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Found 12 results

  1. Just wondering, people say this happens, but it makes non sense to me. Is it a myth or is it true?
  2. i am mostly satisfied in my WN8 as up he goes. played too much arty in the beginnings due to 20 fps. only wr is the problem. I need platoon or something to achieve 60+ winrate recent so please if you have experience (54+ wr) friend me ingame my computer hdd is broken, and is being fixed. i dont know when i will get it back, maybe in 1 week.
  3. I’m not a great player, or even good most of the time, but I’ve played a ridiculous amount of a games. And after 30k games I think I understood it: World of Tanks is foremost a broken slot machine, dominated by random number generators (RNG) that can be manipulated in your favor. I seriously got WAY more calm once I had accepted the fact that there are a LOT of elements you can’t influence in each game. You have no control over: · the players. Every player falls into all kinds of categories, ranging from · aimbots, · a busy father, changing his baby’s diapers which is why he is AFK for the first 3min, · bad computer performance and/or ping issues · different cultural backgrounds (RU/EU!) · not the smartest knife in the drawer · drunk unicum · and so forth. An endless number (well, 20-30k on NA) of humans playing this game at the same time you do. Hence, you have no control over: · the teams. 29 randomly chosen players, which make every game different. Because it brings together these player kinds with specific tank types which again you have no control over: · the tank composition. Often balanced, but too often it looks like 10 heavies versus 10 mediums. How this turns out in the end depends on the above (players driving them), but as importantly it depends on the map, which you have no control over. · Himmelsdorf and all the mediums win is the hill and lose to E3s and E100s, or · Malinovka with medium tanks ripping apart the 2 Maus and tier X TDs …and in each case you are driving a light tank. There are 30 (!) maps in the game, so getting Malinovka is like a 3% chance every time you click ‘Battle’. The recent change to corridor maps also increases RNG somewhat, because it funnels players together into a smaller playground, with more interactions and hence more chaotic outcomes than an open map with long firing lanes and smaller local stand-offs. Whichever tank you pick, in the engagement itself you don’t control whether RNG allows you · to hit (when the perfectly aimed shot flies right to edge of the aim circle) · to pen (those 10% of the time when the gold round just doesn’t go through) · to damage (“Fucking low roll”) · to kill (“Lol. 1HP left” [which is intentionally done by WargamingTM]). Did I mention artillery yet? The biggest nuisance, worst accuracy, extreme damage rolls (either way). And balancing good players driving one-shot mediums with bad players, that ‘point & click’, hence added randomness to the entire battle. Once you accept all these notions, is there really a reason to freak out when · arty one-shots you · you have 2 bots on the team · your top-tier heavy goes valley · your Object 140 says ‘Look, we bring an extra light tank’ and platoons with a Loltraktor. · a heavy tries to cap because he’s doing HT-7, which costs the game? Because it is all random. Rinse, pick the next tank, hit ‘Battle’ and repeat. Yes, over a large sample you WILL at times lose 20 games in a row, but you also will WIN 20 games in a row. Hard to not freak out, but really, there is no point to. So, where is this slot machine broken? Each time WG introduces a new tank, there is a great chance it is (slightly) imbalanced, resulting in better RNG or RNG compensation compared to its peers. Tanks may be OP for some time (and you see good players leveraging this for improved results), or are just blatantly good in the hands of a great player (T-62A). In other words, there are some tools that work better than others given the overall randomness. An E100 on Malinovka is worse than a T-62A on Himmelsdorf. Similarly, maps are not flat square fields, but have their own (inherent) imbalances, which may or may not favor one side. Knowing these maps give a player (and his team) a huge advantage from the get-go. In addition, platooning takes 2-3 random players out of the equation, which has multiple times been shown to improve winrate (or drive it even further down if it is a triple-43% platoon). But even playing solo, picking the right tools and knowing the maps is a huge asset that will result in an above-average WR over time. A great player finds ways to ameliorate RNG working against him. In a way, the slot machine is broken to keep your hopes up. As long as there is a chance of winning the next match, you will play the next game. Even 40% players will most of the time win every other match, and that makes them continue to play. 60% WR: you made the difference in 10 out of 100 games 40% WR: you made the difference in 10 out of 100 games 73% WR: you mostly defeated RNG, Sela. On a more serious note, it seems a large number of purple players have quit WoT, for various reasons. A lot of it sounds like increased frustration over 'WG catering to the masses', increasing RNG, 'nails to the coffin'. But my question is: Which game do you want to play? Broken game mechanics that are fundamentally imbalanced are a common complaint, but welcomed by good players abusing Hellcats, Waffles, Fochs before the nerfs. With all the randomness that is intrinsically to WoT it still stands that a great player finds ways to work against RNG. It may just be more difficult. Why does this seem to be less motivating to play the game though? How much RNG do you find acceptable? TL;DR Freaking out over randomness is like crying over spilled milk. It won’t affect your 60D WN8 in any way. Or does it?
