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Found 22 results

  1. Spent some gift card money on the CDC because I loves me a flexing medium and have been doing superbly in it but there are some people that swear by the STA-2. Can I has some opinions on the tank (STA-2) to help me decide if I should get it when d fam feels like donating to my tanking cause. :3 ** Is there another T8 prem that you would recommend? I'm looking at the T34 simply because I rebought the t29 and am improving stats in it. love it now hate it then (first t7, meh stats)
  2. ThomChen114

    Object 252U

    So, yet another Soviet premium tier 8 heavy tank is coming soon. Because there's never a lack for them. Will it be any good compared to existing Soviet tier 8 heavy tanks like the IS-6, IS-3A, IS-5 and IS-3. And for arguments sake, compared to the Chinese 112, WZ-111 and 110 (because they're pretty much the same deal)
  3. Most of the time people ragequit / do something stupid when it seems the game seems lost, this video shows nicely why you should always keep playing, till the bitter end.... It also shows: Maximum RNG Why you should ALWAYS train fucking repair skills, ON ANYTHING! + stronk pley ofc
  4. Day after day, its getting harder and harder to find some really stronk guys to platoon up with. Team play & winning is just vital and my priority N1 in this game, so i am really up to platoon up with some superstronk tankers.. i prefer playing with better players than me [despite learning /it actually really motivates me doing my bestest.. or at least around my level... I mostly play during the evening.. and late evening/early morning.. looking forward to find some amigos to kick as with on a regular basis hf
  5. LABS is recruiting That's right, the #1 rated play4fun clan is now looking for recruits! Who are we, and what are we looking for? A solid group of active players, looking for overall dark purples. 6/7 nights available for discussing anime while we wipe our enemy's asses in clan wars. 18+ or be mature. lolwut was dat, who would join such bland, boring clam We're really just a bunch of people like the X-men, but without superpowers. "Old", young and childish, chill or stubborn. But despite that, we are all rather tolerable/tolerant, so we'll accept you with open arms. Except maybe our lord-emperor Solonii, because, well... But seriously, what do we expect of you? Activity is something that we'd like. But, this is a very casual clan, heck I've never even seen Never in the in-game chat. A visual representation might illustrate what I mean. Do you see the activity in south africa? Yes? Well then, right now, our clan would be something like that tiny dot south-west of it. That's why we make this thread of course. What I'm trying to say is that we don't care if you take a 2week break, or if you play 24/7. We're all here to have fun, and all we want is for you to do the same. How about stats? ayy lmao This is wotlabs yo, we don't care if you have trouble beating JSnazz in his OP hetzer. This guy knows exactly what's up: So, with a bit of that, and a bit more of LABS, the chemistry becomes real and this could be you! We'd like to have some semi-burnt out but good mentors/experienced players too, so they can help training the young padawans. Our plans for the future! It is quite obvious that we aren't even close to fielding CW teams at the moment, and if we're honest, we probably won't be able to do any of that in the near future. Play4fun and educate the youngsters. Advantages of being in the #1_klam_NA - Total immunity on the forums. Look at ZX, has the lord-emperor ever threatened him? - Tons of free gold Did you really think all that patron money is supporting this website? - We have girls Or maybe just one viking. - We're so awesome that nobody leaves our clan And if someone would, we'll wardec their entire next clan as soon as we can field a 15 man team... With tier tens... - Players from all over the world Although the maximum players you may see in the clan chat is around 4 at the moment, there's always someone. hue ------------------------ Well that's how I (scout), feel about our clam. Since diversity is what bonds us (lolwat), I'll post some serious, clear requirements and the lot. In case you're the kind of (lovely) person who prefers to receive information this way. Requirements: -50+ posts on the WoTLabs Forum. -Even if you don't have the 50poasts, being active is fine. -Have a working mic. -So we can hear that sexy voice on TS. -Be mature. -We have some very young people in here and I have to admit that they look at the games very fairly and always are searching for a solution in their own gameplay rather than blaming whoever they can. I can't say that's how I would've done it at their age. -Have a sense of humor. -Don't be the party-pooper that takes things too seriously, k? -Have a thick skin. -As mentioned, we're working towards that dank purple WN8, so you gotta be open to criticism. Clan rules: -Don't be a drama queen. -Unless, of course, you're M1ster_R0gers, then carry on Interested? Post something in the thread, or PM ZXrage, csbassplayer and/or me. PM anyone you want to for info about le clan. TS: ts.wotlabs.net:9467
  6. TL;DR This is just a T-44/100 with a 300 alpha 100mm gun. AP shell cost went from 252 to 370, and APCR from 11 gold... to 11 gold. That's about all the changes I can see. WG's originality with the Jagdtiger(H), Tiger II(H), Strv 81 and now this premium has reached new lows.
