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Found 5 results

  1. I recently decided that I hav hang around in Tier 9 for enough time and decided to move on to Tier 10 game. It went ok the first 100 games in my E5(I raged sold my IS7 before) for around 3.3k dpg and 65% winrate, but dropped to 3.1k and 58% after 50 more games. Performance wise, I do find a couple factors that I think is affecting my game play -. rapid flank collapse. I play solo only because I have a habit of staring at my beautiful tanks for 5mins before starting my next game. -. not enough stalling/push power, I found myself often in a awkward situation which I neither can push nor stalling the enemy force with my avg teammates. especially in tier 10 games there are more high alpha TDs. I figure you might say: if you cant do with a E5 than its probably your problem. plz enlighten me. -. Fear of arty leads to passive game play. especially with 3 arties, I do play arty sometimes to discover arty safe positions, and I think I am pretty good at using hard covers to avoid getting shot. However, I just cant figure a way to approach maps such as prov and campinovka (and mines, I think it's a damn arty map), cuz there is no such thing as arty cover and E5 is simply too slow to dodge arty shots. And recently I found arty players start to focus on me more often and actually wait for me to be lit again for more than 30 seconds.. -. Tripe platoon of dark blue/uni/sup uni. I found more this kind of platoon in tier 10 MM, How do I keep my performance in this kind of MM? If on the same team, shall I push with them or avoid interfere their dmg farming lel. And another awkward thing is I found myself has similar performance (3k+ dpg wise) in my tier 9 (conqueror/T54/M46/T10) compare to tier 10s. Is that because Tier 9 is more of a evolution from Tier 8 compare to tier 10 from tier 9? My tier 10s is just way too far from reach the 4k dpg super uni level, how do I get there. Plz help me all mighty purple poasters.
  2. Hi Guys, Looking for some active players to add during my games I play at night. (I live in Australia, so I play when you guys are getting up). I am trying to make cash to purchase an IS-7 right now so I am looking at playing mostly tier 8s but will happily play the odd game of tier 9 and 10. *Please don't tell me to play on the ASIA server. I get better ping on NA West and only slightly worse on NA east.
  3. Hello! Update 6/17: I will get this done before I leave for summer break the 1st of july. After reading Kewei's article on how to get better at World Of Tanks i have decided to play 1000 games in the T-62A to see what kind of improvement I get. At the moment I have stagnated and am sort of lacking focus on what I want to do and I find that chasing new tanks all the time is increasingly frustrating. So with a background of having watched emu87 doing solopub play in tier 10 and thinking it might work as a educational journey for lesser players as well I will be doing this. I have a lot of high tier tanks but have not really played a lot of tier 10 games. Some of the tanks I got as a noob and the tank stats reflect this in a horrible kind of way. So the principle Kewei outlined in his article should work for me I think. I chose the T-62A because it is a good medium tank and the stats I have in it is nothing to wreck. And it is fun to play, which will help me get through this challenge. So Before: Overall account stats: After: Early conclusion: My average damage in it has gone up to 2,4k a game. Not as much as I had hoped, but still it is a major improvement. Doing a bit over 1,1k spotting damage per game aswell. Win rate is perhaps the biggest disappointment with 52% wr. Had hoped to push this to 55%. My time for playing has been widely inconsistent with the time period of this solo challenge. I went 1 month without playing at all, and the last 2 months I have been playing a lot. Sometimes up to 100 battles a day. My results vary in the challenge from sessions deep into superunicum territory of 4k plus WN8 to the more average lately of 2,6k WN8. I still feel that I am improving although it is in small increments. My average damage on my tier 10 tanks are all slowly climbing up, and I hope to push this to approximately 3k. Some of my other replays. PS: The next session after I am done with the challenge: Crew and setup: As you can see I average slightly under 2k damage in it. But this is after the first 20 set of games. I will update this with screenshots after each session of 20 games. Session 1: Highlights: My Mastery Badge game doing 6,3k damage. 3 games with low damage (below 1500), and 1 zero damage game. After the first 7 games I had an average of 3,4k damage and it trailed off after that. Maybe lost focus? Session 2: Session 3: Session 4: Session 5: Session 6: Session 7: Session 8: Session 9: Session 11: Session 12: Session 13: Session 14: Session 15: Session 16: Session 17: Session 18: Session 19: Session 20: Session 21: Session 22: Session 23: Session 24: Session 25: Session 26: Session 27: Session 28: Session 29: Session 30: Session 31: Session 32: Session 33: Session 34: Session 35: Session 36: Session 37: Session 38: Session 39: Session 40: Session 41: Session 42: Session 43: Session 44: Session 45: Session 46: Session 46: Session 47: Just 3 games. Session 48: No wn8 because the mod fucked up the score. Session 49: Good teams. Session 50: Crappy play. Session 51: Session 52: Session 53: Man the teams... Session 54: Cat jumped on reset button at the end of the first match, which was an epic 6,3 damage win. Rest of session was crap. Session 55: Final session: Finally done! Last day was 10+15 games. Teams were really not that good and lots of good toons on the other sides.
  4. Looking for a tier 10 platoonie. Silent tooning recommended(Or you can Chat)
  5. I had a chat with Devilishred in the EU wotlabs channel because I wondered on what kind of consistency-levels the superunicums operate. This because in my tier 10-1000 challenge i find that out of 20 games I derp, or fail roughly 7. The definition of "fail" here is doing below 2k damage. It is not always the case that a game under 2k damage is a potato game, but for the sake of tracking results and improvement as in less errors during this challenge this is a definition set for me. Devilishred who is one of the best medium drivers I have seen had just played a 50 game-session. He had ONE game with damage below 2k. One game!!! This is unheard of consistency. It means he fails by the above mentioned standard in 2% of the games, while I derp in roughly 30% of them. My average damage would be around 3k in the T-62A if I just did so few errors without really improving my damage output. So what is your derpiness in percent? Do you know? Would like to find out if the theorem of the best players doing the least errors is true to this extent.
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