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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone! For those who don't know me: I used to be pretty good at this game, playing in WGLEU for a bit, got 3 marks on most of my t10s and was main FC in OMNI, for a long time top 2 EU clan. Nowadays I am a bit less active and my play (mainly aim :P) is worse, and OMNI dropped off a bit but remains a topclan. I stream: Skirmishes (T10/T8 maybe), SH wars, solo randoms, platoons, etc. Activity varies: genghiswolves - Twitch On youtube I upload CW videos, awesome random replays (commented), sh war replays (some skimirshes), guides and recently a warleading guide. Over 500 videos total, checking out the older ones may really be worth too (when both I and OMNI were at our peak :D). But new videos have more effort putin so yeah Feedback very very welcome by the way! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ZDlC6oi8t21oqRzWdHMhg [Currently uploading daily] You can also find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/genghiswolvesOMNI/ and twitter Melvin Wolf (@genghiswolf) | Twitter Oh, and if you want to donate to motivate me to stream/youtube more, link in stream description Anyway, ready to answer any questions and might post some updates here (any rule on pushing?). Used to be really active here 2-3 years ago, not so much since. Thanks for the featuring btw.!
  2. Yo Wotlabs community, I want to hear your opinion about changes that were announced for Skirmishes and Stronghold Attacks/Defences I personally dislike Tier8 Skirmish format changes, it will make tryharding much more rewarding, and usage of premium tanks to make 2mil/hour difficult for green pleb like myself Referring to changes posted here http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/update-9-17-1-strongholds/ My first serious post, pls no buli
  3. [LOTI] Luck of the Irish are recruiting!! TS3 address: ts6.freets3.net:10004 Are you a ‘blue’ or ‘purple’ player wanting to have fun in this game without the seriousness of having to be online X number of times a week at a set time? Do you act first and then think later? Do you believe in a thing called love luck? Do you like potatoes? Is Leprechauny even a real word? Did you know that an ‘original’ Leprechaun was actually a great warrior? If the answer to any of the above is yes then how about applying to be part of the most Guinness and potato filled Leprechauny clan on the EU server! What can we offer you? A relaxed atmosphere with other talented tankers. Nothing but fun when in platoons or stronghold/drunkhold games. Credit/XP bonuses for those who help with our stronghold. Good player base to expand your skills/experience as an FC (if you have any FC experience or wish to gain some). ‘Status symbols’ - rewards on your TS account for certain events and actions for you to proudly show off to your fellow clan mates. Fun and friendly competitions in training rooms for a laugh and sometimes prizes. A place to play ANY tier (you will not be judged here!) This very forum thread for shitposting We do ask that you help at least once a week with collecting boxes for our stronghold though (that’s not too much to ask is it?!). So how do I become a part of this amazing clan you ask? Well if you meet (or come close to) the requirements outlined below then simply post your interest on here with the following information: Please do not take offense if you send us a PM with your application and receive a blunt response, if you can’t follow the instructions how will you follow our FCs?! In-game name (if it’s different to your WoTLabs name!): Link to worldoftanks.eu profile wouldn’t go amiss… saves our recruiters precious seconds! Any Friends in LOTI?: Did anyone recommend LOTI/Leprechauns to you?: Blood Type: Midichlorian Count: Hair Colour: What did you do last Tuesday?: Small Print: Once your application has been scrutinised checked over by one of our recruiters (and approved by them) they will accept you on a 30 day trial as a recruit to see how well you merge and blend in, after a successful period as a recruit you can get a full promotion to Private Leprechaun (or Field Commanding ‘Fighting’ Leprechaun if you really prove yourself!). During the 30 day period we would like to see you as active as possible on TS and in Stronghold games. Re-rollers need not apply without good reason, this game is about having fun over stats. Definitions of 'acceptable' re-rolls are found here The Boring bits: REQUIREMENTS Please note that ALL applications will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis 1700ish WN8 with 2300+ recent and a 54% WR TS3 with a working mic/headset You must be an 'active' and team player Sense of humour 18 years of age (or older) - due to mature content We also ask that you have 1 or more suitable tier 8 tanks for SH and preferably a fast tier 6 tank for credit/box grinding sessions (SH) along with any tier X tank Important bits: Whilst we are a laid back ‘fun loving’ clan, we will not tolerate any form of racism or bullying. Please try not to defame the Leprechaun folk by being an asshat in randoms, we would like to be known as a fun clan rather than one full of idiots. I don’t want to receive a tonne of messages/chat logs/videos about our members behaviour being rather toxic and if for some reason you do not heed the above advice, then each particular case will be assessed and could potentially result in a kick from the clan. Oh and if you’re inactive for more than 30 days or don’t help with the stronghold you could also face a kick to make way for more active players. Misc: Want to actually know some of the folklore behind Leprechauns? http://holidays.thefuntimesguide.com/2009/02/the_leprechaun.php TL;DR If you're a good player who doesn't care much for clan wars but like a strong knit community with rewards from regular stronghold battles then this is the place for you!
