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Found 7 results

  1. Replay link here: http://wotreplays.com/site/3586465#el_halluf-thomchen114-stb-1 Full Tier X game, no arty, SW spawn on El Halluf. Made my way up to the traditional brawl area at NW at C2. I was very conscious of how much potential impact I could have in this match, so long as I stayed alive, conserved my HP and do damage wherever possible. Ally T-62A didn't get the memo and died sideways (ammo-racked) on to the opposite ridge medium tanks. Me and the Leopard I stayed safely in cover, taking what shots we can from safety and collecting the toll from the heavy tanks that crossed our FoV. Ally E100 decided to rush forward and climb up to B2 and gets himself perma-tracked in a crossfire. As much as I would've liked to help him, he made a clearly dumb move and was getting his due punishment. After the dust settles somewhat I do move to B2 but keep as low profile as possible, taking what shots I can and taking out the IS-7. Enemy STB-1 tries to rush the Leopard I behind me, but I respond quickly enough and take him out. Our heavy tanks win their brawl against the enemy heavy tanks. Some ally heavy tanks make their way over to push back the enemy T-62A, but I was feeling cagey about the Grille 15 whom I knew was just waiting back there. I do poke up in time to finish off the T-62A trying to run away. After a slight pause and the ally Leopard I takes out the E4, we move down and I do manage to take out the Obj 140 from long range (my only long range shot, with the STB-1 gun no less!). A climb up from C6 to C7 proxy spots the Grille 15, who gets taken out by ally E100, and we find the AMX 50B and I claim my 5th kill. I do ask the team if I could get the final Leopard I for the Top Gun, and the team seems to consent. Any analysis, critiques, opinions, suggestions on my performance?
  2. Hi guys! Let me start saying you that Im a terribad player, 8k battles, made my mistakes and just reached a recent green WN8, I dont play as much as Id like because I have a very demanding job. Ive been improving thanks to this forum and my special mention to Agamemneon who is my personal Yoda Master with his valuable advice my gameplay is getting decent until now. I love heavys, I consider myself a decent player at tier VII and VIII specially with my T29 and IS-3. (Actually my only tier IX is the M103 since I want to get the T110E5). I have only one tier X the IS-7. this last tier is where my real problem starts. When I play tier VIII or IX battles I can do well to my own standards, but every time I ride my IS-7 I got myself in crazy situations when Im useless to my team and I get raped sooo fast. Im not helpful to my teams almost every battle. What would you suggest me to do? 1. Just keep playing more and more tier 8 and 9 battles till I improve? 2. eat the defeat at tier X and keep on it till I learn "The hard way" 3. is it just a mater of keep playing? Tier X is a very different sauce, help me to digest it. Thanks for your advice
  3. What do you purples think is the ceiling for W/R at T10 when you exclusively solopub? You can of course list W/Rs for different tanks (e.g. extreme example: solopubbing W/R for WTE100 > any arty) I know some of you have already done some crazy challenges but is there any agreement on the highest possible W/R at T10?
  4. Hey, just want to see if anybody would like to platoon that are playing to win and improve. I didn't care for this game till around 10k battles. So now I'm trying to wash out the crap stats that I have created over the years. Thanks. Also I'm running Conqueror nao and E-75, and WT tier 9 P.S Throw the invites
  5. Hello every1, I just purchased FV215b 183 and found it extremely fun in pubs where you can always one shot someone, but most of the time when I shoot HESH it won't penetrate because of the long aiming time that I can hardly aim at enemies' weakspots for those of you who play 183 alot and good at it, please give me some advice about how to play this TD, like where to go in those maps, should I snipe like 268 or follow the heavies and provide support from behind? And what's the best ammo combination? and here's the screenshot of my setup for 183: I got pretty lucky that MM seems to like me:
  6. StranaMechty


    I picked this up this past weekend during the 15% off sale, after the 110 and WZ-111 model 1-4, I honestly wasn't expecting much. I'm not going to call it the new T57, but I was pleasantly surprised by a number of factors. Good 1) It's quite quick. The IS-7 has 15.4 HP/ton, but due to garbage terrain resistance (1.3/1.8/3.1), is far more sluggish than one would think. The 113 not only has 16.67 HP/ton, it also gets 1.3/1.4/2.7 terrain values. You can hit your top speed of 50kph and cruise there on a lot of terrain, unlike the IS-7 which bogs down to ~35kph on Malinvoka field. 2) The gun is a virtual copy of the IS-4's, but it has several small improvements. It fires 10% faster, is 0.02 more accurate, and aims in 2.7 seconds instead of 2.9. It does lose 11mm of AP penetration, but I'm not finding that to be a real issue. 3) The depression isn't nearly as crippling as I'd though it would be. Yes, at -4° it is the worst of the tier 10 heavies, but it's also only 1° worse than the T-62A, T-54, or IS-3, so if you know how to work with those vehicles you should be set. There will be sections of maps closed to you, but workarounds usually exist. 4) It's still so uncommon nobody has the slightest idea what to do with you. Your armor is 120mm at at least 65°, I think it's more like 68°, so with only a little wrangling autobounce can be achieved, unless you're at close range where the height of other vehicles gives them an angle advantage. Your line of sight thickness is something like 2.7x nominal, or ~320mm. 5) Spaced armor covers much of the side sponsons, and those parts that aren't are sloped to a good degree. Reverse angling works pretty well. Bad 1) The depression is -4°. 2) Armor has poor nominal thickness, anyone who can get an advantageous angle on you, or HE splash, is going to hurt. A lot. 3) Longer than an articulated bus, but without the segmentation to help you go around corners. Okay, so that's some exaggeration, but I'm pretty sure it's only a little bit shorter lengthwise than an E-100. 4) Being tiny makes it easy to hide, but can make it difficult to fire over things other tanks take for granted. Things I found amusing 1) It's about three feet tall. 2) It looks like a Type 59 had a baby with a stretch limo. Now, I don't think it'll have much place in organized fights, but I have enjoyed the 10 matches I've played thus far. It plays wildly differently from its predecessors, though, so beware. TL;DR: Zippy, quirky, fun if you're into that kind of thing, but definitely not for everyone or CW.
  7. First of all, I apologize if this is in the wrong spot. I feel that my arty playing is ok, but I feel like I am missing out on some key information/strat that will take me to the next level. I find more often then not I try to go for the easy damage, when I should be pushing for the harder to hit shot. I realize I should prioritize and try to hit arty>TDs>autoloaders in roughly that manner, as well as help out teammates when in need. I struggle sometimes though with prioritizing targets. Attached I have a replay from my most recent batchat arty game. Note; I do a horrible job of moving after each shot with the bat chat (all my other arty i move immediately, but since its an autoloader, i hate to make the reticle reset). Defeat!, Bat Chatillon 155 58, Mines, 7/21/13 2:32 AM: 325 nXP, 2,952 dmg
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