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Found 14 results

  1. Playing MT-25, trying to learn scouting. Due to 350m VR and sub-par map knowledge.. mostly active scouting. on the maps with uneven terrain (e.g. Prokhorovka), forests etc. it's ok.. I can ride popin out a bit on high speed to spot and disappear from direct hit to poput again in 10+ sec but on city maps (like Kharkov, Stalingrad) I have no clue how to contribute.. mot like I can't use good advice how to go about Erlenberg or Karelia or desert maps... but city maps completely killing me
  2. Hello friends, I've finally completed my Maptactics the maps. Any suggestions to add, change or remove certain spots and positions would be greatly appreciated. This is my interpretation of how to play the maps and if you have any criticism, please feel free to let me know. The maps will also include a small summary of how to play the map, which will be completed over time. There is a legend so you can understand what everything means and you can use CTRL + F to search for maps quickly. Link to maps www.o7gaming.com/maps Thank you and I hope you learn something from the maps and enjoy using them. Edit: Changed the overall visuals of the maps section, making it easier to read.
  3. It's been a loong time coming, but somewhere in the middle of a 16 hour session last night, I finally started to get meds, and perhaps higher-level play in general Before, whether due to not enough map knowledge or my own mental habit of trying to find patterns in everything - probably both - I was never able to allow myself the flexibility to play meds to their potential. For each med, I'd either treat it like a (lightly armored) TD, or a heavy tank. Naturally, neither quite worked. However, I've been playing a lot of T-34-85 recently, and perhaps due to it being a bit more forgiving, have started to learn the balance playing meds requires. In reality, however, I think the changes are twofold. Yes, I'm learning when to expose myself, advance or retreat as a med, but I'm also getting more flexible in general: watching for opportunities, being willing to fall back even if I want to just take "one more shot", etc. This heightened awareness/flexibility is paying off, and fast: I had my fair share of derps as usual last night, but my average WN8 jump three hundred points over 100 games (i.e. 5% of my total games in WoT, decent sample size) - from an average of 1k, to 1300+. For most of the night it was actually hovering closer to 1500, but I kept playing when I should have stopped, unfortunately. Still plenty of ground to cover, but considering that my minimum mental "that game was acceptable" standard has gone from 1250 to 1900 in the space of one session, I'm pretty happy with my progress this month. tl;dr Better map awareness + better tactical mechanics + forcing myself to play smart => Profit (Higher WN8 and personal standards)
  4. I've had a recourring issue lately of really ineffective platooning. I've seen a lot of tactical guides for Strongholds (ala 7v7-15v15) but I haven't seen much about platoon level tactics. Is there a place to find it or is it just not frequently discussed? I see a lot of talk about platoon matchups and "fail platoons", but not the actual close-coordination in battle. My general impression that working as a trio to scout, engage, pin, flank, and destroy is pretty straightforward. But actually coordinating that is eluding me. I tend to fall into calling a match, even when I am the least experienced player (I would rather the more experienced players do it, but only some of them are into calling), but general cooperation eludes me most games. Any general advice or links?
  5. Greetings from the exotic SEA server, where English seems to be an elusive language in every battle. I haven't posted here much but I would like to offer my humble opinion on some tactics that helped me transcend light green into teal. Now, I know this isn't new info and my play is a work in progress, seeing that purple is still out of my reach. But hopefully, this post can help those who are still struggling to break the dark green ceiling. Scrubby play: Ridge fighting in a Centurion 7/1. Poke, aim for 5s to hit exact weak spot, then fire and miss anyway. Take damage from enemies and curse RNG while retreating. Right play: Poke, get 70% of the reticle focused on the enemy and squeeze off the shot. Exposure: 3s max. Rinse and repeat. Explanation: A snapshot that misses but minimises exposure is generally better than a fully aimed shot that hits but causes your tank to take damage. This is more true in the early game stage. I picked this up from Foch's stream. --- Scrubby play: I'm top tier in my IS-6 on Himmelsdorf. I trundle down to the 8 line and see another lone IS-6 challenging me. I get myself stuck in and spend half the game brawling with him. Right play: I decide to relocate and push the 3 line instead. While one or two allies hold the bottleneck at the 8 line, I lead the charge over at the 3 line against weaker opposition and crush that flank way faster. Explanation: If you're fighting a fair fight, you're doing it wrong. Winning engagements is all about creating and leveraging your advantage against your opponents. In a brawler like the IS-6, why fight tier 8 heavies when you can stomp multiple tier 6 and 7s instead? Exception: Stalemates are usually a bad idea, unless it means you're a Maus holding the 8 line against 3 opposing tanks. Most of the time, your tank would be more useful if you relocate and help pressure another flank. However if you can trade one tank to hold up 3 others, pray that your pubbies on the other flank will recognise the overmatch in forces they have and push their advantage. Often, your wn8 will take a hit if you play like this but your win rate will reflect that you're doing something right. --- Scrubby play: City brawl. 