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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Wotlabs, During this last sale I bought the T110E4 simply because I had it unlocked and I need/want a T10 TD for missions potentially. I did a search on the forums and I either failed at using the search tool or there is no topic(high likelyhood of the former, but I've tried a couple times so I'll risk the flames) There are a few youtubers that love this tank, and pretty much say it plays like a HT(like I ended up playing the T30 in the end to recover from a sub-50wr.. barely) Now, the E4 doesn't have the hull down potential due to -6(?) gun depression and potentially softer turret. Those videos were a year or so old and I wanted to get some fresh advice on whether anything has changed. Love it? like it? hate it? Lessons learned? If you don't wanna be a turd then do(this) or don't do(this)? From the(potentially) lack of an "appreciation" or "fan club" thread is it that... bleh? For crew I'm leaving my T30 crew in place, and moving a 2-skill crew from another US TD, which means I need to retrain from sneaky. I was thinking: full repairs/Sixth/Safe Stowage -> BIA-> gunnery skills(SS/SR)since the thing is slow-ish with a semi-circle turret arc chances of needing SS/SR a lot in close quarters is optional. Thanks in advance.
  2. Good day WoTlabs. First a big thanks to you all for posting these numerous threads an replays with info that a new tank player like myself can spend his evenings reading. Then a short introduction of myself: I´m 30 years old, been playing competitively Esports games online since i was 13 (started with Action Quake 2, then Q3, CS and then 10 years with WoW (S1 gladiator, numerous realm first on the PvE scene and so forth), and besides that 20 years of playing soccer IRL. So i know the general about teamplay, making calls, communication etc. Ive recently been made a dad, so i no longer play WoW with its time consuming setup, and a good friend of mine introduced me to WoT. I found WoTlabs at around 1k battles, and been trying to mimic the info i read here, in my games played. However with only limited succes imo. I did join a casual "rookie" clan, and have done quite abit of random games with those guys, which i must say have hurt my IS-3 score a lot. Back to the question: Ive recently gotten my first tier X, an IS-7. I really like this tank, for the first 50 games i had 60ish WR %, but it has fallen down to 55ish now (all solo). I am looking for a new line to grind, i had thought it should be the T-57 line, as i already have the M41 Bulldog, and opened up to the M49. However i look at the missions, and though I've done most of the TD missions with my Hetzer, i dont see myself doing 3k dmg at any point. So i would need to get some higher TD for those. Also, i have no decent medium either (T54 mod1 prot, does not count - hate that thing). Ive read garbads ranking of mediums and TDs, and i wonder if that still stands correct? Should i go the WT e100 line? or maybe the batchat? Or perhaps something entirely different is more suitable for me to become a better player? (I have the secret wish to one day, when im ready, play clan wars, strongholds etc, as it is mostly the team orientating things in games that makes the fun for me.) I will be thankful for any advice or comment. Regards Onkel
  3. Hey All, This is a replay of T110E4 game I had on Stalingrad. It is not a good game. Please review for feedback. I would like to lead in with what I was thinking. We were pushing the 1-2 from North to south. The T110E4 is not the best front line tank and with its longish reload time is not a good brawler. The tanks with me seemed tentative to move for so I was moving up a little faster compared to what is probably a good. We spotted some reds and started moving up. The IS-7 pushed up into a box of three buildings and ran into a t-30 who we knew was there a Waffle 100 and a 103. I moved up to try and support the IS-7. I made a poor decision here to try and shoot the Waffle and ended up hitting one of the building pillars and the shot went over the gun shield. I thought I had it aimed better than that but according to the replay I did not. After the shot I started to pull back as I knew if I pushed up to the IS-7 (who died pretty quickly when the 103 and t30 shot him again) I would probably also be finished off by being stuck between three enemies even if the WF100 was still reloading. I moved back and made a move on the e50. I then completely donked a shot on the cupola of the M103. This was one of those moments when you wish you could pull the shell back but I could not. I was just late on hitting the button and getting the aim on the target. I moved back to the box area and then the waffle ate my platoon mate. I was able to put a shot into it. The t57 came up and I was not really sure what he was doing. I thought he was going to push on the 103 but stopped. He pulled back and we were both stuck in the box of buildings. he got wiped. I got a shot into the 103 when he came after me but I was done. The lol moment was when Shifty_101st who was on the 9 line told all the shitters on the 1-2 line to uninstall. Aaahh the rage of unicums, one of the few joys in my life. Kidding Shifty I understand your frustration. This replay shows some of my weak points as a tanker. I rushed a couple of shots that I could not afford to waste, I somewhat yolo'd myself too far forward for my kind of TD/Tank, I put myself in a position with no clear escape, and I think I was relying on the players nearby too much. Beyond or expounding on those points, please have at me. Thanks in advance. http://wotreplays.com/site/2149387#stats
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