  7. Skilled casuals. International english-speaking clan for people with skills since 2013/03/19. Our stats (2017/06/19) according to wotinfo.net: 55.42% avg win rate with 1986 WN8 We don't play for pixel glory because we don't care. We roll platoons only. Our expectations are: WN8 of at least 2000 (rerolls 2400) overall with 2200+ recent. Check your WN8 here: click! You have to speak english AND behave, if you don't please look for another clan. Join our Discord: click! Want to join? Contact m1ch through forum PM, this thread or ingame. About us: wotinfo.net: click! wotlabs.net: click! noobmeter.com: click! eu.wargaming.net: click!
  8. [LEPO] - Lehväslaihon Pojat (Sons of Reino Lehväslaiho in Finnish) recruiting stronk recent 1300+ active players for casual platoons, and strongholds later on (if we even get any players..) Kein problem is nobody wants to join a clan with X few players, so any help would be appreciated. Fenks alot 4 ur time. (wtf is time??)
  9. Hello again... Im going to start off bye saying im not a clan jumper, I have been in many clan, and I have left or been kicked out for many reasons. I was kicked out of one clan for being Canadian, Another because the Commander didnt like me, and another because I had a disagreement with the Commander. I have left a couple clans for a variety of reasons, The most recent clan I was in, I left because everyone in the clan was incredibly inactive and I wanted to do clan functions. Now im just looking for a clan I can be PERMANENTLY comfortable in. Now that I have that out of the way...I would like to start off bye saying that i'm a respectful, kind, and funny guy. I never rage at the game, and I never put people down. I'm an 18 year old and Canadian Dude. What im looking for: -Tier 6 or 8 strongholds nightly or almost every night -Tier 6 or 8 clan wars -Team battles (not necessary) -Platooning -Fun people -Active players (at least 15 players on during prime times) -Teamspeak is a must -Regular intercourse ( Not a requirement, but will enrich my life) What I can offer: -Im a moderately acceptable caller -Kind and quirky attitude -I'm active in teamspeak -Regular participation in clan events(strongholds, clam warts...ETC.) -Coffee -Respect Important tanks I own: -1 tier 10 tank (T57 Heavy) -IS-3(2 marks), RU 251, WZ 132... im working on other TB tanks -Cromwell(3 marks), T21(3 marks), Type 64, ARL 44....ETC -T26e4, IS-6, AMX CDC *Note* before I join your clan it would be great if you could give me a rundown of what your clan is about in team speak and maybe platoon a little bit, OR message me in game or here on the forums. I Wont be joining a clan until 7:49 on September 19th because I have the cool down, and I want to consider my options.
