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Found 5 results

  1. I am working toward the T-54. I currently have both the LTTB and T-43. Would like to have some opinions on which route to take first, and the reasoning to do so. I have not found specific info on this, even though there is great info available for both lines. Thank you
  2. Now before you read the title and tl;dr this post, be sensible wotlabs readers and take a look at the arguments, ok? The meta with the T-44 has been to run the 100mm LB-1, and leave the 122mm to the T-34-2 and the 34-3. The 122's handling has long been regarded as inferior in comparison to the 100mm. I'll reopen this debate to show that the D-25-44 is competitive with the LB-1, and the other Chinese tanks as well. I don't have any firm stat proof at the moment, given that I'm doing my finals and don't have the time to run challenges, so view this as a thought experiment. My preliminary WN8 in this has gone up 500-750 points since I switched to the D-25-44 a few battles ago, and I've been able to consistently do over 2500 damage, even setting a new record of 4k, for me. My main argument is that DPM is just a potential, that owing to map changes and other effects cannot be leveraged fully in the LB-1 or the 34-2 or -3. However, with its soft stats, the T-44 has the advantage to utilize it fully, and potentially reach higher damage than the others. LB-1 vs. D-25-44 T-34-2 vs. T-34-3 vs. T-44 Other arguments: I'm going to say that DPM is useful late and midgame, when tanks have moved from their initial positions and are in the open. In contrast, alpha is handy in early game, getting shots on tanks before they move to their peekaboom positions. Early game damage outweighs later damage. Furthermore, the bloom is very very low if moving in a straight line, so if the tracks and turret are not moved, the aimtime is not as bad as the stats suggest. Replays: Again, I don't have a giant collection, but here's a few that highlight the potential sniping and brawling ability. This replay shows the ability to brawl; I rushed Murovanka forest. Although it was against lower tiers, I didn't take much damage in the process, and could peekaboom more easily with the higher depression. I would have had to scale the hill anyway with the LB-1 to hit, so the D-25-44 allowed me to peek less but with a bigger boom. Normally wouldn't play like this, blame my platoonmates, but it's a good example of the shock power of the 122. There were two KV-1S's, one IS, and one tiger there that could have swarmed me, but they hung back because of either my alpha or just tomatoness. They didn't have any of my allies spotted at the beginning. This one shows accuracy; most shots were from the 300-400m range but they connected, some with only half or a quarter of the tank showing. This also shows the inadequacy of the LB-1; I was mostly getting one or two shots at a time on the heavies as they cruised behind the buildings. The accuracy and bloom of the 122 are very good if the turret doesn't rotate, and if you view the movement of the heavies, they would be still taking one or two shots from either gun; they were peekabooming as I was shooting them.
  3. I recently brought this med, and to be honest, my expectations weren't too high; it had a horrible stock grind, having to grind out 40K exp to equip a decent gun, and even when fully upgraded, it looked average at best, with the only outstanding features on paper being the astoundingly bad penetration and good speed. However, despite the flaws, which include module damage and weak hull armor, I'm finding this to be one of my favorite tanks, for several good reasons: 1. The mobility: It's very fast, almost like a light tank, with a good top speed (51 kph), a nice traverse speed (44 deg/sec), and an excellent HP/ton ratio (20.03) , and when combined with a medium's comfy terrain resistance (0.959/1.151/1.918), it comes out as having all-around awesome mobility, which is perfect for shifting across the map and flanking, something that this tank really needs to be able to do with the low penetration. 2. The firepower: While I did slight it by pointing out the lowish pen, which is problematic at times, it's still a very good overall package, as it has good aim time, accuracy, and bloom (2.3 sec, 0.35, and 3.88 [averaged out] respectively), pretty good DPM, an acceptable amount of alpha, and downright awesome fire control otm; while it won't match a Leo 1 or the pre-nerf M48 by any means, if you're within knife-fighting, brawling distance, it's trivially easy to hit the enemy's sides with a nice punch at full speed, and run off. It can snapshot at distance okay, but unless you find that you have the enemy's side or it's a French tank, don't count on it hitting and penetrating. Then again, it doesn't matter too much, since it has a fast reload of around 6-7 seconds. It also doesn't hurt to also have a workable gun depression value of -7 and a surprisingly tough mantlet; the cheeks and top/bottom of the rounded face are very good at bouncing shots, and unless they hit dead center, which is hard if you snapshot them, they have a good chance to not penetrate, and the mantlet covers almost all of the turret. 