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Found 24 results

  1. *dusts off clan icon and lounge area* *cough cough* Okay, we ready? Alright. *clears throat* Good News, Everyone! Idiots On Computers is back! And we're looking for more fellow idiots to join our marvelous mis-adventure! Are you an idiot in need of more idiots to surround yourself with? Do you have a Computer? Are you an idiot willing to learn and improve? What is the square root of a fine quality Russet? Did you answer yes to the above questions? Great! The Details of our Idiot Reproduction *ahem* Recruitment Program are thus: For candidacy to be an idiot, please meet the following: Be a fun and engaging person! TeamSpeak and a working Mic Be willing to have fun and engage in the finest of 'nanigans of the she variety We would prefer a WN8 of 1300 or higher as a minimum We would prefer an overall win rate of at least 52% We would like to see at least 400 higher recents and 2% higher WR These are more like guidelines and are not set in stone Be easy going, please. Have at least a few CW viable tanks at each tier (6, 8, and 10) What does IOC have to offer you? Free candyTsavo Cuddles™ Our own Teamspeak to hang out in (Bring friends!) A place to learn and get guidance Friendly atmosphere and plenty of games PLATOONS! Strongholds! Struggleholds! ---------------------OUR TEAMSPEAK--------------------- Idiots.mainvoice.info:7382 For recruitment, please PM me or find me on our TeamSpeak -----------------Q&A AREA------------------ What is IOC? We used to be a group of about 30-35 active guys who are all friends and got along fantastically. We gelled well with each other, quite possibly what made my first tenure here the most fun. What is our vision for IOC? We want to rebuild the old days. We want to assemble a tight knit group of guys, 30 or more in number, to tackle Campains, tournaments, and all other manner of rewarding tanks adventures! Don't wan't to do CW? That's perfectly fine! Want to hang out and improve? Come on in! Want to just platoon? Sure thing! Place to hang out and relax? Absolutely! Clan Wars and other related activities will NOT be a requirement for members! ALL CLAN WARS AND TOURNAMENTS WILL BE VOLUNTARY!
  2. So this question came to mind and thought it would be an interesting one to ask on the forums and make poll about it to see how many use the given choices, basically when entering the exterior tab, what out of the 3 options do you put on your tank the most, is it just the Camouflage or Camouflage with Emblems or use all three and put on Camouflage, Emblem and Inscriptions and if so which length of time do you have them on for, 7 Days, 30 Days or Unlimited? For example, I myself mostly use just the Camouflage because that does give something in return where as Emblems and Inscriptions dont and so just go for them when on sale and all options are put on for Unlimited.
  3. Thought I'd like to reminisce on ye olden WoTLabs from when I've joined up until now. You guys can pitch in too. Old layout: How I got my title: The Pika Revolution: Note: I'm not saying the current WoTLabs sucks. I just want to look back at where I was when I started browsing and compare with how I am now.
  4. 140 DPG Challenge Tank:Object 140 Noteworthy participants: A green wr teal shitter known as Koel76_PRO Other participants: A tinder pickup expert and a rapper/artist who thinks he's the best (he's not). Most of you will know them as Gashtag and Yung lean/Kolnidur When: To be discussed with participants. Challenge details: Play Object 140 > get high DPG > Winner gets the rewards > X3N4 or any other unfair hacker is not allowed to play your account Amount of games will be decided soon Rewards: Sponsors: Constie Temporary results: Yung lean= 2.5K dpg(3.2k over 78 battles) as he ragesold the tank, his total damage / 100 battles comes down at 2.5k. Gashtag= Still playing Koel76 = sitll playing Yung lean: Kolni'Object 140' successfully sold. Received credits: 3 067 670. Spent gold: 30. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yung lean Before:
  5. What is this game Seriously, I have no words. Feel free to voice your bafflement below. A side note: playing this match has made me realize how unreliable the AP rounds on the T110E4 are. From now on, I will shoot pure APCR.
  6. Kitten