  10. Hey guys! I'm Simon, or well, Kolni(dur) as most people here know me by anyway. I'm a firstyear uni student majoring in music theory and composing. I play tanks because well, I have way too much free time. Due to a lot of factors, many of them being hanging around on other clan teamspeaks and playing with fun people again, others being the new mission meta which brings out the worst in pubbies has anyhow resulted in that I need moar people to put on my spam-list for platoons. I hang around in the wotlabs channel whenever I'm online and usually toon with some people there, but more often than not erryan buzy no time foar stronk pluton YUROP so well, I need friends QQ. I'm a very talkative guy and playing with TS is one of the more fun things in this game for me, especially if you aren't superduper serious about the game and don't make me feel like I talk to thin air (yes it happens), and don't mind the occassional arty sperg (I won't mind yours ). I play mostly tier 10's or the occasional grind for a new one, I have 6 of them so far (140/62-A/907 padderer + BatChat, FV4202 and IS-7). I also have the E 50M unlocked but it's getting a feminist crew cuz E 50 needs keeping so yes, basically a medium player, but I seem to do well in the IS-7 for some very strange reason. What I require from you: 1) Have at least 2-3 tier X's so we can alternate if the occasional double/triple potato platoon happens or if you feel like mixing it up a little. 2) You can play however you want, I'm not enforcing platooning teamwork. But I would like you to know what you're doing at least. 3) Absolutely no flaming at each other, we're fwends, we stick together against the pubbie hordes and we should act like it. 4) 2000 WN8+ recents and above so I know I can rely on you as teammates. 5) Calling football soccer is not a joke, it will have consequences. What you can require from me: 1) Tooning whenever you want, I'm almost always online every evening for very long sessions. I'm not in a clan so I have no obligations at all except if I'm already tooning with someone, then I'll get back to you and send you an invite once I am available again. 2) A derpy teammate who probably will carry early and die mid game so clean up's all yours.. 3) Talk. I talk a lot. Socializing is as big part of playing the game as the game is itself for me. Hoping to see some of you guys in game. Cheers o7o7 Edit: Just realised posting this while literally 99% of YUROP is sleeping wasn't the smartest move kek (Edit 2, poasting and making fwend gives free upboat because I'm rich)
  11. http://wotreplays.com/site/1724773#el_halluf-grim952-object_430_version_ii
  12. http://wotreplays.com/site/1621728#steppes-yung_lean-t-62a So, um, I carried a game hard, but the end game is still nagging me a bit. Should I have saved the JT? I wanted to keep the Waffentrager at a distance so I could hull down and peekaboo him out but an extra gun on the team never hurts either. Was I too sloppy? Because in hindsight I wasn't very aware of arty at all. Should I have yolo'ed and decapped the ST-I instead of the waffen, despite probably making me take a lot of damage? I know it all turned out for the better, but what if it didn't. I need to learn how to consistently make the decisions that make things turn out like this, but without the RNG of it all. (PS two full HP waffentragers dead to my 62A, revenge felt good <3)
  13. From FTR: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2015/02/09/straight-outta-supertest-object-244-and-mauschen-nerf/ In a nutshell: IS-1 hull + IS-85 turret + 85mm D-5TBM (144mm penetration) gun + IS-6 suspension. IS-1 armor at tier 6. 120mm front. tier 6. RiP tier 4-5 tanks. Actually upon further research, found that the early IS-1 hulls had 100mm on the front hull (no 120mm beak/upper), 90mm on the sides and 100mm on the turret front (same as current IS-85 turret). WG will most likely go with this unless they go batshit insane. ... This smells like a fat(ter) T-34/85M but with a gun that doesn't require sprem against tier 7 HT.
  14. http://wotreplays.com/site/1548939?secret=e161880628f7bc9da73e26ec2d800d8c Prohorovka - Victory http://wotreplays.com/site/1548933?secret=e161880628f7bc9da73e26ec2d800d8c Erlenberg - Victory http://wotreplays.com/site/1548927?secret=e161880628f7bc9da73e26ec2d800d8c Airfield - Victory Although all 3 replays are of victories I had yesterday playing the tank my damage in all of them were extremely sub-par. Between 700-900 damage each match. Only reason I won these matches was either because my team was carrying me or my platoon mate/s were on top of things. And that is simply not good enough at T9 to be carried, I'm the one that is supposed to lead the charge so to say and set the example not die silly ways :-/ Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Edit: I was possibly raging last night and coupled with that bad game play. So apologies to everyone :/
  15. Which one of these tanks do you think would be better for this particular type of grind? (150 kills + 150k damage per nation ) I'm set for all nations except the Japanese. Here's why: As soon as it was introduced, I rushed for Tier VI A.S.A.P. for the IS-6 grind last year. Completed the grind with Chi-To. Low quality play because of the rush and repetitiveness greatly hindered my stats with this vehicle. I never touched it again after finishing the grind. (Not willing to play it again for a long time unless necessary) My Chi-To is elite, I haven't bought the Chi-Ri yet. Thanks.
