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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, had a really good game (imo at least) today and just wondering if there was anything that I could have improved on. Link here Thanks.
  2. Hey All, This is a replay of T110E4 game I had on Stalingrad. It is not a good game. Please review for feedback. I would like to lead in with what I was thinking. We were pushing the 1-2 from North to south. The T110E4 is not the best front line tank and with its longish reload time is not a good brawler. The tanks with me seemed tentative to move for so I was moving up a little faster compared to what is probably a good. We spotted some reds and started moving up. The IS-7 pushed up into a box of three buildings and ran into a t-30 who we knew was there a Waffle 100 and a 103. I moved up to try and support the IS-7. I made a poor decision here to try and shoot the Waffle and ended up hitting one of the building pillars and the shot went over the gun shield. I thought I had it aimed better than that but according to the replay I did not. After the shot I started to pull back as I knew if I pushed up to the IS-7 (who died pretty quickly when the 103 and t30 shot him again) I would probably also be finished off by being stuck between three enemies even if the WF100 was still reloading. I moved back and made a move on the e50. I then completely donked a shot on the cupola of the M103. This was one of those moments when you wish you could pull the shell back but I could not. I was just late on hitting the button and getting the aim on the target. I moved back to the box area and then the waffle ate my platoon mate. I was able to put a shot into it. The t57 came up and I was not really sure what he was doing. I thought he was going to push on the 103 but stopped. He pulled back and we were both stuck in the box of buildings. he got wiped. I got a shot into the 103 when he came after me but I was done. The lol moment was when Shifty_101st who was on the 9 line told all the shitters on the 1-2 line to uninstall. Aaahh the rage of unicums, one of the few joys in my life. Kidding Shifty I understand your frustration. This replay shows some of my weak points as a tanker. I rushed a couple of shots that I could not afford to waste, I somewhat yolo'd myself too far forward for my kind of TD/Tank, I put myself in a position with no clear escape, and I think I was relying on the players nearby too much. Beyond or expounding on those points, please have at me. Thanks in advance. http://wotreplays.com/site/2149387#stats
  3. Specifically I can't understand why rus meds X tier have so low expected dmg. For example T-62 which I own and I happen to know this med is kick ass good has lower expected dmg than M48 Patton, which I own as well and happen to know it is crap on wheels. On general I think WN8 is a great idea, but I would like to read how u guys come up with the expectations.
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