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Found 25 results

  1. Spent some gift card money on the CDC because I loves me a flexing medium and have been doing superbly in it but there are some people that swear by the STA-2. Can I has some opinions on the tank (STA-2) to help me decide if I should get it when d fam feels like donating to my tanking cause. :3 ** Is there another T8 prem that you would recommend? I'm looking at the T34 simply because I rebought the t29 and am improving stats in it. love it now hate it then (first t7, meh stats)
  2. I came into the 50 100 a little bit apprehensive. Many friends despised the tank because of its aberrant drum reload time; I was used to the rapid fire reload of the American autoloaders, which I had played most recently, and was still haunted by memories of the Lorraine, a tank that nearly killed me getting through, but figured, tally ho m8, needed for tournaments and whatnot. My first ten games, I played with the crew from my M4 45- 70% into their first skill, and I absolutely despised the tank. I could not make it work for the life of me, and quickly got frustrated. I rage-transferred my much more experienced Bat crew (not like we're fighting in CW amirite) into the tank, slapped some camo on for good luck, and tried to be more patient. The results: Hello, my new favorite t8 pubstomper! Can't wait for the stupid radio op off the M4 45 to get to 100% so I can slap BiA on there.. although in other news, I'll be needing an FCM to train myself a crew for the Bat heu hue heu hue And of course, an obligatory camera whore picture of my little derp machine: Two notable late game carries (the pubs man, if they just let you keep on reloadin', this damage piles up): And this next one just today, so far my highest XP game (pitiful, I know, wtb Chaffee) Absolutely, completely goddamn mental. What are your opinions of the 50 100?
  3. Just something I have been wondering about and that is, once a tank has been elited and another tank gets added in the line ahead of it, does the previous tank still stay elited or does it lose that status until you have researched the new tank? With the new tier light tanks soon coming, this is the question I have been interested in knowing. Thanks
  4. I am going to provide you guys a two small scenarios regarding usage of an especially slow heavy tank, spawning on the southern end of serene coast, such as a KV-4. I have been wondering how to deal with this and how to do the most damage control as to mine and my accompanying teammates survivability, ignoring the abilities of players that are not nearby. This is mainly just variations of the game where a lemming train rushes through the western path, leaving way too few tanks on the eastern brawling area because of either not enough heavies in the first place, or a number of heavies simply ignoring the needs of the team. I know the usual idea is to help the train, but in a super heavy tank thats not possible. 1. If the choo choo train occurs, but one player in an important high tier tank, like an e3, decides to go straight into the usual brawl area, should I go with him to support? If so, should I stand shoulder to shoulder or should I stay back behind some of the sloped hilly areas and shoot the guys that try to flank? I am also looking to see how a number of TDs sniping from the back area would influence this decision. 2. If I am alone, besides arty and possibly some TDs, should I camp near the base entrance, or another spot where I can still provide effective resistance? Again, With or without TDs around me. I really appreciate all the help you guys provide for free, thanks a lot!
  5. Can someone give me a summary/explanation of the Swedish tank line? "Now explain it to me like a four-year old." -Joe Miller, Philadelphia 1993
  6. So I was planning to put my results in Assassin's thread but I decided to make my own. So seeing as I hate myself and can barely make enough credits for clanwars I'm doing 50 games with gold and 50 games with a loadout that would make Sirfoch proud (0 heat). Sample size is small but it should be enough to get some results. Also, I think this is the right place to put this but idk. Goldspam loadout Regspam loadout give me gold Goals: 3.5k dpg with heat 3.4k dpg without heat Replays will be uploaded in batches of ~10 or so depending on my mood. Discuss. Also, goldspam, Skoda T50 and challenge should never be used in the same sentence.
  7. Hey guys, I wanted to hear some suggestions on how to play the AMX 13 90.. I cant seem to get it right, chai snipe, rush and kill shit, or kemp bush and do 0 damagez a huee. But seriously, playing this tank gives me a hernia and a broken headset, any suggestions?