    Neko thread

    Imouto asked (and presumably will poast some later) Have some neko :3 Extra: Gandy and Derpi when tired~
  7. I used Chrome as my default browser. Ive installed nothing. No tool bars. Visited no porn/torrents/etc (posting from work PC... damn straight Im not going to do that crap on this PC). But, every time I open a new tab or try and do a google search, this URL takes the fuck over https://search.yahoo.com/?fr=hp-ddc-bd&type=dc-bcr-sm-rhb-32__alt__ddc_dsssyc_bd_com Tried using Malwars Bytes, etc. to remove. No clue at ALL where the fuck this came from and why Yahoo has taken the fuck over Chrome. Ive removed all other searches from Chrome Settings. Ive restarted several times. Ive opened no attachments. Clean install of Chrome too
  8. So much has happened today for me! I have finally finished grinding the IS8 and sold it immediately without looking back. I popped my tier 10 cherry by buying my first IS7! I popped my Clan Wars cherry! I popped my first kill in clan wars cherry! I popped my first death in clan wars cherry! I popped my first tier 10 being locked out for the next couple of days cherry! Although my first clan wars battle was fun and all. I was kind of expecting an epic battle with the enemy team but when one of their IS7's got ammo racked on the first shot when peeking out, It was all ogre. Battle was kind of meh actually, a bit easy TBH, We won 15-4. It was kind of weird how the enemy team had a few tier 9's but oh well. I shall now put a skin on my IS7 and call it a day. Here are my options 1. http://tool.duowan.com/wot/box/update3/sx/IS-7/IS7_new_telanjiang_.zip 2.http://tool.duowan.com/wot/box/update3/sx/IS-7/IS7IMS_.zip 3http://tool.duowan.c...is_qingkong.zip
  9. So my Grandfather died 2001, I was 6 at the time, I don't remember much about him other than him been pretty funny and easy going kinda guy. Now my Grandmother has lived in the same house in Brisbane for as long as I can remember so there's alot of history there. My grandmother is getting a bit on now and is in and out of hospital every month or so, I'm her only relative here except for my cousins at boarding school so I took it upon myself to help her with anything she needs, gardening, cooking sometimes and usually just as company. Now to the interesting part, there's a small Garden shed in the backyard which is used as storage, she pays a guy to do general yard work when I cant so the shed is rarely used for anything. Now just the other day the sliding doors for the shed just fucking collapsed because it's a piece of cheap shit, so been the upstanding grandson that I am I offered to fix it. I went around yesterday to cover it up because she was afraid it was going to rain and I got some replacement rollers on my way home. I head back over there this morning and realize that these doors are going to be an absolute cunt to fix, so me been the curious little shit I am started looking around inside. Right at the back was a box with a power drill in it and then... well.. this. Sorry about Picture quality, was in a hurry and it was taken on my phone. Now I forgot to mention two things: 1. My grandfather fought the Japanese in WW2 and that's literally all I know about it, I've never heard any details apart from that. 2. I remember my mother telling me a story about finding a box in the house that had some really amazing artwork carved on the outside and had some Japanese (she assumed) letters on the top, she asked my grandfather about it and he went really quiet and simply picked the box up and left So, what the fuck is it. Because I'm coming up short, and before you ask no I have not asked my Grandmother about it, I just took pictures and put it back.
  10. It's a tank I still need to grind through, so I thought why not make a real challenge? I'm not really into tier 7 so you might want to have a laugh at this DPG on Vbaddict tops around 1.800, since mine is far below, I'll try for 1.500 - 1.600. WR 60% (purple wotlabs scale) Assisted 350 - I'll be red-lining more than I used to before I think, hence the lower number. I'll be using a harem crew but since I don't retrain with gold last skill isn't used. Toolbox is OP too Planning to try and track 20games before le harakiri. My japanese knowledge of culture is limited to the last samurai and one Rurouri Kenshin movie. Feel free to poast music or interesting stuff.
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. urnotpaul

