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Found 3 results

  1. NotchbackFiero

    Turan III

    So any thoughts on the Turan III? How's it compare to the Hydrostat or the T-25? I have both. I'm a bit of a collector, so I'll probably get it - just wondering what the impressions were.
  2. wevilc

    T1 Heavey

    I have checked but don't see a thread on this tank, which I have just acquired (note, I only play blitz). I should be interested to know how it rates against other tier V heavies in the opinion of the more experienced. The only other tier V heavy I have played was the KV1 and found that to be pretty good. Apart from being faster, does the T1 have any other edge?
  3. Having eventually understood that racing up the tiers is not a great idea I have decided to move up one tier at a time, playing a complete set of tanks (one TD, a heavy, a medium and a light). Soon, I shall be ready to move on from tier IV (M3 Lee, Hetzer, Luchs and Matlida pretending to be a heavy). By 'ready' I mean consistently being at least 'above average' with each tank. What would be best at tier V? My inclination is for the Leopard, Churchill, Stug III (because I already have it having raced up to tier VII in the German line - I also already have the Chutchill) and maybe a T34 about which I know zilch. I do not fancy the Crusader because, while it can be great, I always die way too fast in it. Also the KV1 may better than the Churchill but the latter looks cooler and I'm a Brit so there's that too. I have had the T1 heavy before and done OK in it but those great hulking sides just look like a nice target. I have not driven German tier V mediums or American (or Russian). So, advice please. If it makes a difference, this is my playing preference in this order: TD/Heavy, light, medium (I play mediums pretty badly due to not knowing what to do) I also have an IS3 as an expensive toy and I am lousy with it. Not just lousy but I don't even know why which is kinda serious. Hence the decision to learn properly from the bottom up.