  8. So apparently Tanitha (WG Asia's producer) posted this on his Facebook 12 hours ago. "We’re very excited to announce that the Australian Cruiser tank Mark 1 (AC1), also known as the “Sentinel”, will be added to World of Tanks release 10.1 and World of Tanks Blitz update 2.4 later in December." Some IRL pictures for the lulz (Optimus Prime not included): Stats from Rita's blog: Statistics:Tier: 4 premium MTHitpoints: 370Engine: 330 hp (WD-50PS)Weight: 27,691 tonsPower-to-weight: 11,9 hp/tMaximum speed: 60,4/20 km/Hull traverse: 40 deg/sTurret traverse: 44 deg/sTerrain resistance: 1,1/1,2/2,2Viewrange: 350Radio range: 450Crew: 5 (Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator and Loader)Hull armor: 65/45/45Turret armor: 65/65/65Gun: QF 2-pdrMk. X-AAmmo: 130Damage: 45/45/60Penetration: 88/121/23ROF: 26.09DPM: 1175.05Reload: 2.3Accuracy: 0,37Aimtime: 2,7Depression: -10/+20
  9. zaha

    T-34-2 Help

    Greetings. I just bought T-34-2. The question is which gun is the best for it. Is it the 122mm or 100mm? Equipment? And is this tank worth it?
  10. I have a lot of tanks and I want to keep track of them even when I'm not in game. I know you can see your tanks on sites like noobmeter and worldoftanks.eu, but I'd like to see more. Do you guys know if there's a site where you can see what tanks you have, but also shows the progress of that tank (if it's premium, what modules are discovered and mounted, status of the crew. etc.), or can you only see this ingame? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  11. Dear Purple Poasters, I'm an average player with a rising wn8 and win rate without any stat padding, and I want to get even better but I cannot figure out what it is that unicums are doing differently than me. I know it's not mods or consumables cuz I watch a lot of streamers and youtubers. It can't really be twitch reflex so it comes down to where they go and who they shoot, when they trade when they don't etc. When I play I look at the teamlist and try to see which team is heavier (more armor) and which is more mobile to try and predict who will win which flank) then I think to myself where should I be to have the biggest impact on the game but my decision making isn't always the best. So my question is: what are you thinking the moment you enter the loading screen, what are you looking for in the team list, what are your goals in whatever class/tank you're in (besides damage) how do you determine where to go and when throughout the whole game, how do you decide whether to poke out and risk a trade or move to somewhere else etc. In summary I am asking for a general or class specific guide to decision making. Thank you for your time and insight, Thunderxballs
  12. Hello Tankers! And Welcome to my Rudy Review! First off Reasons for this review: 1. After only having it for less then a day, I've already fallen in love with it getting 2 Ace tankers in just 10 Battles 2. Many People are wondering if the Bundle is worth the money and if Rudy is any good 3. Only Tank in the game that has a crew member that's not human. Alright now for the Review.. PROS Gun ~ 85mm with 180 Damage and OK Pen at 144 Speed~ 54 KM/H Forward and 20 KM/H Reverse Decent Frontal Armor ~ Curved Turret: 90mm ~ Slanted Hull: 45mm Turret and Hull Traverse ~ Turret: 46 d/s ~ Hull: 42 d/s DPM ~ 1800 with 100% Crew Hidden Stats giving it a better terrain resistance then the T-34-85 Rare Tank ~ people will be jealous thank they cant ever buy it again ​Crew ~ Good Crew Trainer for Russian Mediums, Better then Matilda IV (I use my Obj. 140 Crew in my Rudy) CONS HP ~ Only 720, one of lowest for Tier 6 Mediums Radio ~ 525, most of the time you wont know whats happening on other side of map Engine ~ at 500 HP and the tank weighing around 32 tons, it gets a 15.39 hp/t ratio. Engine also has a 15% set on fire if shot View Range ~ Though better then the T-34-85 by 5 giving it 365m, its still on the lower side compared to other tier 6 Meduims Rare Tank ~ People see the Rudy and say "Rudy tank! I Have to Kill it!" Equipment, Crew, Etc. Equipment, Shells, and Modules Crew (Obj. 140): Personal Stats So Far: ​Today's Session in it: Battles First Ace Battle: http://wotreplays.com/site/1875264#winter_himmelsdorf-captainspetsnaz-t-34-85_rudy Second Ace Battle: http://wotreplays.com/site/1875273#tundra-captainspetsnaz-t-34-85_rudy Extras and Thoughts Overall Rudy is a Must Buy Because it is a great all rounder, has a sick Paint job, and it isn't worse then any regular tier 6 mediums in anyway.. also.. IT HAS A GERMAN SHEPARD PART OF ITS CREW! Szarik (Its actually supposed to be Sharik) Barks When your spotted, as long as you have 6th Sense! He's also adorable :3 IS IT WORTH IT? FOR A PREMIUM A MUST BUY Hope you like this review and I hope you enjoy your Rudy if you get one! If you did find this informative please consider giving it a +1 as it did take time to make this review PS. If you want to see a Video Review of the Rudy Follow This topic! I will be making a Video Review soon, and will add it on this Thread and post a New one of it!
