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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm going to be doing a T32 review today as I don't see a recent post about this tank and thought, hey. fuck it, this tank is fun and i could review it. So here we go. Lets just get the basics down with some pros and cons. Pros: - Super Strong turret. This shit can take shots from E4's to JPZ's - Incredible gun depression. You get a spot where you can abuse your gun dep and turret armor and your set. - It's pretty fast, having a 35 kph top speed you can get places pretty quickly. - Hull armor is better than the T29, you can angle and sidescrape without taking so much punishment. Cons: - Stock turret is fucking terrible. only has 114 mm of armor at the front. - Bad pen for a T8 heavy. It has the same gun as the T29 with a quicker reload. So you're most likely going to have to carry some prem rounds. - Accuracy is pretty meh. - Bad hull for T8. Just like the T29, even though it has better armor, the LP can be penned by T7 and even some T6 tanks. Now, lets get my opinion on how to play this tank. Personally, you might be thinking, woah dude. You only have ~40 games in this fucking thing, why are you telling me how to play it? You're right, but with ~40 games I've pulled a 68% WR and 2700 dpg out of my ass, only ~40 games so it's not that impressive, but you should still read along. I play this like the T29, only way more agressive. I can abuse the fuck out of my turret because the turret upgrade from the T29 is such a huge gap it's insane. The DPM boost is pretty good too, with 100% crew and a gun rammer, I've gotten the reload down to about 8.54 seconds(compared to the T29's 10 sec reload) you can eat other tanks alive. With the top speed you get(35 kph), I can flex around the map better than other heavies(i.e. the KV-5) or the T29 which was a tier lower. Now, Time for some replays! 1) http://wotreplays.com/site/2231452#malinovka-ancientautisim_pro-t32 2) http://wotreplays.com/site/2232271#tundra-ancientautisim_pro-t32 3) http://wotreplays.com/site/2232272#live_oaks-ancientautisim_pro-t32 I hope this review helped some people decide which heavy line to go up, or even to buy this tank back. Cheers! Note: I get pissed off and if you don't like angry words don't watch the replays or don't look at chat.
  2. If you were to choose one of these tanks with the intention of completing the 8000 dmg mission, which one would it be? I have all the preceding tier VII heavies, but can afford only one tier VIII tank at the moment. Thank you for your answers.
  3. Salve, WoTLABS. As the title denotes, I'm wondering what would be the most impactful piece of equipment to mount on my T32 and the peculiar grievances with my available choices. At this moment, I have Rammer/Vert.Stab/Toolbox; stacking 100% Repair Crew + Toolbox + Large Repair Kit for a 135% repair bonus. The competitive options for the T32 are Coated Optics, EGL, and Vents but for solo pub, the former 2 seems to me to oversaturate the already great traits of view range and aim time to the point of useless excess and the latter doesn't seem worth it for the minuscule 5% bonus to the things that I like to improve upon (Driver/Loader skills). That leaves me to put either fuckall equipment or the Toolbox which although is more than likely really redundant, it gives it a sort of flavor and tomato-eqsue satisfaction at having a sub <5 repair speed. So lovely WoTLABS'ers, what changes should I make for my 3rd slot if anything at all for my solo pub adventures? If there's a dilema between competitive equipment and "flavor" equipment, at what point does flavor override competitiveness in terms of the tank characteristics if at all under terms that the tank in question is just used at the pubbie puddle level? Thanks~
  4. When I first got the T32 I struggled with it really hard. Did some research and got some positive feedback and good help to improve. Well, I was playing well into the early morning hours on Sunday and I realized it was after 3 a.m.! I had been concentrating on my MT-25 & AMX ELC, but I decided I'd do one more game...I grabbed my T32 and crossed my fingers. The MM was favorable, map selection was decent, but my heart sank when I noticed the disparity in WR/WN8 scores between the teams (it didn't favor my team). So...as the countdown timer went to zero I decided I was going to just do the best I could and let the cards fall where they may. I didn't expect to last very long as I really do struggle with this tank. What happened was something of a mystery, either I got extremely lucky or the trend I've been noticing lately (with the T32 on the positive end) pointed to me actually getting better. I don't want to inflate my own ego, so I am bringing this replay to WoTLabs for feedback. I apologize if this isn't the correct forum. I, in my mind, had an amazing game; but I want some skilled players to weigh in on it and let me know what I did right, and what you see I could do better. I appreciate any and all constructive feedback. Thank you: cadbrowser - T32 - Ruinberg EDIT: Nothing huh? Mods, can you please delete this thread? Thanks.
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