  4. Hey guys, first off: you math contributors are doing a fantastic job here on WotLabs, many thanks for that. Today I want to ask the question if you think it is possible that there are persons / people that are statistical outliers concerning "luck". You know that guy who always comes out throwing a "1" when rolling dice. I am that guy. My colleagues and my family all notice this too and it is a running gag already. They say I should write a book titled "My life on the left corner of the Gauss distribution curve". Funny, isn't it? Of course they are mistaken, because even for me "luck" evens out. I have very very bad luck with all trivial stuff (games etc.) but A LOT of luck concerning the important stuff (job, health, accidents). Anyway, bear with me How does this relate to WoT? Well, it's a game, so I seem to play right on the left edge in WoT also. For instance many of my tank winrates do not correspond at all with the metrics of my gameplay qualitiy. An example is my T-34-3 with 85 battles at the moment: My damage, experience, spotting, WN8 all is very far above average. My winrate is 37%. THIRTYSEVEN. And I have many more tanks like that. Many more. I have 3 Ace Tankers in it (85 battles). The last one for a defeat: http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/privatebert-eu-763ad41bee4611a0b887cbd450528e07/ruinberg-china-t-34-3-74830782825358184 A typical evening session looks like this: I am an aggressive player with way above average spotting numbers btw. So no passive damage farming. Of those 18 battles, 12 have been played with Pref MM 8s. The other 6 battles were: 2 battles with Tiger II, both Tier10 battles 1 battle with Panther II, Tier 10 also 1 battle with Fury, Tier 8 2 battles with TigerH, both Tier 8 Else my WN8 would be higher, but you can only do so much damage when you are low tier all the time... I know: confirmation bias, small sample size Yeah, that#s what I thought. So I analyse more and check the metrics of my tanks on vbaddict, especially the average battle tier. And what is the result: ALL my tanks see higher average battletier than the average player. And the unicum player's average battletiers are all lower than that of the average player...examples: T-34-3 Fury Tiger II (730 battles...) These are only examples of my currently played tanks. It is true for all my tanks. The differences are sometimes small, but sometimes significant (as you can see). Can these numbers still be explained? Or am I really living on the left edge? Also: why do unicums generally have so low average battletiers? Any other comments to what I posted? What is going on here?
  5. So I'm going to try my hand at because it seems like a good excuse to derp around at tier six spamming gold and food. Here are the rules of engagement I'll be adhering to: 50 games, all solopub. 5 games per session. I'm not going to do this every night, so it'll take me a bit longer than 10 days. Almost all APCR except for a handful of HE shells. Food. VStab/Rammer/Optics and a two skill crew (camo and gunnery/sixth/stowage). The goal is to get the highest winrate I can, although the sample size is too small to draw conclusions from. Data tracked and presented using an amazing program that you need in your life. All replays hosted so you can watch me derp if the mood suits you. I really like with play-by-play analysis, so I'll probably try to write up some of these replays in the same fashion if time permits and I feel like it. I'll try to cover games where I exerted the most influence on the outcome, both with game-winning decisions and errors in judgement that threw a game. I run a vanilla client except for vbAddict's uploader stuff, so I'm not going to be able to present XVM chances to win or exact player data in my replay commentary. Wish me luck! First session will probably be tomorrow or Saturday because I got a super shitty night's sleep last night. All aboard the S.S. Goldspam!
