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Found 2 results

  1. ...what am I about to get myself into? I've gotten a bit bored with the the ISU-152. Ok, more like frustrated. I don't play the ISU lately as much as I did when I first got it, and maybe because I'm not taking advantage of the TD meta. And I know there's nothing new with how derpy and inconsistent the 152mm BL-10 gun can be in the ISU. I've always preferred medium tanks (and fast HTs like the T-10 and WZ-111 1-4), and I've considered trying out the alt Soviet TD line for awhile. From what I can tell, the SU-100M1 seems to be kind of opposite to the SU-152 (which I enjoyed) in terms of firepower. I played the SU-152 with the 152mm derp (for lols) and the 122mm (for WN8), whereas the SU-100M1 seems to have a medium tank gun instead. But it seems reasonably mobile here's hoping I can make that laid-back profile work.
  2. Given that only two threads exist on this shy little t7 Russian TD and both are older than my grandparents' furniture, I have decided to open a more positively-minded drivers' thread for this little gem. Not played often and overshadowed by monsters like the SU-122-44 in combination with the fact that TDs up to t8 suffer from bad health values, this tank is far from being en vogue. To kick things off, its statistics sheet with a 100% crew (no skills) and my equipment setup: HP Pool: 830. RIP. Armor: Non-existant outside of the gun mantlet. Sidescraping is not recommended unless it is your last option. Hull down also doesn't work well except against some t6 tanks. It's a really bad platform and having a rear-mounted gun, the engine in the front and no gun depression doesn't help either. Gun: 3k effective DPM, 5s reload, 0.33 accuracy, 1.7s aim time, good shell velocity and ok-ish dispersion values make for a tank that kills enemies at range very very quickly and reliably. Not as brutal as the SU-122-44 but still effective. The APCR has 235mm pen which is pleasant but rarely needed. Overall very decent and it snapshots like a boss - most one- or twoshots you can yolo around a corner by auto-aiming and clicking faster than the enemy. Mobility: Good - difficult to circle for lights and meds and lets you relocate quickly. Camo: Excellent ~20% base camo value (stationary), i.e. 3rd best in tier and surpassed only by the SU-122-44 and E 25. The view range is lackluster Playstyle: It's a pure DPM platform - snipeysnipe, flank, snipeysnipe, yolo-rush low-health prey. Not difficult and surprisingly effective because of the good DPM and the fact that even at long range, the gun is very reliable. Loadout/Crew: (My setup) Rammer, Vents & Binocs for max DPM & ability to play vision games. Staying at range when possible is vital. GLD would be a total waste and coated optics are not viable with 360m base view range. Four crew members for whom 6th & camo are crucial imo. I had the pleasure of using my old IS-4 crew (3 skills) and thus also used BiA, clutch & repairs for increased yolo-survivability. Dead-eye or snap shot, safe stowage, offroad & repairs would be in the 4th skill set. Results: 63% winrate, 1.7k dpg, 1.8 frags per game after 71 battles yield about 3.3k wn8. Padding potential confirmed... Replay: As I lost my ace bade, here my last battle in the tank - being top tier and surrounded by tomatoes, I decide to go for the upper flank. The engagement with the Tiger shows the ridiculous dpm of the tank, a worthwhile trade. Granted, I was top tier in a very good setup and an SU-122-44 would have done the same just better but nonetheless, it's a solid TD. http://wotreplays.eu/site/1653017#hidden_village-jokobet-su-100m1 Verdict: I thoroughly enjoyed playing this tank. It may be overshadowed by the SU-122-44 but it is fun and was a very nice surprise to me.
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