  13. Hey guys at Wotlabs. I've just gotten the IS-7 yesterday, and I have to say, it's not been fun to play. Why, you may ask? People enjoy saying, "IS-7 armor is so ez to use just point it foward", but that almost never works out? Why? Magnetic lower plate weakpoint. Seriously, out of all of my attempts to keep this thing covered, people still can see and pen it. When I do get into a perfect positions, turns out none of the enemies decide to go where I am. Any tips to use IS-7? Is it a tank I just suck at and should give up on? P.S. I feel like I contribute more in the IS-8 Example replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/1747174?secret=00663516723d16b5339f346b848ca1ff
  14. My guide to calling tier 6 Strongholds Strongholds Strongholds are very important battles. They help you earn industrial resources. Bigger clans often do tier 10 and tier 8 strongholds, but that is not the purpose of this guide. Lets get started! Restrictions: Only Tier 6 and below Up to 7 tanks. For the purpose of this guide, I will only be disscussing tactics when you have 7 players. When you have 6 players your tactics can be quite different. If you want another guide for 6 players, just post a reply. Right now I will talk about the best strategy for clans that are green and blue, and purple unicorns. The strategy consists of light tanks and heavy tanks. An ideal setup for me would be 3 T37s, 1 Cromwell, and 2 M6s, and 1 AMX12t . This works because this strategy can flex amazingly well. If you push one side and no one is there, you can use a T37 to scout because of its amazing view range. All the tanks are mobile and can fall back when needed. The guns on the tanks all have very good damage per minute and that means winning brawls with other medium groups. Also with the camo rating of the light tanks you can destroy enemy heavy tanks. General tactics are to keep your tanks together in one area. If you split up, the enemy team can kill 3 of your tanks, and then it is 7 v 4. Maybe 6 v 4. Then the other team wins. The other straight forward tactic is that if you find a flank empty, always fall back. If you push up, its a race to see who can cap. If you fall back, they will come to you and you can get the first shots off. As this tactic is all about out playing, you first need to learn how to out play certain tactics. Heavies: Many new clans bring lots of heavies to have a big brawl in a city of some sort. The best way to defeat this type of team is to encircle them. If you can find the positions they are all in, you can force them into a brawl you can win. An example of this is ruinberg. You can scout the ridge. If you find no one, you can all zerg into the city from different angles and force them into a dynamic brawl. One which you can easily win through focusing fire. Lights: Some other clans will try to play with lots of lights. Out playing these guys is very easy. All you have to do is force them into a long range engagement. This can be done by splitting your forces up in positions where they can support each other. If the enemy team attacks one group, the other can snipe the people and its a win for you. Same strategy: If the other team uses the same strategy, the game will be a very hard fought one. The most simple way is to just force a huge brawl of all the tanks. Use all of your tanks to hopefully win the brawl. At this point, all you need to know is how to focus fire. I hope this helps you and your clan play strongholds. If you have any questions or comments, post them! I will try to answer them in the best fashion that I can.
  15. In the chat I had an idea where we'd all crew tanks in red orchestra 2. Tanks in the game have driver, hull gunner (radio man), gunner, and commander positions. Loading is automatic. So if any of you have the game, let's totally find a server this weekend and drive tanks together <3
  16. Hello, all mighty unicums with your godlike knowledge from warpack. I have a question regarding Russian Medium Tank crews or medium tank crews in general, now I've seen that a lot of people say that you should take Sixth Sense, Camo, Camo, Camo, Camo < BiA, Camo, Repair, Repair, Repair, Repair. Now I've been playing Medium tanks in general not as much as I've been playing Heavy Tanks, E100 and IS-7 being my first tier 10s whilst the E50 was my second unlocked Tier 9, now I've always taken repair as first skill when it comes to crew skills because it allows you to get your tracks up faster and you don't have to waste a Repair pack on a track which just might get blown off again. So, on my T-34-85 I'm closing in on my first crew skill and I've been thinking a bit about which crew skills I should go for and a while ago when I was still working on getting my first crew skill I saw Quickybaby's videos on crew skills on all the different tank types except for SPG that is, and basically what he said was that before a certain tier it was better to take Camouflage as a crew skill because you if you get tracked you in general don't have the health to be able to repair and get out which makes Camo a more useful skill, I think he put the tier at 5 and after that it was in general better to take repairs as first skill because you have more health and you could use the Repair skill better by being able to repair your track should you get tracked, which makes repairs more useful than Camo, right? Now I know this isn't true when it comes to Light tanks which maintain their camo rating on the move and for my AMX 13 75 I've gone with Camo and Sixth Sense first. But anyway, basically I want to know whether I should take Camo for first crew skill or Repairs on my T-34-85. Also while I'm at it, I went for Sixth Sense, Repairs, Repairs, Repairs, Repairs on my A-44, should I go for Camo after I've gotten everything to 100% or should I take BiA then Camo?
