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Found 4 results

  1. Quoted from Awesome Epic Guys "WG: Very soon the UDES 03 Alt 3, a Tier IX Swedish medium tank, will roll out onto the Supertest. Just like other high-tier Swedish medium tanks, this vehicle has a hydropneumatic suspension allowing it to tilt its hull. The nominal gun depression angle is -7 degrees; with the suspension-aided tilt it can reach -13 degrees. The vehicle enters the hull tilt mode automatically. The UDES 03 Alt 3 carries a gun that deals an average of 360 damage points per shot and has a dispersion of 0.35 m and an aiming time of 1.9 s. Armor penetration is 252 mm with the basic APCR shell and 284 mm with the special APCR shell. The gun reloads in 10.2 s. The tank’s view range is 380 m. The frontal armor of the Swede is 66 mm thick. Its top speed equals 50 km/h, with a specific power of 18 hp per tonne. The HP pool amounts to 1,600 points. Gameplay-wise, the UDES 03 Alt 3 is much like other high-tier Swedish medium tanks. It has a low silhouette, a hydropneumatic suspension, and a gun with decent parameters. Just like its mates, it’s good at what mediums usually do (like flanking and quick breakthroughs), plus such things as terrain-based play and ambushing." It looks like it sacrifices a bit of alpha damage for greatly increased penetration and improved gun handling. We still don't have the soft stats (if you find them post them please) but the much better aim time, low turret armor, and more bulky turret profile suggests this tank will have less reliable armor as well. Over all tho, this looks a lot less OP than the new auto-loaders from France and the Soviet Union. Does anyone know hat this will be a reward for or if it is a tech tree tank? Edited title because I am unfunny and unoriginal.
  2. UPDATE #1 These tanks are only for CN servers, according to Wargaming RU.
  3. These days I just leave it for other people to deal with, but the armor on this is too silly for me to not make a thread. If I've not gotten too out of touch with WoT, this armor wouldn't be too out of place on a proper tier 10 heavy. I think when we first saw this, it only had a 90mm upper plate or something. Basically a weaker T-10 hull with an IS-6 turret and a stronger 122mm. Times have changed. It should be noted that I'm going off of line of sight thickness, not effective. I think the turret side was supposed to say 40°, but oh well. Even the flanks are well sloped. The upper side hull is like the front of a Type 59 while the upper rear is the same, but 90mm thick instead of 100mm. The turret at the flat spots surrounding the mantlet are roughly 240mm-250mm LoS, though the lower half is a bit tougher. Mantlet is 240mm thick with pretty much nothing behind it. The 250mm part of the mantlet is the little circle around the gun. While it does have spaced side armor, that's probably more a liability than advantage in a good few cases. Though it's a small target, what's behind it is a very sloped bit of 30mm armor. It's a Soviet tank though, so most others won't be able to overmatch there on level ground. Current stats: PROTECTION Level 8 Health 1 500 Hull armor 130 / 100 / 90 Turret armor 250 / 150 / 100 GUN Damage 440/440/530 Penetration Shell speed 225 / 265 / 68 1000/1250/700 Elevation -6°/+20° Rate of fire 3.75 Accuracy 0.44 Aim time Dispersion Turret Straight line Hull traverse Turret traverse speed 3.2 0.12 0.24 0.24 24 VISION View range 350 Invisibility  moving 0.061  still 0.122  camouflage bonus 0.02  camouflage net bonus 0.05  fire penalty 0.183 Signal range 440 MOBILITY Speed limit Weight 35/14 51 500 Horsepower 700 Power/Weight Traverse speed Terrain resistance Hard Average Soft 13.6 30 1.2 1.5 2.3
  4. We don't have a thread for these yet, so it seems to be time for me to step in and make it. This is a place to discuss: •The gimpy (but super cute) MS-1 •The German tier 2 light tank •The Pz. 38(t) with more turret armor and the autoloader from the M5 Stuart •The tier 4 medium with a noticeably smaller, yet better penning gun than the Panzer III •T-25 with even worse DPM, but isn't blind and can actually turn Full stats are in the spoilers. Links go to their respective pages on Rita's blog. I used to be a big fan of Czech armor, but then SS started posting about it and it was no longer hip enough for me. Discuss, bitch, and whine about your new favorite tanks here.
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