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Found 2 results

  1. Intumesce

    T95E6 Preview

    The T95E6 tier 10 American premium medium tank was added last patch. Although nobody but supertesters have got their hands on it yet, thanks to Tank Inspector we know what it stats look like on paper. Armor Here's where looks deceive the most. Although on paper, the T95E6 has a listed turret armor value of 342mm, it's actually a lot less than that. See the spoilered gif below: Only a very small part next to its mantlet is actually 342mm thick, with the surrounding parts being merely 178mm thick, albeit sloped pretty well. However, this armor is cut very short by a huge 63mm tumor that even HE can penetrate in some cases. This will make hull down in this tank quite a challenge The hull armor as well is the same deal as the turret. On paper it looks like it's got 127mm with a crazy good slope. Reality is entirely different. Most of the hull is merely 95mm, and the effective armor isn't that high. It's roughly as good as the T-62A, but a lot more uneven. There are some spots, most notably the edges of the "egg" hull that approach 300-600mm effective armor thanks to its very weird slope, but they're also the hardest target to hit if you're aiming at a T95E6. Oh, and it also has a weak as piss LFP. What tiny armor it had on the hull is also cut short by its ~125mm effective armor. The side armor of both the hull and turret are, of course, weak. Other than a strangely thick 102mm thick side of the hull, but only around the egg shape. See above picture. Nothing notable other than that. Its health is 2,000. Same as the M60 and M48 Patton, and generally only 50 points above the average medium tank. It's also 50 points less than the E-50M. Firepower This is something odd about the tank. First of all, just like the 121, it fires AP as standard ammo rather than APCR. This means more normalization, however less shell velocity. Since it uses a 120mm with similar ballistics to the T110E5's gun, its shell velocity is roughly 1070m/s. That's almost 400m/s less than the APCR average for tier 10 mediums. Rather than the normal 390 alpha of L7 Royal Ordance guns, it has 400. A whooping 10 damage increase. So it more or less has the same damage as most other tier 10 meds. The rate of fire is an awfully mediocre 6,25. This is worse than every tier 10 med, and ties with the E-50M and the 121 if you ignore the 40 alpha difference. The accuracy is also the worst out of all tier 10 meds, it's a whooping 0,4! It's as frickin' bad as the IS-3's inaccurate BL-9 two tiers lower! Aim time? 2.3s. Jebus. Only the 121 and Batchat have worse aim times, and at least the Batchat has an autoloader and the 121 has fuck-you levels of alpha. The dispersion while turning the turret is decent, however. It's 0,10. Not as good as the Leopard, T-62A, E-50M, etc. but not as bad as the Batchat, FV4202, 121, or STB-1. The depression is the only thing that doesn't completely suck about the gun. It's got 20 degrees of gun elevation and 9 degrees of gun depression. Still not much to brag about, considering the M48, M60, and Leopard 1 all have 9 degrees, and the STB-1 and the FV4202 have 10 degrees... Oh, by the way, it only carries 36 rounds of ammo. Have fun with that. Mobility Surely there has to be some saving factor to it all, right? Wrong. It uses a 560 hp engine; same as the T-62A. However, it weighs 4 tons more, and doesn't have anywhere near as good as soft stats. T95E6 terrain modifiers are as follows: 0,9 on hard terrain 0,10 on medium terrain 2,0 on soft terrain T-62A, on the much brighter side, has: 0,5 on hard terrain 0,6 on medium terrain 1,4 on soft terrain So not only does it have a whooping 13.7 hp/t for a tier 10 med, it also has very mediocre terrain values. This equals a medium tank slower than a T110E5. However, it does have ONE saving grace for its mobility: It has a 56.3km/h top speed. While it won't be chasing blue hedgehogs in its spare time, it'll beat the bottom-of-the-barrel-of-speed mediums in a downhill race. On flat ground, however, it'll slug out at first but eventually catch up as their top speeds limit them. Camouflage / Anti-Camo Okay, here's one time where I don't know the exact numbers, and where I'll have to head into estimates territory. Its hull is roughly as tall as the T-62A's. The turret, without the commander's hatch in consideration, is shorter but bigger than an E-50M's. With the cupola in consideration, however, it's roughly as "tall" (since WG takes its machine gun into consideration when balancing its camo) as an STB-1. Front-view, the T95E6 is actually kind of short. It's roughly as long from its left side to its right side as the Batchat. However, length-wise, from the top, the T95E6 is the longest tier 10 med. Only the M60 comes close. All this taken into consideration, I'm guesstimating its camouflage value would be around 11,2%. That would still be better than the M60, M48, and the E-50M's camo values. Worse than anything else, however. With 410m view range, same as the Leopard 1, STB-1, and FV4202, it's slightly above the medium tank average. However, unlike the other 2 American tier 10 meds, it doesn't have 420m view range. As guessed above, however, its camo would be slightly better. So a T95E6 and an M60 will spot each other at roughly the same point with same equipment and crew skills. Interestingly it has a view port at the very top of its commander's hatch, just like the M60 but unlike the M48. To Summarize What does this tank bring to the table? - It's one of, if not the slowest tier 10 medium tank period. - Its firepower stands out in a very bad way. - Its hull armor is worse than the E-50M's while the turret armor is worse than anything Chinese/Soviet based. - Its camouflage is on the lower end among mediums. + It's big, meaty, and American. Still a better crew trainer than the Super Pershing. + It makes more money than most tier 10s due to its premium status (I think?) Looks to me like it'll be a T110E5 that trades health, armor, and firepower in exchange for mobility, camouflage, and the ability to put any medium crew on it. Make what you want of that.
  2. Intumesce

