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Found 3 results

  1. Someone could write a guide to surviving on this server and turn it into an Ebook. They could make some bank selling it for $299 $199 $147 $29.95 today only.
  2. grim952

    This war of mine

    Well this game is probably my safe place after ragequitting wot. Its about a group of survivors trying to survive in a city/town under siege during a war. Tough choices, and for me the feels really do touch on the simple graphics. So anyone play this?
  3. TheRealNFK

    The Long Dark

    So Miros mentioned this game a while ago in a status update, and it intrigued me, so I checked a few videos, then decided to take the plunge (even though it was early access, but I'm not as worried about it as I normally would be because while the studio is new, the devs are actually all experienced pros). Right now it's just single-player sandbox survival in the Canadian wilderness, and you have to manage fatigue, cold, hunger and thirst. They plan on adding single-player story later. No zombies, no 1000m snipers, just you and the wilderness and whatever loot you can find and keep in good repair. Your physical activity and how much you carry can ramp up your calorie burn, so no DayZ mod marathon man-style cross country runs without significant consequences.There's some time acceleration running, so you have to make decisions regarding hunger and cold fairly quickly, or it can easily end up weakening and then killing you. After the elements, wildlife, in the form of wolves, is the other big killer. This isn't about finding ALL THE GUNZ, it's more like find one hunting rifle (and keep it in good repair) and five bullets and try to hunt a few deer before you starve after the packaged food loot runs out. Tools, firewood, warm clothes and repair materials are some of the other essentials you will need to find or forage if you want to last more than a few days. Updates are releasing quick, I just got the game a few days ago and there has already been two. I'm pretty terrible so far, haven't quite made five days survival yet, but I'm also still learning the map, although I'm sure there's already plenty of player made maps out there if you don't like risky exploring. Plus, they got Jennifer Hale to voice the female survivor, not something you'd expect from an early access title. Edit: Oh, and it's David Hayter voicing the male survivor! So basically you can pretend its Solid Snake lost in the Canadian wilderness. Anybody else playing The Long Dark? Let's swap survivor stories.
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