castle! Kittikat <- only 3 T's (you have to add me once the game is started, from inside the game itself, since it doesn't link with steam)
  9. Since the steam summer sale is up I went to check on games to get, the problem is there's too many of them and IDK which ones are worth picking up. If you guys already have some of the games listed or bought them I need your input to know if I should get them. Edit: BTW, fallout vegas or fallout 3?
  10. thought i'd make a thread for trading them. ok so for the summer get away badge i need the dead island, bioshock, ksp, football manager and the reus cards. and have spare copys of tomb raider, torch light and chivalry.
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