    T23E3 Preview

    The T23E3 was just today confirmed to be the next reward tank for an While I haven't played it personally, Tank Inspector allows us to have a look at its stats. Armor ...it's a tier 7 medium tank, what are you expecting? The upper front plate is roughly 95mm thick. It will protect you versus some small arms fire from lower tiers, but anything same-tier or tier 6 with "enough" firepower will pen you reliably. The turret cheeks are almost 100mm faced straight on and the side armor is worthless as expected of a medium tank. In fact the only armor only remotely worth speaking of is the gun mantlet. That's actually an insult considering how weak that is too. The center of the gun mantlet is 89mm thick with no armor behind it, meaning as soon as you hit the mantlet and pen you're good to go. However the edges of the mantlet stack up with both slope and the additional armor behind it for a total of 170-250mm armor depending on where you aim. It has 1,050 hitpoints. Almost 100 points less than the average for a tier 7 medium. That is the lowest out of any tier 7 medium tank, and a whooping 200-250 less than the German medium group. Even the T20 has at least 1,100. Combine the low hitpoints with the poor armor and you have a very squishy, very weak tank. Firepower Since it has so little armor and health, it must be compensated for with outstanding firepower. Or so you thought. It uses the same gun as the M4 Sherman, the 76mm M1A1. The Sherman Jumbo uses the M1A1 and it's completely awful. Now imagine that on a medium tank with half the armor of the Jumbo a tier higher. It's not all bad however, the gun is a little buffed to compensate for it being 2 tiers higher. The T23E3 has 0.1s faster aim time, 0.07 better accuracy, 3.68 better rate of fire, and slightly better dispersion values over the M4 Sherman's M1A1. Aside from that, it has the same pen and same alpha as the M4, except 2 tiers higher. Have fun tickling your opponent! Mobility Firepower? Nope. Armor? Nope. Mobility? Check...? On paper it looks relatively average, maybe even subpar. It has a 500hp engine and the tank weighs 36 tons, which produces a horsepower per tonnage of 13.88. However, the power of soft stats are here to help. Its terrain values are 0.6, 0.7, and 1.1 on hard, medium, and soft terrain respectively. This is comparable to Soviet mediums, which are known for their hovercraft technology. The top speed is good, but far from enough to turn the tank from bad to good. Featuring a forward speed of 56.3km/h, it's roughly as fast as an Object 140 or 430. A little slower due to the worse hp/t and slightly worse terrain resistance values. What stands out about the mobility would actually be the reverse speed. It's some of the highest in the game, at 30km/h. Not as fast backwards as forwards? How terrible, I guess we'll make it 11 km/h instead. Still lower than its historical top speed, which was just as fast forwards as backwards. Camouflage / Anti-Camo While I was able to do this in my article, since 0.9.0 was just pushed out, it broke a lot of my mods. It completely broke Tank Viewer, which allowed for easy size comparisons. I could use Tank Inspector... were it not for the fact it broke a lot of tanks and they look like this. So guessing even more than last time, I think it's about 10-15% smaller than the average tier 7 medium tank. A little larger than the Comet perhaps, so it's likely to have around 14.5% camouflage while stationary. It has 380m view range. Pretty average for a tier 7 medium, but still not 390m like the T20. Given its above average camo but average view range, it won't really have a scouting advantage over other mediums, or at least not by much. To Summarize What does this tank bring to the table? - Horrible firepower - Seriously, firepower so bad it makes the E 25's look good - Poor survivability because of worthless armor and low HP values - Somehow even a worse crew trainer than the Super Pershing + Well at least it can yolorush fast because of good terrain values + It runs away from the fight backwards really fast NERFED TO 11 KM/H COMRAD! + Preferential matchmaking... still sees tier 8s though
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