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Found 9 results

  1. The T-34-3 is currently on sale in EU. How does it compare to the Type59? And also, if you have a Type59, is it worth getting the T-34-3?
  2. Do you hate love your T-34-3? Do you want to publicly express your hatred love for this Beautiful Machine? Are you looking for other crazy tasteful pilots to field this cheap knockoff coffin Sexy Beast with? Then you're fucking nuts you've come to the right place! Feel free to bitch comment about the vehicle or ask for advice in its operation. or request that your name be added to the List of Active Pilots with a deathwish, which shall exist to facilitate the creation of T-34-3 wolfpacks!
  3. I recently got the T-34-3 and WZ-111 and need some people to carry me play with me in pref 8s. Feel free to add me to your spam list. I am down to platoon anytime Looking for players with 2500< recent Wn8 I play on West mainly cause Internets and try to avoid the East. Baddie lyfe on West #MustKeepPadding
  4. Hello, So for someone who doesn't have a type 59 and lost his faith in ever getting one, which premium tank should one get? I'm primarily considering the profitability and only then its "mediumness". I'm tired of the T34, constantly fighting t10s and crawling around the map and while I enjoy the IS-6 it simply doesn't print the money it should when you need to fire apcr. On the test server I felt the T-34-3 is barely mobile and doesn't allow for mid to high range engagements. It's only good thing is 390 dmg shots, but even that only happens each 11 seconds +/-. And I'm sorry is this is a repost. I used the search and it didn't come up with any relevant result.
  5. Due to the recent popularity of this tank, I am going to start a platooning/mentoring/replay review, etc thread here. Requirements: Be willing to put up with me, I am not entirely confident in my abilities as a teacher, some people learn a lot, others not so much. NA Server for platooning. I could probably go over replays for SEA but i don't know much about the style on that server (campy/aggressive/vision-oriented etc) So best i could give you would be mechanical advice on positioning and such. Other then that there are really no requirements (well have a 34-3 considering that's what you want to learn I guess). This is all free of course. Anyway to the tank: Mobility: The tank handles pretty smoothly, Ok acceleration, a decent top speed of 50 and a good traverse rate (hull traverse: 46, turret traverse: 46) gives you enough mobility to move around to where you need to be. Protection: The hull is nothing special, and it being low to the ground is a detriment since most tanks will be shooting down at you negating your frontal slope. The camouflage is good, allowing you to play vision games and use bushes in engagements. The Turret is where this thing shines, a very strong turret that will bounce enemy shells more often then not. Firepower: This is where the tank stands out, it mounts the 122mm D-25T cannon with 390 alpha, along with the common 175mm AP penetration. However unlike its Russian counterparts it trades the 217 APCR shell for an outstanding 250mm HEAT option. The 175mm AP pen is still very workable as most of your shots will be against enemy mediums/ sides of heavies, with HEAT being reliable enough against tank you will face frontally. The High alpha allows you to lower your exposure time while still doing a large amount of damage. The Low rate of fire actually comes in handy, as you are able to fire, move behind cover, and are unlit by the time you are ready to take your next shot. The Downsides to the gun are its bad gun depression (-3 is very hard to work with for the majority), long aim time, and high (but better now) bloom. However even with these detriments the gun is semi reliable at snapshotting. Tips: 1: if you don’t have time to aim, snapshot anyways, the tank has a very large ammo capacity (40 shells) and if you miss you miss, if you hit you will take a chunk of their health away (and you can laugh because you hit them). 2: Gun depression can be simulated by abusing terrain (Ill post replays when I have time to play), otherwise try not fight over hills as it takes to long to get your gun on target and you have to expose the entire tank. 3: Your ammo rack is in the direct center of your tank (on both sides) so try not to give enemies your broadside; your fuel tank is in the front right (from your PoV). 4: Don’t be afraid to fire on the move. 5: HE is good for taking out artillery/ very low HP targets without aiming for weak points. Recommended skills: First: Gunnery skills, Safe stowage, Sixth Second skills: camouflage or BIA Third skill: Whichever you did not chose for skill 2 All in order to maximize the tanks fire power. Equipment is more preference oriented, Personally I run Vstab/GLD/Rammer. And to top it all off, this tank is FUN!! it is satisfying to do well in it and carry a team. If you want a replay reviewed you can just PM me or put it here and ill get to it ASAP. Same for platooning/mentoring!
