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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings Labs folks! I am a long time player finally looking to improve my game a bit. I wouldn't say I'm particularly bad@tanks but I'm certainly not good either. When I started playing in 2011, I was on a solid course of learning and gradual improvement that suited me and my meticulous methods. I had stayed the course for a little over 2 years, just plodding along and having a great time. After about 12k battles I started to get a bit bored of the grind and decided to join a clan and play some battles on the global map. At first this was great fun! I had joined a middling African landholding clan and participated as much as I could. We had done pretty good for a time but then WG closed off Europe and Africa to NA clans and we could never get a toehold on North America. The callers quit and the clan melted down and fell apart due to apathy and atrophy. This set me adrift in the sea of red and I ended up joining a succession of failing clans, just hoping to get a little of that fun back I had had. It never happened and I have spent the past two years playing with some of the worst players on NA as a result. Examples of some of my platoon mates over the past couple of years... (there are whole clans comprised of these types of players, eek!) I don't blame these players for my poor results, as I am the constant, but they didn't help me either. As hard as I tried, I just could not carry. This has led to my own atrophy of sorts and over the long haul my play has continually suffered. This all brings me to where I am now. I'm at a crossroads in my WOT experience. Good and bad, I still love to play this game but I really don't like losing as much as I do. I've decided to give myself a couple of months more. If I cannot legitimately improve my game, I will be forced to quit playing in self shame and go play Minecraft or an Xbox or something (or minecraft on an Xbox)... This is hopefully where the fine folks of this community come in. I have gleaned a great deal of information lurking about but I would like to take it to another level. Therefore I would like to find a mentor to help me push through these doldrums. I am willing to do what it takes to improve and am willing to provide compensation in the form of in-game items or even cold hard cash if necessary, to achieve this goal. Please understand though, my intention is not to simply get my WN8 up. If that's all I was after i'd just run around spamming APCR from my 59-16 and MT-25 for a thousand rounds. I genuinely wish to learn to play and win at a higher level than I am currently capable of on my own. If anyone is interested in assisting me in attaining this goal, please feel free to respond to this poast or send me a PM here or in game.
  2. Requirements: Read this entire postTeamSpeak 3 with working micNo major hardware problems - I cannot fix your 5 fps, packet loss, or 500 pingI can only teach in English!Ownership of tanks above tier 6 encouraged, but not requiredWhy should you (reader) take a WOT lesson? Because if you're going to spend money or time on a video game, the most worthy investment is your own skills. Taking a lesson should accelerate your progression along the learning curve. I am not the best player in wot, but I learned quickly and worked my way to the top mostly teaching myself and I wanna pass this knowledge along to others. Why are you (Smylee) teaching WOT lessons? I love Teaching players it seems to come almost natural to me I love seeing potential and if i can make people with potential go farther and become better players than its worth it. Also I'm in college and don't have a job so this allows me to have some money instead of being broke and asking my parents for money at my age. Want to know more about (Smylee)[optional]? I pride myself competitively on tier 10s and personally focus on winning over damage and kills because winning is always a stat that will remain WN8 will change eventually But your winrate won't. I'm also a very competitive player so much in fact I participate in the WGLNA Season 5: Noble/RBIS Season 6: LAMP I play mainly tier 8-10 now and usually make different goals for different tanks which allows me to test my limits and see how far I can go in different tanks this too me is "fun" I enjoy it a lot and seeing how good I become and what I can learn by playing different tanks is always something I look for. No matter how good you are you can always learn new things. I Currently Have 9 tier 10s Third marked and over 20 tanks total 3rd marked Since the marking system came out I have been using this as a Primary goal for most of my tanks. How much does this cost? All services paid through (PayPal)! (lesson lengths and compensations are, to some degree, negotiable.) 1hr lesson $15 plus pre and post communication2 hr lesson $30 plus pre and post communication1hr Coaching Lesson with 2 Players(Meaning you and a Friend) $22 2hr Coaching Lesson with 2 Players(Meaning you and a Friend) $40Tank Equipment Setup $10 (I set up All your tanks equipment to be as effect as possible)Crew & Tank Equipment Setup $18 (I set up All your Crew Perks & Tank Equipment to be as effect as possible)Free SmyleeRage's USTThat's too expensive, can you just platoon with me? I don't think platooning has the same effectiveness as direct instruction or replay review over voice comms. Sure you can pick up a few things on positions and tactics, and spectate if you are dead...but in a lesson you can pick the tanks, maps, and mechanics you want to learn. Plus we can use replays, streams, and training rooms and tools. There is a value in the depth of instruction that a lesson has, which platooning cannot match. Platooning will of course happen during a lesson, but there will be more direct instruction beforehand. What can you teach me? I can teach you in three major areas: Mechanics has to do with armor and penetration, vision control, fire control, driving, reload timing, arty avoidance, etcTactics breaks into two categories, with deployment, scouting, map reading and closing in one category and how to read and dictate the actions of your opponent in the second category.Meta-game and account planning has to do with tree progression, credit/resource management, crew development, and tank selection.
