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Found 1 result

  1. Background: I just recently started doing tournaments largely as an alternative to cw requiring much less time and politics for significantly more gold and In my opinion, fun. All this while I had the IS-6 being my primary credit grinding work horse with the best mix of ease of use, reliability and fun. While the IS-6 was great, after 2k battles in it and with the new changes in the game making armour more common place the IS-6, while a great tank became boring and fell out of favour. This in turn has lead to me starting to experiment with my new found source of gold. As a result, Ive been slowly increasing the size of my premium tank collection with each passing week so I could have a new flavour to taste, keeping grinding credits for tournaments fun and exciting. Slowly, Ive built up a decent collection of many of the available in game purchasable premiums. The first tank I got was the mod 1 out of sheer boredom, specifically to grind my Russian med crews and it was ok though a decent stat padder. The second was the FCM 50t which is amazing and a welcome addition to my credit grinders section as was the third tank I got, the t34. After this there came a problem. I had seemingly gotten all the tier 8 premium tanks I deemed to be good. I unfortunately... or fortunately was wrong. For weeks I had a plat mate gush at me about a tank generally deemed as weak, or a poor mans type 59. A tank many said had abysmal gun performance and was impossible to manage due to the lack of gun depression. That mate would slowly break down the wall of apathy built up around the tank letting it move itself into the "meh maybe if I have enough gold il get it eventually or start going down the Chinese medium line" category. It was in this category for weeks, ignored and yet to be purchased when I started to miss the ease of playing the is-6, a bully tank with pref mm and a beastly gun with amazing alpha. That is when I decided to take it out for a spin to do some easy rolling. The rolling was not easy. Sure, Im sure I was simply a bit rusty having not played the tank for what seemed like eternities but what happened is the primary reason for the change of mind I had which led me to buy the T-34-3. The IS-6, while I manage to make my mostly standard ammo loadout work (only 8 apcr), simply became the bullied when facing tanks like the e75, sti or type 4. Unfortunately, on my first game in a long time in that tank those are exactly the tanks I ran into. I chose an area where flank shots would be plentiful and it would be unlikely for all to appear, but yet they did and I right there knew my game was over. The IS-6, while decently mobile for a heavy, simply was not fast enough to properly shift flanks to squeeze out a decent amount of damage from that game. The Is-6 with its amazing qualities, was still not a medium. This is where the T-34-3 comes in. A pref medium tank (The only true pref medium 8 in the game for purchase and a dying breed) with the same gun as the is-6 with a better gold round and better gun handling which only trades a second of reload off the is-6s ~10 and is reasonably mobile? That sounds like a great deal. Sure the 3 degrees of gun depression, lack of hull armour and terrible module damage are bad, but they all could be minimized with the right type of play. "Thats it", I decided. "Im getting a mat... T-34-3. Another week went by and another set of tourneys was won. The opportunity was right there. For my first time playing in a weekday warfare we managed to swing first place by the skin of our.. it was pretty much or amazing tank comp most other teams thought too unreliable. Any how, with the winnings there, I got the T-34-3, one of the tanks many say you should never buy, like the legitimately bad lowe or sta-2. From the first game I knew I had made the right choice. the 11000 gold plus the price of switching over my type 62 crew (the only chinese crew I have) was worth it. This tank certainly has issues, but the selling point of being a mobile is-6 isnt too misleading at all. It even has low wn8 requirements for the enjoyment of statpadders everywhere. Armour:At tier 8, while its armour isnt amazing, angled, you can be an absolute bully to tier 6 and 7 tanks and can bounce some tier 9s hull down. Sure getting penned in the front right side of your tank will give you a very, very bad day (as thats where the ammo rack and fuel tank are located), but for a medium tank, this armour is definitely above average despite the absolutely atrocious module damage that will have you raging time and time again at your twice busted ammo rack from light tanks or complete ammorack detonations from large caliber vehicles. Only a tiny bit salty Gun performance:As a medium, the gun handling is sloppy at best and the extremely slow shell velocity on all shells combined with the fairly meagre 175 standard penetration at first looks is very off putting, but if you are used to this type of gun, like on the 112 and is-6, having it on a medium tank with even better soft stat characteristics (T-34-3, IS-6,112) makes for a very interesting proposition. With 390 alpha you have the ability to absolutely decimate other mediums of the same tier in trading. 230-250 for 390, simply is a bad proposition for enemy medium tanks particularly if you factor in a few bounces on your well angled armour. Sure this gun isnt the best for sniping long range, but the high alpha means that even if youre forced to tank with the heavies, you can trade above your belt and shots of opportunity add up fast. Mobility: Unlike the IS-6 and like other mediums in its class the T-34-3 is decently mobile. The top speed of 50 certainly isnt anything to write home about and its lukewarm acceleration wont win any drag races, but considering youre carrying a 122mm gun and are just around the same speed of the type 59 (actually a tiny bit better acceleration wise) its not terrible and allows you to transport 390 hp of hurt all around the battlefield. T-34-3 vs Type 59 Conclusion: This tank is not for everyone. If you havent done the Chinese medium line or arent skilled or ready to adapt and quickly, this tank will be a terrible purchase for you and you will very much regret it. However, if you have learned via other tanks how to minimize damage to your weakpoints, block effectively using your armour and how to set up efficient trades, you will love this tank. Its a great tank with preferential mm and really the only true pref mm medium tank available so if you think you'll ever be up for it, get it while its here. Disclosure: I have only played a total of 54 games in this tank, many of them platooned. Wotlabs profile for reference. ================================================================================================================ UPDATED STATS 480+ games: My opinion has essentially stayed the same. I do have to say though that what really holds this tank back is the lack of a symmetrically placed log on the rear and rolled cover strapped to the back of the turret. Update: Finally got my 3 marks!!! Finally I can truly say ive mastered my favourite tank. All the heats were fired and the rages were had.
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