  6. Due to the plethora of new shiny T-34-3 drivers tanks I have seen, I'm expecting much more people playing this tank now as per the new 9.4 update. Take the poll and discuss your opinions bellow please. Free plate of bacon if you finished the poll. (Cake optional if you don't liek bacon)
  7. To give something of a forward; hi all, I'm Panzer9. I used to be a window licker. Or rather, more so than I do now. Then I found wotlabs forums, back when it was first starting up(Summer 2013 iirc). I'm definitely not the most vocal or "active" member but I do lurk here extremely often, so I'd like to think I'm not a total outcast here. Recently I've been going through a regression period. I used to be able to hold ~2600-2700 wn8 with 60%-63% wins with maybe 60%/40% platooned/solo playing my normal tanks. But now, I'm seriously faltering. I'm legit happy to have even blue stats, which is kinda of paradoxical considering I used to ragequit at anything less than purple. So anyway, literally the only thing I've been doing differently is playing this.... thing, the T-34-3. Considering I don't even play Chinese tanks I have no idea why I even bought it, but not much to be done about it now. It's made me realize; I was never good. A good player excels in all tanks, no excuses, no bullshit. And I can't do that. I'm just another mediocre green/blue. And I hate that, and hope this will do something to change that. Just to screencap my current stats: Disregard the winrate, it's extremely platoon padded. Essentially I'll play a certain number of solo games in this tank(to be decided in the poll), with all replays provided of coarse. I have mine set up in the rather unorthodox Garbadic manner: I'll honestly be happy if I can pull dark blue stats out of this. If any purples; actually, anyone at all, would watch the replays and give some feedback I'd be very grateful. Any other thoughts and suggestions are welcome.
  8. Okay, so if you're like me and are both bad@tanks as well as, you like to "Brett Favre" shots (my term for taking chances on low % shots) you probably have experienced frustration in playing the T-34-3 or 112 Chinese premium tanks. You might say, well Von... How about not buying those tanks you stupid bastard! Well.. My response is this, I'm like a chain smoker who has lung cancer... This game kills me and is terrible, but it has me addicted, plus "I gotta catch 'em all!" (Premium Tanks). Anyways, on to the topic... So I got these premium tanks, and was at first excited for them... believing them to possibly be two different variants of that lovely IS-6.... I was wrong, not only did I neglect to realize they didn't use APCR... I also neglected to research the tanks thoroughly. I discovered the guns on the 112/T-34-3 to have worse handling and aiming qualities than the IS-6. Not to mention that RNG fucks these tanks right in the ass on a daily basis (*Pauses to remember those WTF moments when missing targets at close range*). The final cherry on top being that the APCR rounds of the IS-6 may very well be twice as fast in travel time vs the HEAT/AP rounds of the 112/T-34-3 (640 travel time for Chinese 122 vs 988 for IS-6 / Premium round vs Premium round). Which I should add makes gold spam in a 112/T-34-3 not really an option both due to the extremely slow travel speed...but also the high cost for using those rounds. Anyways after 70 or so games in my T-34-3 and 60 in my 112, it dawned on me to go mess with the Smelly River tank inspector and see JUST how much I could increase the shit awful accuracy and aim time of the Chinese Premiums, so I went in and did just that... (ALL SETUPS IN THIS POAST HAVE SNAPSHOT AND SMOOTH RIDE SKILLS INCLUDED) So to start off, here is the stock stats of the T-34-3 (which will be the tank used for the pictures) with no GLD/Vert Stab or crew/food perks... That is awful right? Well it shouldn't be too bad if we slap a GLD+Vert Stab+Gun Rammer on it! Plus combined with our BIA crew.. the tank should be much better right? Meh... so a .010 change in accuracy.... Though... the handling characteristics got buffed nicely with the GLD/Vert Stab... This is when I figured, does it really matter if I have a gun