  3. Hey there folks, Millardthemk and Teram here. We want to let the community know about some pretty cool stuff that’s been going on behind the scenes that’s just now ready to release to the public. As many of you know, it can be hard to find competent tutors for your WoT journey as you try to improve and grow was a player in a pretty complex game. We recognize this is a current problem, and that combined with a desire to help others and avoid homelessness has prompted out action, and the creation of group called “World of Tanks Tutors”. WOTT for short. We think it has the potential to be tremendously helpful and hope you agree. Our goals with WOTT are as follows: #1 Fill the teaching void and help player base group as it sees fit. Every game from HALO to WOW to Runescape has had groups available to assist players in their growth and skillz. Oddly enough for such a popular game, WoT has a complete void of options available for players who realize that rather than buy in game gold that they will spend and beno better off because of, they can convert that pocket change into improving their own personal gameplay abilities through instruction, review, and real-time gameplay analysis. All skills which translate into more exp, more credits, and more time playing a tank you want (more fun)! #2 Assist players who are tired of a skills or W/R plateau. Tanks is a cerebral shooter, making it easy to slip into a rut and cease improving. Sometimes all it takes is an outside opinion from a pro to bust out of your flatline and start climbing the skills ladder once again. If this sounds like the position you’re in--we can help. Rather than getting vague or spotty assistance via other routes we’re committed to giving you a great value for your time and money. #3 Help relieve some of the stat hate. The nasty reality of WoT is that players with lesser stats may be ridiculed and insulted regularly. This happens both on the public forums and in game, and while completely inexcusable, there’s really only one way to stop it--improve your stats. Unfortunately, if you’ve already played several thousand games overall or several hundred in a certain tank it can be almost impossible to bring the values up to your current playing level. For those who find themselves in this slippery slope of stats we toss you a lifeline of assistance. Via our platoon teaching packages we will show you the ropes in an easily understandable manner while at the same time increasing your W/R without you breaking a sweat. #4 Give you the tools for competitive group play success. As veterans of countless tournaments we’re in a unique position to be able to provide useful and experienced feedback for your team and can even host group training sessions and work with you to improve your team’s cohesion and tournament gameplay skills. While this service won’t please everyone(nothing does!), we hope it will be helpful to those who truly want to improve and are willing to spend the time and resources required for excellence. Both Millardthemk (Sam) and Teram (Michael) are long-time community members and we have seen a need that needs filling--and decided to step into the gap. Oh, we also enjoy eating meals occasionally and paying rent is also a plus. In conclusion, this is a service we’d love to see take off and assist players while at the same time remaining personal enough that folks are actually more than a name on a sheet, they’re real people who have an applaudable goal: To be good at tanks--and should be treated in a respectful, professional manner. Best wishes, Millardthemk and Teram Click HERE for a link to the website.
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