  4. XMR http://forum.digitares.de Hello all, we in XMR, are a bunch of mad rabbits and as some people know rabbits can get pretty dangerous if provoked. So what we are: A close knit community that wants to excel in performance but approach things casually at the same time. We are active in WOT/AW/Elite Dangerous/WOWS and other games. We have also spots available for those that don't want/can't play CW/SH on a hardcore basis, but who would like to be able to participate in campaigns. Similarly, players interested in ESL and other competitions are very welcome to our ranks. All in all our most important goal is to promote teamplay and a sense of community, be that in CW,SH,ESL or platoons.What we look for in new members:- Be active in at least one of the games we play, obviously World of Tanks is most likely here- Stats should be around the clan average, both in overall and in recent (check here: http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/XMR)- Be able to withstand some trolling and dish some out if needed- Raging is understood, but please keep it classy - Be able to communicate in english- And lastly!: If you are unable to look at an array of enemy tanks and decide for yourself which one has lowest health and can't focus fire with your team you are not what we are looking for.What we offer:- Active forums and TS- High skill level players to platoon with- A possibility to play campaigns and earn reward tanks- Internal competitions for gold- CW/SHHow to join? Go to our forums http://forum.digitares.de and reply to the recruitment post for someone to contact you in game, you can also join directly on TS (digitares.de) but it's best if you just post there. Copy pasta from our recruitment tread on the official forums. If you have any questions, you can ask me on here, ingame or in a pm where ever you feel like it!
  5. Saw a guy made similar thread in world of tanks forums thought should make it here. Will make Absolute Stronghold channel pm me ingame for PW so no pubbies can troll. "AbsoluteStronghold' will help other commanders and officers to find a team in Absolute Stronghold, this will help you not sit in Q for 10 min and then get no fights. Officers pm me ingame for pw if this seems interesting to you. if the channels gets deleted will remake it after 7:00 pm EST or any issued just pm me pls reply to this thread for better ideas ~ Thanks
  6. The Syndicate Clans are always recruiting. Each clan is its own entity with its own personality and leadership. We are all on the Global Map, where we work together to make the strongest impact we can. If your overall WN8 is 1200+, you have tank selection, are open to improving your game, and are active- we can probably find you a home in a Syndicate Clan. Please Consider applying to one of the Syndicate Clans Like: We'd love to hear from you about joining a clan wars team that makes an impact. ~Violentviolet of Claws a recruiter from the Syndicate Alliance~ CLAWS-FUSON-THM-D-SLOPE-F3-ANDES Please stop by the SYNDICATE TS vs24.tserverhq.com:7177 if you are interested in applying to one of the SYNDICATE CLANS. Just ask to speak with an officer of the clan you are interested in, or ViolentViolet.
  7. The recently founded German speaking clan WORKS is a project to establish a clan of top level players who can compete in the top 10 of EU clanwars. What do we offer? the most ambitious clan project of the German speaking community for long timehigh activity in strongholds and CW 2.0a community of unicum level players with experience in many different international clansgreat atmosphere for playing and having an awesome time togetherGerman alternative to international clansWhat do we require? +15k games+2500 WN8 overall+3000 WN8 recent 1k games+58% WR overallat least eight T10 + not less than four T8 tonks which are of use for competitive gameplayContact Contactpersons: mUUgel, DiscoStuGer, AchneeTeamspeak: works.sehales.net Forum: Klick mich für Bewerbung!Goldincome on 17.09.2015
  8. // IMPORTANT NEWS // IMPORTANT NEWS // IMPORTANT NEWS // IMPORTANT NEWS // My activity level during this summer has been incredibly poor - as some of you may have noticed already. The reason for my low activity is a mix between university work (master thesis), spending a lot of time with my GF (who lives in France, so lots of travelling is required) and training for the completion of an ironman next summer. This has left the clan without an active commander for TEN full weeks this summer, which is simply not good enough. First Nurkus and then Gary had to carry a lot of weight on their shoulders while I was off doing other stuff. I am forever grateful for their work and this clan would’ve been long dead if it hadn’t been for them. Unfortunately, my future does not look any better. I will still be busy with the aforementioned things. This is shit if you are the commander of a clan. I believe that a commander should be present as much as possible and be able to play and participate in most activities. I cannot offer this as a commander for this clan. Two weeks ago I was approached by FAME as they were looking for new field commanders and my name had been put forward a few times. I was offered the role as a normal field commander and therefore I will have less work to do. This is good