rammer? If I have to "peek-a-boom" anyways with this tank, plus the horrific aim time leads to sometimes rushed shots in order to avoid getting popped by the enemy...I essentially waste damage and health exposing myself too long to shoot, only to either miss.. or take damage to deal damage each shot. I can't snipe with the tank, because it's too shitty of accuracy so... maybe...If I buff the accuracy some more.. I can distance my tank a little more, keeping me from certain brawls that may not be ideal... So that's what I did.. dropped the Rammer... grabbed the Vents and decided to add Food for extra measure to really buff the accuracy. Those things combined with the BIA skill really brought up the accuracy to a tolerable number IMO. For the sake of comparison below is the stats with GLD/VertStab/Vents + BIA skill and NO FOOD So in conclusion of this long winded and terribly written setup, I decided that a close/mid range medium tank... needs not optics, and needs not rammer due to it's rate of fire, however I did feel it needed a buff to it's accuracy to maximize the punches it throws out in combat. The only 2 flaws of the setup, is that if you fire gold rounds in this tank... with this setup.. (namely using food) you will be losing cash each match...(but because of the terrible velocity of the gold round, I mainly try to use AP, which using AP rounds+Food will still get you profits if you have premium account) and by using food you must sacrifice a vital consumable...(I chose the fire extinguisher because...I 420 BLAZE IT). Here is a replay of my games so far... http://wotreplays.com/site/641629#komarin-voncurry-t-34-3 (Got my Ace Tanker) http://wotreplays.com/site/641667#team (Game #2 of the day) http://wotreplays.com/site/641684#highway-voncurry-t-34-3 (Game #3 of the day) http://wotreplays.com/site/641734#mountain_pass-voncurry-t-34-3 (Game #4 of the day) http://wotreplays.com/site/641781#prokhorovka-voncurry-t-34-3 (#5) First 112 game of the day... http://wotreplays.com/site/642075#malinovka-voncurry-112 (Got my Ace Tanker) Thanks for reading, feel free to ask questions, leave feedback or discuss. If you happen to try my setup, let me know what you think. After Tomego posted that link of CraBeatOff's setup, I changed my T29, T34 and IS7 over to this setup too... Seems to be working! I really enjoy the gun control it gives some of the sloppy gun tanks! http://wotreplays.com/site/642095#ensk-voncurry-t29 (another Ace Tanker today....)
  9. Before I begin, note that 1) I'm not that good at this game (see sig), but I'm fairly decent, and that 2) I have not played much Chinese or Russian meds- only got to tier 8 on Chinese line and eventually sold it. So I wanted a tier 8 perm, but the IS-6, KV-5, T-34, et al, didn't sound so interesting to me. The T-34-3 caught my attention since I hardly see it and I enjoy playing medium tanks. However, no matter how hard I try, no matter how good of a game I have, I can't seem to win in this thing. Here are my stats for the tank so far: First thing to note is the 49% W/R. It's quite frustrating. Next, note my less-than-desirable avg dmg per-game @ ~1600. How I play it: The poopy aim-time and accuracy make it a poor sniper, I learned that quickly, so I try to float around mid-range from enemy location. However, the poor gun depression hampers this as well, forcing me to expose myself to get in a solid shot. I use the speed and maneuverability to pop around a building, rock, hill, etc, take my shot, and pull back auto-loader style. I try to flank enemies, but many times the gun dep and long reload make this difficult. I shoot mainly gold. My loadout is Vents and rammer to help with the reload time and GLD to help with the aim time. My crew isn't so great due to having played very little on the Chinese line; as of now I have 6th Sense + Recon @ 62%; Deadeye + Snap Shot 62%; BiA + Smooth Ride 61%; and Sit Awareness + Repairs 61%. Consumables are Repair, 1st Aid, and manual extinguisher. Thank you in advance for any advice/tips on how to better play this tank; I can't help but feel this tank has great potential, if only I knew how to play it...
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