2 heavies versus 1 in my favour. My ally abandons cover to engage and gets within one shot range of dying. I continue sidescraping and presenting an extremely tough shot for the outnumbered enemy heavy so he chooses to shoot my ally only. Right play: Leave cover and get in the enemy's face. Now he has a viable choice of two targets and that will hopefully confuse and make him hesitate. In the event your teammate becomes a one shot, you can step in and shield him to keep an allied gun in the game. Often, a desperate enemy will hold his shot in the hope of at least taking one of your allies down before dying. Explanation: Aww, is someone too afraid of scratching the paint of his prized tank? Screw that! Health pool is a resource and forcing an enemy to not focus fire will keep more guns in play for your team. Even the best player in the world can only point his turret one way. You'll be surprised how far that extra health you saved your ally will take you in clutch end game scenarios. Exception: If your braindead ally spams the follow me command and overextends into a crossfire (or an open area where many tanks have yet to be spotted), don't charge with him. Should your tomato choose to suicide that way, at least exploit his spotting to put some hurt on the enemy at range. Ultimately it's a judgement call and situations will vary. --- Scrubby play: Team lemmings into the Lakeville city and you in your Comet have successfully conducted and aided the push, hence crushing the flank. There are 3 enemy artillery and a Waffle camping in their base and they would be easy kills, with the huge mass of allies swarming them. You notice two top tier enemy tanks last spotted making their way across the valley and into your base. Your base has 3 friendly arties along with one camping TD too. "Oh, they should be able to hold." Let's try to get the free damage at the enemy base instead. Right play: FLEX, FLEX, FLEX! You're in a fast medium and there's no excuse for you to not go back and defend. Cap reset and buying your team a few extra seconds often mean the difference between a win and a loss. Explanation: You don't want to be winning 9-3 and letting your overconfident allies throw away the victory in an attempt to farm damage. Ask yourself, how many games have you lost because you thought something should happen a certain way? The average pubbie has trouble pointing and clicking. You are not the average pubbie. --- TL;DR 1. Minimise the enemy's window of opportunity to hit you while trying to maximise your chance of damaging him. 2. Never fight fair. Create opportunities and leverage your advantage. 3. Health is a resource. Conserving it is important but at times, sharing is caring too. 4. If the outcome is ever in doubt, flex and defend your base to meet the credible threat.
  6. So I was playing my T 37 today, and realized that in 90% of games I play, I can put out damage, but can't really carry. Since I plan on getting the Leo 1 and BatChat, I was wondering how some of you better players carry in poorly armored tanks or light tanks. I want to win and not be a DMG padding shitlord, but right now I'm not seeing anyway of doing that in these. Do I have to change my tank selection, or are there ways of doing this with these tanks? Any answers, criticisms, or advice would be great.
  7. Hey, I heard of WotLabs before and have been meaning to ask for help here, finally, after Jingle's video where he mentioned there are some great players here, I decided to come forward and ask for your help to improve my gameplay. I watch Quickybaby and Jingles to pick up tips, although the latter is mainly for entertainment, and although I do learn a bit from them, I feel that platooning with a good player, and discussing my gameplay after would help me so, so much more. If a knowledgeable player could platoon with me and help me improve, I would be very grateful. I want to be an asset to my team, not just another member of the team. Right now, I am playing my A-44 (which I seem to be doing fairly well in - for me) I have every tier except 10, but I would rather stay away from tier 9 if at all possible, since my skill level isn't high enough yet. I play on the EU server, and I can get on most times, just reply what times are convenient for you and ill try to get on. Thanks for reading, look forward to hopefully getting some help:) (Btw, my stats: http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/Jack_E/509981135/)
  8. I'm the proud owner of a KV1s my play is a mixed bag I do ok at times, but I want to get better at driving it. I know someone can help me out with the Straight Skinny on the KV1S...
