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Found 6 results

  1. The greatest assassin tank there ever was. If you didn't like it you hate fun. Now time for a video! My greatest defeat ever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amW810JmWzY In all seriousness, though, this thing is fast, small, has good camo and a 76mm equal to or more powerful than the vaunted British 17pdr in revolver form. It's fast enough to drive like a maniac and heavy enough to drift on command and ram French lights. It's everything the AMX 13 75 wants to be, and is one of the few lights that I really enjoyed. I have vents, optics, and vstab, allowing for both scouting and drivebys. Camo skill and sixth sense are must-haves, after which your options broaden a bit.
  2. Surprised no one started thread on this yet. So i'm sure everyone knows about the latest marathon mission for the T25 Pilot #1. The replays and reviews are also out. Seems like the verdict from the people who've played and reviewed this tank is that its a balanced tier 8 USA premium medium tank, compared to the M26 Pershing it has a better 90mm gun, mobility is good but with a bad engine, the overall armour is poor, the gun mantlet isn't the thickest nor the largest. IMO its a good but somewhat bland tier 8 medium tank. I'd have to agree with what Jingles mentioned about why the T25 Pilot is being introduced to the game. Most premium tanks introduced are pretty much similar to the non-premium versions with some minor differences that make them distinct and sometimes better than the original. The T25 Pilot seems to follow the German TD syndrome. But most importantly, at least, It's not a controversial premium tank. It's not like the last few premium tanks WG introduced recently to WoT PC like the Obj 252U/Defender, T26E5 (Patriot), AMX M4 49 (Liberte) and the Skorpion G that are blatantly P2W. And its practically being given away for free to people who play WoT fairly regularly. No salty tears at its announcement, but no celebrations either.
  3. Is it worth getting? Is t8 too messed up to invest in one or is it genuinely fun to play. Thanks. Ive seen reviews saying its good but since then there have been Chryslers and defenders and lots of other depressing stuff happening, so I just want an updated opinion while its on sale.
  4. Oh boy, another premium. And this time, its another Sherman! But wait! This time, its actually historical unlike the Furry Fury! And it actually looks pretty neat. Daily Bounce TAP Tier VI Medium Tank Hit Points: 750 Hull Armour: 123 / 38 / 38 mm Turret Armour: 177 / 63 / 63 mm Shell Avg. Penetration: 128 / 177 / 38 mm Shell Avg. Damage: 115 / 115 / 185 Reload Time: 3.6s Rate of Fire: 16.66rounds/min Aiming Time: 2.1s Average Damage per Minute: 1915.9 HP/min Accuracy: 0.38 Turret Traverse Speed: 38 deg/s Traverse Speed: 44 deg/s Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 42 / 18 km/h View Range: 370m Here's hoping it includes the historical crew including Creighton Abrams himself as TC.
  5. If you are somehow offended, upset or triggered by this, please let me know so I can reply with a sad face emoji to show how I care.
  6. So I started playing this thing when the end of 9.7 was nearing. Peaked at 92% and started screaming OPOPOP. Yeah right... 100% solo 200% tears https://www.mediafire.com/folder/a0xot126ewduv/103 +++ Great gun, played last games with cola to compensate for aiming time though. I'd advise to use a gld rather than vents if you don't have a pro crew. Just frontally yolo lower tiers, and dpm them faster down than the german heavies can. You'd think an E-75 is superior, just watch some steppes games Good HP/t 340 HEAT penetration, and it's faster than the AP In theory the same gun depression as E75, but it's definitely better. --- The arty focus is unreal. I just finished a chi ri challenge and didn't even get focused half as much as in this thing. If you're purple overall and want to have an idea of how it feels like to be Garbad, try out this thing. Shitty mobility despite the hp/ton. Top speed is even lower than the Conqueror (like .4), so you need to follow the paths of the really slow tanks if you want to get somewhere without arty locking you down (see the game on cliff). People of the same tier and higher don't really consider you a threat (except arty of course) - there's a game where 2 TD's just yolo me after each other, the jag tiger just rammed me to death and took like 600 damage + fire in return... Ammo rack is shite. Turret is shite. Side armor is shite. (like, even worse than conqueror) Accuracy is supposedly shite, though that's not my experience. Arty So how to play? If lit and there is arty --> look away from your screen and wasd for half a minute. Seriously, the fuckers will splash you anywhere you are. A T92 found it funny to direct hit me for around 1600 hp in one of the last games, rather than hit the tier X heavies. If low tier battle: get to the front and show your front. DPM shit, abuse your hull (angle one side so it's impenetrable while hiding the other side) and pray your team holds the other flank or defends the cap long enough. http://wotreplays.com/site/1917861#self If high tier battle --> you are a road bump. Keep distance to give you one or two shots advantage, use common sense for positioning, and most of all, that 340pen HEAT. Sort of like this http://wotreplays.com/site/1917864#self Try to use terrain at all times, but keep your huge weak turret in mind. So I finished even below 70% which is rather undeserved even if I say so myself. I may have made a couple of wrong calls (especially highway or whatever the map is with the huge lake in middle), but if I went to the north in those, arty would've likely owned me there and the east would've been lost even sooner. If I had a couple less fail platoons, a better connection (died one game because Mac is best gaming system and I had to restart before I got into battle), less drowning suicides or retards in general, that 70% would've been achieved easily. To end in true garbad style; arty
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