  16. We are rebuilding WHY! A multinational community searching for hardened ninja warriors What is our Community? - [WHY] WHY so Serious?! - wot page - noobmeter - [WHO] WHO Cares?! - wot page - noobmeter What do we offer? - A stable WoT community since 2012. - Excellent Clan Wars and Campaign opportunities. - ESL (currently two active teams in the community - one of the teams is 1st in Ace Europe Cup 3vs3) and Tournaments with clan teams. - Highly successful Stronghold skirmishes with great bonuses - Great players and in an easy-going environment. - No drama and no primadonnas. What are we looking for? - You must have at least 4 Clan Wars tanks. - You must have at least 2 Tier X tanks with 200+ battles. - Average damage on Tier X Heavies and Mediums: 2600+ - Average damage on Tier X Auto-loaders: 3000+ - Overall win-rate should be above 57% - Overall WN8 rating should be above 2000, recent WN8 should be above 2500. - A laid back player that has high interest in Clan Wars and other clan activities. How do you become a WHY member? 1) Contact our recruiters in-game or on Teamspeak. 2) Introduce yourself and formally apply to our recruiters. 3) You will be made aspirant and asked to play platoons, tank companies or 7v7 battles with our testers. 4) During your test period you will be evaluated by the testers and recruiters on skill, tactical knowledge and personality. 5) If you have what it takes you will be made a member of the WHY community! Jump on our TS3 and contact our recruiters to find out if you are WHO we are looking for! Teamspeak3: WHYWHO.EU WHY Recruiters: zekypolice & opredrag
  17. So i looked around for a KV-220 love thread and couldnt find one so i thought to myself "Hey! Why not make one?" So this is for the people who are lucky enough to own this gem of a tier 5 premium tank. Like me. What can i say about the 220? It has a lot of upsides; Amazing armor for tier 5 Decent pen/dmg (better than most prem tier 5 heavies) Good RoF at 14 rpm. Decent accuracy .46 and aim time 2.3 Holds A LOT of ammo Tied for second highest health pool of the tier 5 heavies And its only downsides I think is the fact that it's pretty slow and a huge arty magnet. KV-220 p0rn for people interested in how it performs http://wotreplays.com/site/981841#windstorm-sploofy-kv-220 I'd like to hear from others why they love/hate their 220. Personally i think it's one of my favorite purchases.
  18. Hello there all! as title suggest, looking for anyone that i can learn from and add my to my FRIENDS list. Ive lurked alot, but the time has come to take action! Ty
  19. Hey, you there! Yes, you. Sitting there, staring at your screen. Do you feel bored, and perhaps just a little unfulfilled? Yes, I thought so. Well, do I have the remedy to all that ails you! Brand new to the Clan market is PRVDA, an associate clan to Pravda Girls’ Academy. Now there of course a few requirements: Have a microphone, and be active on Teamspeak 1 Tier VI tank for Strongholds. Training sessions every other week Whew, what a list! Certainly you must be wondering just what PRVDA is hoping to do? Those answers are simple enough. PRAVDA is hoping to start up a confident strongholds team. While remaining casual and fun! Activities include hanging out, parties, karaoke and more! With your help our possibilities are endless! But what’s in it for you? A reasonable question. I think we like lists, so here, have one of the reasons to join: A fun, casual anime clan We host our own TS3 Server Part of the largest Anime Alliance on the NA server Officer positions are available! Social, low pressure no commitment (Unless you sign on for a tournament!) Kind, fun, helpful and understanding staff They are already a part of an established alliance, with many CW clans, so advancement is always a possibility. Bi-weekly training with other clans in the alliance. Okay, now that’s a real list! So, now that you have the facts you don’t need to feel bored and unfulfilled. If you have any questions come find me ingame or shoot me message here! Good luck tanking out there! Panzer Vor! User experience may vary, Anime not required to apply or enter, disliking/hating anime will not vary your chances to win. rules and regulations apply while under contract with prav and a member of the alliance. purchase not necessary.
  20. Highest % I hit was 92%. Then I got 1 clicked and it went down hill from there. 6k Damage games weren't enough to get to 95%. Fack you WG
  21. I will present to you something you've never seen before: amirite?! How the...? Oh!.... oh?
  22. Shackram


    Found this on the official forum, courtesy of T___A 152mm on a KV-1S chassis? Fucking want.
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