  9. So I made a post yesterday about winning in solopubs. I made a big deal about having the “advantage” but I was too vague and didn’t really describe what I meant. I’m going to explain here what I mean about having the upper hand, advantage, whatever you want to call it and some ways to get there. When I talk about “the advantage,” I’m talking about winning and dealing damage. I read a post that described WoT battles as a series of smaller encounters, which they are. So the question is: how do I win the smaller encounter that I’m in, so that I can move on to help in other encounters and eventually win the whole battle? This, fairly obviously, involves you dealing a lot of damage, and preferably not taking any. This is the advantage: a situation (position, usually) that you are in that allows you to effectively deal damage while taking very little. A situation that allows for advantageous trading, I guess. This may not seem like a big deal, and is very obvious to those who are already good at the game, but for me the revelation came in the sense of thinking in an advantage oriented way. Meaning, I look at a situation and think to myself, “do I have the advantage over my opponents? Am I able to kill them and deal damage without dying or taking severe damage myself?” If you are thinking like this and the answer to these questions is always “yes” you will be a super unicum. The answer will not always be yes, however, and when it is “no” my solution is to leave. Get out of whatever disadvantageous situation you are in and find a different one. In my opinion, nothing is worse for you or your team than fighting a losing battle, so any situation that is different from the one you are currently in is probably better (or you can find a way to make it better). In my mind there are two ways of gaining the advantage over your enemies: 1) You make a situation yourself, create one by good positioning that allows you to have the advantage, or 2) you notice that you are in a situation where you already have the advantage, but you have to make use of it for it to be fully realized. The following games have a mixture of these two methods, so hopefully some illustration will help show what I mean. I talked about a game on Lakeville that changed everything for me because I realized that during this entire game I had the advantage over the enemy. I’m going to go over what happened, what I was thinking, and what decisions worked etc. in this game and in two others. There’s a lot here so sorry for TL;DR. *** Starting off the game I go to the middle road on Lakeville to see if there are any initial shots to be had. Everything is a trade, an exchange. What you have ideally is an exchange with an infinite damage dealt/hp lost ratio (i.e. you deal damage without taking any, X damage over 0). I knew that this mid situation was likely to result in one of these types of trades, at least for a while. I took this bush because if I got spotted I could easily back off and not take too much damage. I spot a 50M and some other tanks and am easily able to deal damage without being spotted. This is the ultimate trading situation, where you have no chance of taking damage and are able to deal a lot. After dealing some damage here I move up, keeping track of what tanks have and have not been spotted. More infinite trading. Here you can see that I am at a serious advantage over my enemies, able to deal damage without being spotted or not easily engaged. It did seriously help that there were some decent players at the flag as well. After a bit a Foch 155 takes interest in me and I realize that both of their t9 tds are on the path with me. I am no longer able to “trade” effectively and have become pinned down, and what’s more the enemy is breaking through the valley. I actually didn’t realize until one of my allies pinged it on the map. I was too focused on trying to kill the last few tanks around the flag. This trading situation had become stale, and since I was no longer at an advantage I left to get a different angle on the battle. Here you can see they have an IS8, E75, and a bunch of other stuff about to kill my teammates still in our spawn. I purposely go low on this ridge to gain a better position because I know that a head-on encounter will likely be disadvantageous for me and I’m much better off engaging from range/cover etc. This is the position I took, and while my teammates did end up dying the enemies were eliminated and the flag was captured. You can see that this spot is much more advantageous for engaging the enemy heavy tanks than if I were to brawl them head on. I made this spot for myself, created this situation where I am an advantage and they are not. This is the key, I think. Long story short, we wrecked them and I got a lot of damage. GG, I think. So how to have more games like this? I have more examples. Take for instance a battle that I had in my E100 on Arctic Region. This game is an example of having an advantage, knowing it, and making use of it to its full potential. Looking at my minimap I can see right off the bat that their BatChat (one of their only t10s) is on the other flank, and the stuff coming towards me is nothing but delicious noms for the E100. I am worried about that WT E100, but Brutal_Cupcake finds him in a minute. I move up and their only t10 heavy has decided to be useless and take the lower road, leaving his teammates undefended. At this point I know that there is nothing keeping me from decimating each and every one of those t8-9 tanks, and I begin to do what E100s do best. After cleaning up those tanks there is nothing left but to eliminate the FV and Tiger. Also notice that the WT is on the other flank, nowhere near enough to be a threat. Takeaways? Watch your map, look for opportunities. Through some basic map awareness I learned of an advantage and was able to destroy a large portion of their team by myself. This was a 9.3k damage Radley Walters’ loss. Brutal could have helped me carry but he got Waffened in horrible flanking maneuver accident. The last game I want to give as an example has elements of both ways of acquiring advantages. It was a loss on Hidden Village. I took this spot initially because I have no idea where to go on this map as a med (I heard town was useless). This led to some cursory initial shots, but no real obvious advantages. That is, until the M103, E50M and T32 all get behind the rock in front of me. As you can see they are all low health, and because their heavies and TDs are occupied elsewhere (and unable to shoot me) I have a very large advantage over them being full heath etc. The 50M is being pretty cocky and so I suspect that the Foch 155 is behind him and I was right, however to Foch misses his shot and gets wrecked by our JagdE100, leading him to back away and leaving the three tanks in front of me with no defense. After I kill those three tanks I notice that the battle on the high ground has gone poorly, and leaves me at a severe disadvantage. I knew I needed to leave, but had no real idea where to go. I ended up in this spot here which was actually pretty nice. Arty-safe, camouflaged, and best of all I had shots on 3 t10 tanks. Once again (and mostly by accident) I have the advantage over the enemy. I end up getting about 5000 damage this game, and my real mistake was when I charged in to finish the Leo1 and the t9 Waffen hit me for ~700. All in all though we almost won, and we would have too if it hadn’t been for our useless, very cocky 268 and our afk t9 Waffen. To summarize this poast: find a way to get the advantage over your enemies by either making an advantageous situation for yourself for making use of one that is presented to you. If you are at a disadvantage, disengage, don’t fight that battle. If you are alive longer you can do more damage and help carry when you need to. I don’t do this every time, obviously these were handpicked replays of when I did well (even though I lost two of them), but I think that the ideas are solid and would be good for every tanker to think about. Please neg and criticize, kthxbai.
