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Found 4 results

  1. I have the LeFH18B2 arty code from Italeri tank model my younger bro got for birthday. No crew, so considering selling my Amx, and put some sweet 2.7 skill seal clubbing crew in it, for maximum blappage and mild cred grind...since i have no prem tanks at all (sold the reward Tog, 6 months before O-Is introduced...now even worse). OK, i have WZ-111, which makes money, but it is boring and too derpy for my playstyle. I would quote myself: "Drive an IS-3. Have this tank for ages, driven mostly in Cw before (now not even that). Seriously, this tank could kill IS-3 very easy before, once he fired on some poor fool in your team. Now he will troll more of your shots. Maps are too coridor-ish, meaning you can not squeeze more than 1-2 aimed shots a time...and blind single shot heavies are now in better position vs autoloaders than before...unless autoloaders have really tight clip and good soft stats. TVP T 50/51 and Amx 50 b come in mind as only reasonable choices now post E5 and IS-3 buffs. Flanking is dead after tier6-7, higher tiers tanks stay together, and if you flank them you may get to shoot their side armor...but then you get 3-4 guns trained on you, while your pubbies hesitate to push until after you are dead. In my last 10 k battles i endured it maybe 50 battles to get WZ-111 mission token...never touched after that. Only surrender monkey tank i have, so will not sell for future missions." So, 50 100 lowers, tell me if there is any reason to keep this tank...or any other cheese-eating surrender monkey worth having in this meta...and BC grind will never happen, because i have not grinded french tree beyond 50 100. 50 B any use? i generally fail in autoloaders, thou...and grinding the E 5 before they nerf it back.
  2. Hello wotlabs-dwellers and -lurkers! We're looking for good enough players and lots of them to join our SH, CW, TB, tournament ambitions. This ghey community aims to combine serious competitive play shrouded in one value. Don't be a [derogatory term of your choice to denote cretin like and antisocial tendencies]. We expect you are - Aged 18 or more. - English speaking... and somehow there's many brits in the clan. - Capable of accepting filth laiden banter. Least and last, stats requirements: 1500 recent wn8. 51+ overall WR. Not end all be all. We need to know you're trying to play WoT. Submitting an application - http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500044745/ - Contact: BadGene616, Skudakoi, daddlar (in-game, WoTEU-forum). - In this wotlabs-thread. - Enter http://www.scrubtanks.co.uk and make an introduction-post which allows us to communicate our true colours. At this moment we have a small core of very active members. Of which many have very strange personalities. Want to help us grow or rant freely at everything? Welcome. ta
  3. I'm going to start playing on my EU account again, which means derping around in the Churchill III. Probably on weekends between 6 and 9 PM GMT. I can't make any promises about how much I'll play but some T95E2 XP is better than none, right? If you want to play pref. MM tier 5 tanks, or regular tier 4s with my Chruchill, and earn some XP towards your T95E2 here's your chance. Post in this thread before 6 PM GMT on the 10th of December if you're interested and on EU. I'll run an RNG after assigning each poster a number and let chance decide who gets the reinvite.
  4. So, to start, a quick recap of my WoT career. I started the game way back in open beta, where I proceeded to not learn anything by exclusively playing arty. I'm still paying penance for my sins. After the post-beta wipe and a lost account, I played intermittently, with ~3 very long breaks. Partly because of some rl friends (read UGLI), I had something of a seal-clubbing streak (hey, T-127s are fun, amirite?). My point is, I have played WoT without any real objective, and now I feel it's time for a change. I'm looking at becoming involved in clan wars and/or tourneys at long last. Between running without premium, inconsistent playtime, and laziness, I have 9000 battles and not a single tier 10. Yes, I am that guy. I have two tier 9s and another one not purchased. I've played a handful of TCs (i.e. spammed by o7), but I wouldn't call myself experienced in organized play. I'm still a little foggy on what tourneys even are. Basically, I'm green in both stats and experience. I'm a competent pubbie at best. To the point, where do I need to go from here? How should I go about finally obtaining some 10s? How should I get my foot in the door for clan wars and tourneys? What clans or teams would realistically even want a mildly decent player with zero experience? Posts/links appreciated! p.s. I'm always in need of platoonmates for reg 8s and 9s, for the aforementioned reasons!
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