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Found 3 results

  1. I watched the Nvidia webcast on Twitch tonight. So it looks like we learned a a few things about the new GTX 1080: Available May 27th $599 MSRP $699 founders Edition(Overclocking version) 2.1 GHz GPU on air cooling. 8GB of GDDR5X memory 65 degrees C on air cooling at 2.1 GHz 180 Watts power draw GTX 1080 is faster than a TItan X or 980 SLI. Nvidia's chart showed the GTX 1080 being about 20-25% faster than a Titan X with a lot lower power draw The GTX 1080 has the ability to do corrected view angles on 3+ monitors and 16 different view ports. Its called Simultaneous Multi Projection. This also means they can do 3D VR with correct viewing angles for each eye to make the 3D Image without distortion by doing 4+ panels per eye at 90+ FPS. The GTX 1080 has Twice the performance of a Titan X in VR GTX 1070: Faster than Titan X $379 MSRP $449 Founders Edition(Overclocking version) Other new Nvidia Stuff: The new Pascal GPUs had a 2+ Billion dollar R&D budget. In Game Camera system. Port in game 3D world to your Android phone. Acoustic Simulation in 3D. Open Source VR engine
  2. Didn't see a thread for this and a search didn't reveal one in the Computer forum, just a couple random mentions around the forums, so I figured why not start one. I mentioned in my thread about my upcoming PC build that I'm wanting to future-proof my computer enough that any upgrades needed by an Oculus Rift will be minimal. Oddly enough, Logical Increments'article on Building A PC For Virtual Reality says that Oculus' minimum recommended specs for the Rift can be met for around $800 or so, with $1100 giving a little more room for comfort, especially to maintain the 90 FPS that they say is absolutely crucial to maintaining immersion. Apparently while the occasional dip in FPS is not a big deal on a monitor, for VR setups dipping below the 90 FPS required to match the goggles' 90 Hz refresh rate is very jarring - "uncomfortable" is the word the article uses. What's the consensus here? Do you think this is the time VR is gonna work? It's been here before; I remember that good ol' Descent had the ability to work with some VR goggles that existed back then, but I have never seen anything else built expressly for compatibility with VR goggles since then. Is this the time VR sticks - a fully cooked technology, ready for widespread adoption? The computer requirements seem workable; an $800 system is not something only die-hard enthusiasts can afford. My main concern, as a member in good standing of the Middle-Aged Old Farts, is presbyopia. I simply can't focus on something sitting an inch from my eyeball. Supposedly the things are built with backfocus lenses or something to adjust for the wearer's visual acuity, but is presbyopia likely to require more adjustment than is possible with the headset as it is now? I would think widespread popularity would mean not being unworkable for such a large section of the middle-aged game-playing population - presbyopia is not some rare condition, it's extremely common starting at age 40. I'm kinda excited about the idea of proper VR goggles becoming quasi-affordable for a lot of people. According to Wikipedia Flight Simulator X is getting code written for the Rift, which would be exactly what I've wanted forever - the market in flight simulators and especially combat flight simulators could return from the grave. How awesome would it be to see a resurrected X-Wing/TIE Fighter franchise, or a new installment of Descent? Imagine something like Tomb Raider played on a Rift - I used to get a little tense having Lara Croft scale walls as it was - imagine doing that with a VR set, or seeing that tyrannosaur running at you in full stereoscopic 3D. Imagine playing WoT and having your look controlled by your head movement rather than the mouse. Imagine the next Elder Scrolls game with a Rift, or even just a well-modded visit back to Skyrim. Anybody had the chance to really read up on reports about this thing and follow its development? I'm kinda just paying attention to it just now.
  3. bjshnog


    VBE's ded.
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