  6. So, as a bit of background and context, I used to win more. A LOT more. Like solo'ing 58% for 1000 battles in my 140 and IS-7. I consider winning to be the only thing that matters (I will use WN8 in the context of this poast though, for comparison). However, I never really progressed beyond blue. As I continued to stagnate there, I noticed one day that I had a particularly bad losing streak with the same WN8 as I typically get when I win a lot. I found this to be strange, as with my uber-aggressive play, my WN8 typically correlates to my win-rate; either I derp and die early for low WN8 and a loss, or get high WN8 and a win. Despite this anomaly, which should have struck me harder than it did, I shrugged it off as a result of tilt and low sample size. Fast forward about a month and a half, same exact recent WN8 as before, but MUCH lower win-rate with the same tank set. I'm just curious as to what happened. Now I'm wondering if better players could help me figure out why this is happening. About the only change is that I'm platooning more than ever before, with better players, to see if they can tell me what's gone sour, but I'm still having teams fold constantly. I'm now starting to get results like this: Wins/Battles: 0 ( 8 ) (0.0%) Exp: 4 237 (529) Free Exp: 194 Kills: 12 (1.5) Deaths: 8 (100.0%) Damage Dealt: 20 143 (2 517) Damage Received: 13 340 (1 667) Spotted: 11 (1.4) Defence: 0 (0.0) Capture: 0 (0.0) Efficiency/WN8: 1 514 2 614 0/8 battles solo, 2614 WN8 The sad part is not the result itself, but the fact that it's becoming more and more common. I can't even get my normal amount of spotting because all of my teams have been rushing out ahead of me, in every direction. I'll poast some fresh replays later for people to analyze.
  7. Hi! Since I don't seem to be able to find it on the forums/wiki: Can someone provide a per-player dataset with win rate vs WN8 (or link)? I'd like to see how a player's win rate correlates with his/her WN8. Thanks! -Graukatze
  8. Rexxie wrote an informative guide to subdividing tank classes called "On Sub-classes and Roleplay". I'm curious: which of these subclasses do you think is the best for winning solopub? If you feel strongly about one subclass being the best at winning solopub, I'd also love to hear how you play a tank in that subclass to its strengths to secure a win. Edit: This poll is multiple choice, so feel free to vote for multiple subclasses.
  9. What do you purples think is the ceiling for W/R at T10 when you exclusively solopub? You can of course list W/Rs for different tanks (e.g. extreme example: solopubbing W/R for WTE100 > any arty) I know some of you have already done some crazy challenges but is there any agreement on the highest possible W/R at T10?
  10. Ok, maybe the topic is misleading, hue hue, but when I look at my battle performance over time it seems to fluctuate, with some parameters showing some kind of periodicity. I have seen this over the entire year. Now, that can be (or probably is) related to my own real-life, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed that as well and what their conclusions might have been. Cheers, Graukatze
  11. Hello, I am a new player to World of Tanks and to this forum. I have been trying to improve my aweful orangeness and get to the almighty purple, however I have noticed something strange in my stats (at least I think it is strange). This past week I have played around 150 battles (about 135 of these battles were played solo) and have averaged around 1250 Wn7 and a winrate of 59.3% but my winrate seems way way off. when I look at purple stats their winrate is often only a bit more than what I have been averaging desbite that they average 700-1000 Wn7 points higher. So my question is what are some normal winrates as compared to Wn7? Ps. I am very new to this forum and this might be in thr wrong spot.
  12. Woowoo! That's just clever xD (also just making this thread to admire the only thing purple on my sig... DON'T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME!!!) ('''\(>^.^<)/''')
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