    we made it

    1900 wn8 we made it boyz
  13. Hi there all, fellow tankers. I am new to this forum page and just thought id post a quick hello to all and introuduce myself a little to how i play and what i think of World Of Tanks. Okay so i am coming on to my 2,000 Battles mark on World Of Tanks and consider myself to be an average player (not good but also not the worst, i hope) and of course i am always looking to improve my game play and skills, so if any of you fancy a look at my stats and want to give some helpful advice and steps towards getting better then feel free to offer assistance, though if you want a more in depth detail my my goals and such then please ask and i will reply as soon as i can. World Of Tanks is one of my favourite games to play online and i rather enjoy it apart from those Toxic players but hay, you always get a least one in every online game, I just ignore them. I like to play my games for the fun and enterainment of it and so i am not much of a competitve player, for example i dont pay much mind to having good stats (of course we all would like to have good stats but if not, big deal? not everyone is perfect) but having to babysit stats and make them look good just for other players to see is not fun for me but at least i do try to win and play as best i can. What is fun for me is that i like to be a jack of all trades kind of player, so like to play every tank type whilst learning them and Eliting them as i go along and also like to collect tanks in the game (I dont sell them) If you have any questions for me then feel free to ask and i will answer (If sensible) and thanks for reading
  14. http://wotreplays.com/site/1621728#steppes-yung_lean-t-62a So, um, I carried a game hard, but the end game is still nagging me a bit. Should I have saved the JT? I wanted to keep the Waffentrager at a distance so I could hull down and peekaboo him out but an extra gun on the team never hurts either. Was I too sloppy? Because in hindsight I wasn't very aware of arty at all. Should I have yolo'ed and decapped the ST-I instead of the waffen, despite probably making me take a lot of damage? I know it all turned out for the better, but what if it didn't. I need to learn how to consistently make the decisions that make things turn out like this, but without the RNG of it all. (PS two full HP waffentragers dead to my 62A, revenge felt good <3)
  15. Hello tankerz ! Today,we're looking at the legend,the monster,the one and only,FV215b 183 AKA The Death Star ! One shot? Check. Movement not good? Check. Pwnage? Check. 420 yolo blaze it? Check ENJOY ! DISCLAIMER: This is a parody and should be treated as such ! WOT REVIEWS PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/1BqnuPu FUNNY CHAT LOGS PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/1lN0Ms2 SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1l5BJFX WHAT TANK SHOULD I REVIEW NEXT? VOTE HERE: http://strawpoll.me/3373492
  16. Strictly speaking, I can't put any platooned games under my solo challenge thread so here is the collection of the random games where I'm lucky arty doesn't rape me in the first minutes. I swear I won't make anymore boasting topics -.- First one; object 140 is hard to play yo - 1.6k base xp AMX 50B stronk - 7k dmg Older one that I posted somewhere, can't remember...
  17. Has anyone here tried the MT-25 post-buff? I only ever played 9 games in the 50-2 before WG turned it to shit, and the T-50 was easily my favorite tier 4 light tank and the only tier 4 light tank I didn't mind scout MM on. For those who don't know what the changes were, here's the patch notes: Do these changes make it closer to what the 50-2 once was, or should I just let this tank die?
  18. Picked up by D-O-S. Insanley fast honestly. Hi guys, after having a few clans approach me and all offer positions in their clans, I decided to be picky/hard to get, and I am now stuck with no clan. Honestly I felt like I deserve it but hopefully someone will scoop me up and bring me out of the darkness. Anyways, I was really wanting to play the Clan Wars Event and I'll be sticking around afterwards aswell. I'm looking for a clan that is going to do the event, has success in clan wars, and has an overall history of doing well. For the event I believe it's tier 8 abd if course listed, I have the AMX 50 100, Is-3, IS-6, AMX AC 48, Panther 2, and ISU-152 if this interests anyone. Statistics if you don't want to look left are here for you too. I have two tier 10s and 2 others researched (With a tier 10 I can free XP to). Tier 10s I own: T62-A - 2774 - 63% WinRate Leopard 1 - 2787 DMG - 57% WinRate And researched are... E-50M IS-7 - Sold this about two years ago, looking to buy this back. I can research the Foch 155 or AMX 50B if that's more desirable than the two I have researched if need be, but just notice I'll be playing the IS-6 non-stop for the next 100 battles to get the credits. Also of course, I have TeamSpeak 3, I have a mic, and I'm 15 years old if that's a problem.
  19. hello all, been here lurking a month or so , never saw anyone with low stats posting on the few threads i read, so was a bit ashamed to have my stats show here. just read the giveaway thread and saw someone worse than me, tho he has far less battles (yes im that kind of terrible). hope to pick up a few tips while im here.
  20. Now that the soccer football championship is finished, I was wondering if there would be people interested in some kind of 'WoT championship'. The goal is to appoint a winner from a continent/state (much more americans on NA server so much more possibilities). Considering this is for pure lols, I'm thinking of very small sample sizes (batches of 10ish battles). It's just a random idea that came to mind, was wondering if there would be enough interest. Rules: not too much but we should have to create similar environments ie: server (preferably east) platooning (# members + maybe mixed skill to let 'bads' learn if possible) ammo and consumables whatever you like as long as it's not a gold spamfest (except those who need E100/183/...) ... Anyone interested?
  21. Hello wotlabs, so I just had this game on campinovka in my indien panzer, and I stayed at my base just sniping. A couple of tanks were outside my draw range, and so I ghosted them, is this a really viable tactic or it was more luck? I even managed to bounce off of their arty from across the map, which I thought it was pretty cool, any advice appreciated. I usually do this in my Indien because of the large ammo count and the rof it has. Ty Replay- http://wotreplays.com/site/753722#malinovka-sianix-indien-panzer
  22. The next on track is for a fucking.... ARTILLERY PIECE Source- http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/22/on-track-conqueror/
  23. So. I wake up an hour before my alarm, I decide to just get back to sleep and I do so. Then I proceed to have my most idiotic dream ever: I select my AC 48 in the garage, I press the battle button and I find myself in a Cromwell, circling IS-3's to death. A few days ago I found myself calculating costs of buying two T8 and a T9 tank during a university lecture... Just... wat? What's your most odd out-of-the-game moment you found yourself thinking/daydreaming/dreaming about the game? note: sorry if such a topic exists already, I must have missed it while looking for it
  24. Good job Moto http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/06/23/competition-rigging-on-us-server/
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