3. The vision: While there are much better tanks for enforcing vision control and vision-kiting with mobility at Tier 8 such as the 416 and LTs, this is still a very good tank for it. Although the view range is a bit lacking at 380 base, with optics, the high speed, and some camo training (working on camo on my crew), it still makes for a very workable passive scout and vision-kiter. So, to sum it up: Pros: vision control ability mobility DPM/fire control turret armor/mantlet Cons: Penetration (bad AP and APCR rounds) Hull/overall armor Module damage (especially the ammo rack) tough stock grind w/ 144 pen, no vision, and no speed In conclusion, while it does suffer from some serious flaws, it comes together as a very nice package overall, and despite the hatred which some people give it, I very much like it. It's the definition of a flanking medium, ideal for getting around the enemy, scouting them out, firing with minimum exposure time, attacking on the move, and when the situation calls for it, even sniping some times. My preferred crew/equipment/consumable setup: crew (ghetto crew atm): Cmdr: 6th sense>camo (63%) Gunner: Snapshot>camo (63%) (might change to Designated Target) Driver: Offroad>Smooth Ride (63%) Loader/Radio Op: Safe Stowage>Sit. Awareness (62%) equipment: Rammer, Optics, Vstab consumables: small repair kit, small medkit, manual fire ext. (can switch for food or gold versions) Overall, it's pretty standard for a med, and should imho focus on increasing fire control, camo, and DPM I have 4 replays from today, in which I felt that I could play to the tank's strengths: http://www.wotreplays.org/replay/5341a06f9c81a54602010000.html A 39% chance to win Tier 8 match on Serene Coast, which we won surprisingly enough. 3.4K damage, only 1 kill http://www.wotreplays.org/replay/5341b0319c81a54e82010000.html Tier 8 game on Siegfried Line, went field and did a lot of sniping and vision control. 2.5K damage, 3 kills http://www.wotreplays.org/replay/5341b0469c81a54e8c010000.html Tier 8 game on Murovanka, did a good amount of scouting, and potato'ed during cleanup. 2.8K damage, no kills :/ While I didn't get any kills and got sub 3K damage, I still did do 2.2K spotting damage and got Patrol Duty. http://www.wotreplays.org/replay/5341b0bf9c81a54ea6010000.html Tier 10 game on Live Oaks, actively targeted weakspots with good results and without gold. 2.8K damage, 3 kills These aren't necessarily the best games that I've ever had in the T-44, but they're all from today, to give you an idea of how I'm currently doing, and demonstrate what the tank is capable of, even in the hands of a mediocre player like me. I generally tend to play it aggressively, flanking at close range whenever possible and popping in and out of cover, denying the enemy the chance to get a good shot at me, as well as a good amount of sniping. Most likely, it's due to the fact that I've been playing the FCM a lot lately, and in some ways, they are similar. Feel free to post any good T-44 replays of your own and your verdict on it, the predecessor to the mighty T-54, which this is often considered a mere stepping stone to. edit: added crew/equipment/consumable setup Really? Since I mainly play Russian and French tanks, this is actually the tank with the best gun handling that I've ever owned (T-34 and T-28 w/ the 57mm gun are technically better, but they fire faster than they can aim)
  4. So, I just researched the IS-3 and T-44. I have a designated research path for the T-44. Free exp turret/enhanced suspension+mount ID10T gun->Tracks->LB-1->engines For IS-3 I am not sure. The upgraded turret is really good thing, but I am not sure if I should go for that or BL-9, or maybe an engine first. I don't have enough free exp to research the BL-9, unfortunately. Note that I have not bought these tanks yet, partly due to me not having enough creds for the IS-3 (enough for T-44 though), but mainly I don't want the temptation to play them yet. Also I would like any pointers, if any, for tier 8 gameplay. Hey, check it out, I'm purple by botting!
  5. So I recently watched some of Carbon's t-44 replays on Pearl River and I could think of 2 words: Dat Damage. I've been playin the T-44 for a while, grindin to the coveted T-54, and I've had some decent results, (55% W/R so far, i plan to increase it) but there's this one map that I can't get to work and that I think most players (including me) unanimously agree is one of the most disliked maps in pubs: Redshire. They should rename it to Campshire imo. So my question is: Carbon (or anyone else with credentials), could you record some gameplays of the t-44 on redshire so I can see/learn what tactics/positioning you(others) use on redshire?
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