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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, Is it just me or does the weekends seem to be getting worse and worse for each week that passes by? I've seen an increase lately in the amount of players that don't give a shit and wan't some advice on how to adjust and come out on top. I know I can choose not to play on weekends but unfortunately that's when I have the most time for tanks. So what are the issues and the current weekend meta? According to me it is as follows but you can share your thoughts on how you think it is, might be server dependent etc: Lot's of players that don't play on regular basis More players that doesn't care about winning More inexperienced players playing T8-T10 tanks More arty players than during weekdays More players playing newly acquired premium tanks (more often with special events) Games were you can't impact the outcome as much Flanks that should be easy wins (superior tanks in numbers & tiers) just becomes camp fests... So what can an average player do in cases like the above? Sure I can improve, maybe play long enough to become so good that I can solo carry a game etc. The problem is that the most likely scenario is me quitting the game as it will not be enjoyable before that happens. I need some solid advice that can be implemented even with my stats to at least make me feel I'm impacting the game enough for it to be enjoyable. To give you guys an example, I acquired my T32 just before the weekend a few days ago. I know it's a solid tank and most players speak well of it. Im not unfamiliar with how to play a heavy tank and I grasp the concept of what my role is. I platooned with a friend that was grinding his 110. We could literally not carry more than 5-8 games out of 50. If we had 6 heavies on our team the others would go were the lights and mediums usually go for no reason what so ever, forcing us to either hold a flank by ourselves or just go with them and let us get outflanked. We tried both and lost in both games. Lot's of artillery players? Ok let's be smart and stay arty safe we think, yet we loose because either we couldn't impact the game because we were playing to defensively (not pushing) or we try to impact and play without too much fear of arty and boom clicked. This of course is typical for open maps and not himmelsdorf. Other games we could hold off a flank of 5-6 T10's that was dumb enough to not push while our entire team was on the other flank, winning it and when it's 1 tank left they stop pushing because it's a TD and no one want's to get shot. So they just camp and try to snipe and inevitably we loose our side when the dumb enemies realize they just need to push around the corner to take me and my buddy out. After that they just flank our team from the back and it's another loss. I feel the matchmaking was fair, sure we had games were we were low tier but we also had games were we were top tier so that wasn't the issue. So the problem at hand is how do I impact the game to a bigger degree because this weekend experience just left a bad taste of the T32 which I know is not fair. Any tips are welcome but please keep in mind that I'm talking about weekends so try to focus on how to get by weekends the best way possible and not general advice on how to improve as I feel it's two different things. Post your tricks on how to get by weekends, what do you do to impact the most, any special tiers, tanks, platoons, camping tactics, whatever it is that you do different on weekends I want to know.
  2. So this weekend WGNA is giving a big credit bonus to all TDs tier 5 and lower, 50% discount, 3x crew xp for every battle, 30% discount on prem TD's and some other goodies. Here's the link to the page: click here for more info. So that being said I'm really considering getting the SU-122-44* with the discount. Some one convince me to get it... *Edit: SU-122-44 was deemed too expensive atm, by me, so Im gonna get the D. Max.
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