  17. A glimpse of tanks in action on a modern battlefield from gun cams and various other combat footage from the current conflict in Syria. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0sUoLkn0T4
  18. I'm just about done with this box. I've fallen into an awful slump with my Jagdtiger with these potato teams lately. It just seems like the tank cannot do anything when alone/with teammates that go full-on battle royale/every-man-for-himself-mode, and the AMX40 / IS-7 Syndrome it suffers from is so bad it may as well be as fast as a T95 with a higher top speed (and without dat trololol armor). I found this thing's performace is influenced on how well/badly the team does, somewhat like arty: Note: (If you do bother reading through this, please do note that while it gives insights on how i play, it may also be full of my typical whine-y whine whine tone that tends to get to me whenever anything German is mentioned together with WoT.) Playstyles tried, based on advice from older topics on the WoT forum: *Warning, wall of text* Unless i get very interesting/new/fresh tips on the Jagdtiger, this thing is doomed to collect dust in the garage (and eventually sold for credits/slot later if i ever scrap together enough willpower to grind a new line). ... Sorry if this sounded like a rant, but I'm really struggling in my attempts to make this machine work. It has a good-ish gun on a chassis that is the direct anti-thesis of the ideal tank in my mind. If you find me hopeless for this tank, are there any other tanks out there that are at least as mobile as an M4 Sherman, but with a gun that is halfway decent (at the very least equal to good mediums/decent heavy tanks in the same tier). TL;DR: HALP, how2jagdtiger?!1?111
  19. Here is a very nice clip from U.S. Marines, 1st Tank Battalion when they are having a live fire exercise at Twentynine Palms. Really awesome footage. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=477_1401305567
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_1782285627&feature=iv&src_vid=e9KxN0j_WqA&v=hKBRxYiOyH
  21. Has anyone seen the new vBAddict website? Holy shit, in depth and suweeet! Truly "one-stop shopping", much more user friendly and organized. Tank stats Map stats Battle history Replays (click on the replay sidebar and tabapalooza opens up) Heat Maps Leaderboards It's like walking into your favorite bar... its a pay day... it's ladies night... and all the other guys are playing WOT and forgot to show... that kind of awesome.
  22. I plan on buying gold(6,500), and hoping that they do the super Pershing(7,200) refund if that happens I will have 13,700 gold. I was wondering What Premium tank that i put in the poll options would be most recommended?
  23. It's been said by our lord and savior SerB that the T-44-122 will not be available as a regular premium; data mining the icons has only further confirmed this. The icon has a big T plastered on it, which WG likes to use for Beta Test rewards (please remember the RU server gets the M4A2E4 as a normal tank). Now let's take a look at the T-44-122: WG has a number of projects in beta right now or will be in beta soon™. To be specific, WoWP, WoT xbawks, and WoT Blitz(?). However, this could be something that is given as a reward to people in ST. We shall now speculate...
  24. I have some questions about the t69 medium tank. Question one: what equipment should I put on it. Question two: Can I shoot normal ap rounds with out doing to bad, because I cant really be firing silver-gold rounds. Thanks all who help me with my questions.
  25. I had recently made a asking you guys if I should get the T-54 first or the E-100. In light of recent events on the main forum, according to a poaster there, the new T10 russian medium (Obj 140) will be researchable from the T-54. This immediately increased my interest for the tank as I'll be able to research 2 tier 10 tanks from a single tier 9, but supposedly for a limited time, until they find a replacement tier 9 for the new line. Here's the post on the main forum. So returning to the post I made about getting the T-54 or the E-100, what would be the new consensus?
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