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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everybody! This is my first topic ever on this forum (yay), and it is a bit of a weird one. Or at least I think it might be weird. With the new Swedish tank lines that came out recently, I decided to go up the heavy route over the TD route since I like brawl gameplay and having also found a love for autoloaders with the Batchat 25t and The M41 Bulldog. So I went up the heavy route blind and got to tier 8 - the Emil I. This tank is probably the absolute best tank I have ever played. The strong turret armour combined with the -12 gun depression made it amazing in top tier games, and I was able to carry even tier 10 games using the pretty nice autoloading 105mm that the tank gets. The aiming time was a bit potato, but I managed to solve that by getting up-close and personal unless I knew that I would get destroyed. This worked out most of the time and I was even able to meet the requirements for the ace tanker - on a defeat! (See this link: Emil I ace tanker) My stats in the tank (quite interestingly I don't bounce a lot): Now, after about 120 games in this tank I was able to get more than enough xp for the Emil II. Since the Emil II is pretty much an upgrade in all aspects you would expect similar things to what the Emil I was capable of. It has stronger turret armour, it has more penetration, it has more alpha damage (and therefore clip potential) and has more side armour, though it suffers from less frontal armour. For me, this tank is much worse. It was like changing from the 50 100 to the 50 120 - it felt like a downgrade, probably because I feel more comfortable at tier 8 than tier 9 in heavy tanks. Admittedly I haven't played as many games in it, but with the Emil I felt right at home from the first game I played. The tank is really good, I'm just not as good as I'd like to be in it. It is a fun tank to play and I bounce a lot of damage with the turret (yesterday I bounced Jg.Pz.E100 heat lol) but the gun doesn't hit or pen a lot of the time from my experience. Here are my stats (so far) in the tank (again, I don't bounce a lot but I do use the turret all the time): So basically I'd say I prefer the Emil I over the Emil II and my performance probably reflects that. Just curious as to what you guys think of the tanks, they are amazing, perhaps even imbalanced, but which one is better tier for tier? Cheers! P.S Feel free to post stats like I did. I'd love to see other people's comparison in stats between the two!
  2. Quoted from Awesome Epic Guys "WG: Very soon the UDES 03 Alt 3, a Tier IX Swedish medium tank, will roll out onto the Supertest. Just like other high-tier Swedish medium tanks, this vehicle has a hydropneumatic suspension allowing it to tilt its hull. The nominal gun depression angle is -7 degrees; with the suspension-aided tilt it can reach -13 degrees. The vehicle enters the hull tilt mode automatically. The UDES 03 Alt 3 carries a gun that deals an average of 360 damage points per shot and has a dispersion of 0.35 m and an aiming time of 1.9 s. Armor penetration is 252 mm with the basic APCR shell and 284 mm with the special APCR shell. The gun reloads in 10.2 s. The tank’s view range is 380 m. The frontal armor of the Swede is 66 mm thick. Its top speed equals 50 km/h, with a specific power of 18 hp per tonne. The HP pool amounts to 1,600 points. Gameplay-wise, the UDES 03 Alt 3 is much like other high-tier Swedish medium tanks. It has a low silhouette, a hydropneumatic suspension, and a gun with decent parameters. Just like its mates, it’s good at what mediums usually do (like flanking and quick breakthroughs), plus such things as terrain-based play and ambushing." It looks like it sacrifices a bit of alpha damage for greatly increased penetration and improved gun handling. We still don't have the soft stats (if you find them post them please) but the much better aim time, low turret armor, and more bulky turret profile suggests this tank will have less reliable armor as well. Over all tho, this looks a lot less OP than the new auto-loaders from France and the Soviet Union. Does anyone know hat this will be a reward for or if it is a tech tree tank? Edited title because I am unfunny and unoriginal.
  3. LostCosmonaut

    Strv m/42

    The Strv m/42 will be the tier 5 medium tank in the Swedish tech tree. It's going to be entering a pretty crowded field, there's a lot of tier 5 mediums, including some pretty good ones like the M7, M4, and T-34 (along with some pretty lame ones). Here's what its armor layout looked like historically; (originally posted by sp15 on WoT EU) It's not that special, you're not going to be bouncing much besides tier 3s and autobounce stuff. At least its a fairly narrow target. The historical gun was the 75mm m/41 L34. In real life it was about equal to the 75mm M3 on the Sherman, but it was somewhat handicapped by bad ammo. Given that the m/42 doesn't have amazing armor or mobility (380 hp / 22 tons = 16.9 hp per ton, which actually isn't terrible), there's probably going to be some options for gun upgrades. Historically, a high velocity 57mm and a short 105 were considered, and I think I remember reading about some upgrades to the 75 (aside from the one that eventually ended up being the Strv 74). Gun depression will be amazing though, like everything else in the Swedish tree. Without knowing too much about it, the m/42 looks to me like it will be pretty decent but not a standout like the M7. Historical Info; http://tanks.mod16.org/tag/strv-m42/- Swedish Tank Archives pages on Strv m/42 (renhanxue's page) http://ftr.wot-news....t-vii-strv-m42/- Article on Strv m/42 in World of Tanks video game, written by sp15, has useful info http://www2.landskro...agnar/lago.html http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/11-stug-iii-thread-and-also-other-german-vehicles-i-guess/page-6#entry15542; Early m/42s had German transmissions. They were really bad. Bonus pics: (pics by renhanxue)
  4. Can someone give me a summary/explanation of the Swedish tank line? "Now explain it to me like a four-year old." -Joe Miller, Philadelphia 1993
  5. Christmas tree event is fun, in one hour I got tier VIII tree and three out of four female crew members. So after I recieve my crew, I've run my new tier I tank and... well I think I forgot how does it look at tier I games... PS: As I won't play until 27 of December I decided to bought 5 extra boxes, which allows me to gain tier IX tree (with fourth and final crew member) and as a bonus 1500 gold. Worth it
  6. I've noticed a lot of well-known WoT players have flat-out dismissed the Swedish TDs entirely, due to the poor firepower, armor and meh mobility, as well as the "siege mode" in the high tier TDs being of limited usage and more a liability to the tank in certain situations. I had a sinking feeling that the Swedish TDs may not do so well (and WG probably knows this) with the introduction of the whole X-mas tree decoration shenanigans that includes giving a discount price of the Swedish TDs all the way up to tier X, as some form of incentive along with the girl crew (though I suspect they'll be trained in the HT line instead) Time will tell (along with what statistics WG gathers on the Swedish TDs) on how well received the Swedish TD will be. But for now i'm curious to get some people's opinion on this. Atm i haven't even touched the tier II, as i'm trying to invest my time in other tanks atm (for grinding and farming)
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