for me because of my quite inconsistent activity levels. They know of my inconsistency and they don’t mind, which is good for me. I have decided to take their offer. This decision has not come easy. It really hasn’t. I had less trouble deciding to move to another country than I had with my decision as to whether I should join FAME or not. So much for “it is just pixel tanks” I suppose. I have spoken with Ronery, Matra, Gary and Koel and we have decided that it is best if we disband LAVA. RoneryKim has troubles with his arm (keeping him away from WoT entirely), Koel is busy being 1337_ESL_admin, Matra is limited in play time by work and family which leaves Gary alone to keep the ship running. This is not optimal as that is too much work for just one person. Therefore we have decided that we will be disbanding the clan. The clan will be disbanded at mid-day (Viking time) on Sunday the 23rd of August. We will be using all of our credit consumables and other bonus’ during the week, in order to pay as much back to you guys as possible. We will not be playing our defence-battles, but just let them pillage our SH. We will on top of that also pay out the gold to everyone (who wants it) who has collected more boxes than me. This means Gary, Xmen, Gasgadur, Jokobet, Devilhead, gan, breeze, moomeister and dolfie will receive 440 gold each. If you don’t want the gold then I will spread it out to the others. I want to thank all of you for joining us in this adventure. It has been a joy to play alongside you, it really has. I wish you all the best of luck in the future and I hope you will all fare well on the battlefields. I really enjoyed this adventure – I really did.
  9. Who we are: [RDDT7] is the main strongholds clan among the reddit clans on the EU server primarily focusing on daily skirmishes along with attacks on other strongholds. Are currently shifting some of our attention over to T6 clan wars on the new global map and are looking for active players willing to take part in our nightly events. Clan page: http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500050680/ Clan statistics: http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/RDDT7 We offer: Daily skirmishes in the eveningBattle payments for increased credit incomeGold payouts for participating in clan war 2.0 battlesTeamspeak serverActive and friendly player baseCommunity night every month with fun events and rewardsBeing part of the EU reddit World of Tanks community Strongholds schedule: Stronghold Attacks: during weekdays: 8pm - 12pm CESTduring weekends: Early morning attacks for fun, attendance is not mandatory Skirmishes: We organize T6 skirmishes every evening, sometimes with multiple detachments. Requirements for joining: Must be active and participate in clan battles and skirmishesOverall WN8 of 1000, 51% WR and/or recent WN8 of 1650, 53% WR3000 battlesTS3 + microphoneSlack presence Required Tanks You must have at least one of the crucial tier 6 and 8 tanks and work towards getting the other ones T6: Crucial: CromwellT37 T8: Crucial: IS-3T32T54 ltwt. Support: AMX 50 100AMX 13 90Pershing How to apply: create an account on www.reddit.com and verify your email addressgo to http://reddit.com/r/RDDT7EURecruitment and create a post using the template provided to you
  10. OK guys, so there is a special on EU due to gamescom event. So I'm looking for a clan to play strongholds with so I can bring my account back from dead. If anyone is interested let me know.
  11. Hey guys, I need some advice regarding my stronghold crew. I feel like for skill we have(green players overall) we aren't making best of it. Sometimes I feel wins should be easier. So second pair of eyes could help me to see what I(we) can improve. Also, I'm not the best FC out there, so comments on my tactics are welcome too. If you can, take a look and rate: Initial deployment Individual positioning(sometimes guys overextend or something) Exploiting situations(the ones I can't micromanage but guys should make) Overall performance Down below is link to very nice set of 17 rounds with only 3 lost games(2 of which are my fault). Also there is whole speech about CW but based on this, I don't think we are ready? http://www.mediafire.com/download/1amthm0dafqa9l2/14-3_session.rar Any kind of help is appreciated and I thank anyone who even decides to take a look.
  12. [TOXIC] (We have awesome logo and our colour is pink.) Okay, the story goes like this: After a very successful 3rd Campaign and having brought in some international guys (which has turned out very well) we've now opened recruitment to all non-Balkan regions also, so if you can speak a reasonable level of English and you meet the requirements, feel free to apply to the clan and join the steadily growing community of English speakers within TOXIC. Overall TOXIC has a Balkan core with international players added to the mix and influencing the image of the clan, sounds good? Join us and be a part of this ever-growing clan. Requirements: - minimum of three tier X used in CW - WN7 1500+ / WN8 1900+ / WR 55% + - CW activity - 3+ days per week If you want to join our clan, please contact me or the deputies/commander. Best wishes and many victories vs the RNG in the upcoming 2015!
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