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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, i am the typical noob who wants to improve, my wn8 has been getting better, but i want more help on how to improve I have a mic, do not like ts however, prefer in game voice chat. Also, i am 14, so my voice isnt as deep as barry white.
  2. I don't want to be a tomato. I no longer want to exist to pad the stats of players barely better than me. That's why I'm here. I go by Incindir. aka "Mouse". I followed a couple of my friends over to WoT from Eve Online, who decided to start playing with tanks. I used to be a tank crewman in previous career path, and I miss my Abrams dearly. I tried this game out several years ago. WoT was a very different creature then. Having picked it up again with friends to platoon with, I am enjoying it much more. Tragically, I have a dread fascination with fascist box tanks. I did not realize just how noob unfriendly they are, or how to even play them correctly (because I am an ignorant chode), I totally fucked my stats in the process. I've got a ton of tanks in my roster that have sub 45% win rates because I spammed them through matches to grind up to the "better" tanks. I'm in a "meh" clan. I only joined because that's where my friends from Eve-O ended up. I'm looking around to find a clan that trains people to improve their gameplay. I can't stand playing artillery. I have been grinding out the German Medium and Heavy lines largely solo, while taking the time to train up crews along the way. I've got three German crews with the first set of skills, working on the second set. I've been playing the VK 36.01, with very mixed results using both the 88 and the 75 Waffe. Just opened up the Tiger I, and will soon start on the VK 30.02 P to start grinding towards the Tiger P. I use a T-25, T14, and Excelsior to feed my consumables usage. I don't have a very good win rate in them, but they exist largely to make me money. I've kept my Luchs and Leopard around just because I find fast tanks fun to play as a break from the frustrations of playing the VK 36.01 deathtrap. In an attempt to hide my Nazi Shame, I've started working on the Russian KV line, and American Heavies as a filler for when I get sick of German tanks. I've perused most of the newbie guides already, and have been putting the advice to use. The most helpful so far has been Okeanu & Rexxie's guide on where NOT to go. I'm still working out which tanks to avoid, because I'm somewhat invested in playing German tanks that I may as well take it to the end before dedicating myself to another nation. I read these forums daily when I really should be doing something productive at work. My job bores me so I attempt to absorb knowledge about internet pixel tanks so I can stop sucking so bad and start making better tactical decisions. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I'll stop being so goddamned awful that I may actually post in other threads without embarrassment over being more red than Heinz ketchup.
  3. I know a lot of players look down on people like me, and even more on people with 45% WRs, but would you prefer if every player with a wr say, below 52% suddenly stopped playing wot? *By wot, I mean wot random battles*
  4. Hello there all! as title suggest, looking for anyone that i can learn from and add my to my FRIENDS list. Ive lurked alot, but the time has come to take action! Ty
  5. So it was suggested that I add a few recent replays to get some feedback, criticism, and perhaps have an epiphany in regards to my skill progression. I have a lot of theories about why I am playing this bad... I was in weeks past blaming bad days, bad tanks, bad teams... But I realize its not that... And its really become apparent to me that I am doing well in losses and poorly in wins. And quite often putting myself into really bad positions in hopes of making a difference in a game. I feel like I am bouncing back and forth between being way too campy and passive, and being way too aggressive. More likely, I just cant recognize the correct time to do either. And perhaps I am struggling with map positioning as well. Not feeling 100% confident in my map placement as of late. I feel as if I may be in a "safe" spot on a map, and never really add much to the team, then other times I don't realize I am on a useless flank, or in a really exposed location without any hopes of escape. And for some reason I don't anticipate it... I don't realize the mistakes until it is too late. Looking for help guys. I dont want to ruin your games. :-) Linking a zip of replays from my evening of matches. I think the most significant replays are the higher tier matches. As I was doing quite well at tier 5-6 WR% aside... https://www.dropbox.com/s/yoigqd03rrfah5p/various%20replays%208-20-14.zip The Pershing match was really bad on my part. Not paying attention to what the opponent would have been doing, and using poor map positions/no cover. I believe I got greedy trying to get some shots on the E5. Regardless, I tried to shoot a few buildings down, and then I was clipped. No damage, about as bad as bad gets. The E1 matches are mediocre in my opinion... I could have probably picked better spots and been more aggressive at times in order to help the team win... And certainly I wasn't losing, but I was not contributing to the team enough at times, and my survival rate is low. The T32 match was also pretty poor. I should have never gone east on that map. But I was thinking "hull down", even with 3 arty on the map... After that, I should have just sought cover and ran. But I failed to do so and was quickly punished for my mistake. In general, my damage ratios at higher tiers is really poor. And I see the issues, but I don't anticipate well enough to know failure is coming. Perhaps I am too arrogant thinking I can get away with it at times... Not really sure. But I look forward to any reviews I may attain, and would love to learn from anyone that can teach me. Thanks
  6. We have potatos and tomatos in wot, but what if they merge (the potatomato plant http://technabob.com/blog/2013/10/06/potatomato-tomato-potato-hybrid-plant/ )
  7. Hello i'm Andison and I'm looking to take my game out of the basement and become a more effective tanker. I consider myself an average player, but that is not cutting it, i want to learn and not be a scrub anymore. I'm thick skinned and intelligent and am looking to the forums for advice and knowledge from those who know their stuff. I will try to bring it ( intelligent posts) and thanks for listening, peace!
  8. Everytime I play a battle, players call each other "Tomato". What is "Tomato" means? Am I a "Tomato" too?
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