  10. Forgive me if I didn't spell the map's name correctly, but here goes... What should I do on Prokhorovka standard, if I'm a: Heavy Tank Medium Tank What should I do on Prokhorovka Encounter (ew), if I'm a: Heavy Tank Medium Tank TD How I see this map: West: good place to go as TD - lots of bushes for camo + pubbies to snipe East: Hills = good-meh sniping spot + shoot people in city Center (west of the railroad): Suicide (although you can shoot city, east, AND west, it still gets me killed) City: Slow suicide
  11. Wasn't entirely sure where to ask this but settled for here. I have begun FCing for my clan for 7/42, companies etc. For our skill we're pretty darn good at 7's but there is one map which I get stomped on every time we face a mobile, skilled team. Abbey. We usually run 3 regular heavies (IS3, T32, T29), a max of two auto loaders (50,100 and T69 mostly) and two scouts (T1's or BT2's, hence the T29's). We have only 2 AMX 1390 drivers in the clan and their not always on. Of/c the autoloader number vary, with the regular heavies taking their place. We never run TD's. Static teams we can beat but those who rush the base while proxy spotting our usual position on the cliff overlooking the base are a tough challenge. I have tried mixing it up with various tanks in base or abbey to slow them down and spot but little works effectively. What are your favourite tactics on this map and what would you recommend trying?
  12. Hi Purple players just a question about mental tactics? As a player how do you force your enemy not to engage you in a skirmish apart from taking the best position to repulse their attack and pointing your gun at them? Do you use the fact that you're known through the use of XVM stats to discourage them attacking you as your ingame colour denotes your prowess? I've noted in this forum many of you players talk about always following a mental checklist in battle to ensure that your decision making is sound? what are your standard steps to your checklists? How do you avoid target fixation during Battle? I think this a major issue that hiders most players from recognizing a changing situation on the battlefield to be able to react to it. How you avoid the low hit point panic syndrome? Also how you do react when numbers are against you? do you pull back to a defensive position or attacking trying to take as many enemies as you can? I know that's alot of questions for you players, but I'm a thinking type of player coming from playing RTS games i wonder how you handle both the thinking and planing aspects of this game along with the execution phase of your plan? because that is where i fall short i can't overcome the panic of getting shot and blindly rush for cover without noting where the shot came from or form a response plan to counter the enemy now. Thanks guys sorry if I racked your minds.
  13. Here is a hypothetical situation a T71 on Sacred Valley, Standard. The tier spread being 8 - 10 with 2x T7 lights as bottom scouts on both sides. MM is actually doing its job and both sides are equal. The T71 takes the sniper hill at G4, nobody else can get up there or doesn't know about it. It is early battle and all of your teams heavys are stalled at D2 firing on 3 spotted heavy's in C 2/3 zone that are holding the push. A enemy light scout has been spotted but is unlit at D5 and a T98 at B5. Right flank is under no pressure and is trading shots with enemy team in the village on the right. You have a fully loaded clip of APCR <6 shots> and a clear shot on sides of full health heavy driven by a unicom without moving, a topshot on a heavy driven by red that can be fragged with 1 or 2 shots but you need to advance forward from out of the bush you are hiding behind and side shot on 3rd heavy at full health with no movement required. These are the three heavy's holding your teams push. Do you engage or stay passive. IMHO - engage 1st shot aimed to the front sprocket of the unicom heavy, if he repairs then a second shot to his sprocket, advance out of cover and fire at red heavy, <i am assuming I will be spotted here> then back into hard cover to hide for 10 seconds then empty the rest of clip into the unicom heavy if still visible. Is my thought process on target here or do I need to change my target priority?
  14. I hate running for the A1 corner as a heavy--it slow, static play where skill doesn't make a lot of difference. My tactic there is hide from arty and shoot idiots poking around--waiting for something to break. (I much rather be the person causing the break.) Part two is trying to convince my heavies not to poke their noses around the corner to get worked down by their idiots and arty. Is there some other good play that can be made?
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