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Found 6 results

  1. WoTStatScript Changes the profile page into a more colorful page, with the most common information that you would look for, like WN8, WN7, Efficiency and Noobmeter. It still add links to different sites that will give you enough information for your daily needs on players and clans. A userscript is a client sided javascript, that is loaded through a browser plugin, or the browser itself. Any suggestions are warmly welcomed. Download: WoTStatScript: Player Profile - GreasyFork or Dropbox WoTStatScript: Clanpage - GreasyFork or Dropbox WoTStatScript: Forums - GreasyFork or Dropbox - Adds useful links in every post on the official forums WoTStatScript: Tournament Teams - GreasyFork or Dropbox - Adds useful links in every post on the official forums WoTLabs: SigCleaner v0.4 - Dropbox - Removes animated images from signatures Dropbox links are usually outdated, as I'm a lazy cunt these days. Preview Profile: Preview Clan Page: Preview Tournament Teams: Preview Official Forums: (If actually have no humanity left) How to Use: Firefox and related browsers: Greasemonkey. Google Chrome, Chromium, and related browsers: Tampermonkey. Opera (version 15 and later): Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey. (12 and earlier only supports Violentmonkey, I think.)
  2. Hi, I just wanted to see what brighter minds than mine make of the future of any current or planned ratings system when the Great Rebalance hits. Recently there was the infamous Sandbox Server leak: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/06/07/some-stats-of-rebalanced-tanks-on-sandbox/ https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/06/08/sandbox-leak/ Many individual tanks and whole classes are rebalanced in a way that makes the infamous arty nerf of 8.6 that screwed up arty WN8 seem like a child's play. It is all naturally subject to change, etc., but nevertheless we can be fairly certain that the changes will be extensive and involve all vehicle classes. 1. Is it even possible to use any sort of overall/historical rating after this rebalance? 2. Do we need to "restart" rating systems such as WN9 to only count results starting from from the rebalance patch? 3. Is it possible or practical to devise a rating system that assigns values on a per patch basis, "locking in" results for each patch separately and comparing those to the average values of the playerbase in a string of per-patch WNx values?
  3. Hey guys, just want to make everyone involved in creating e peen metrics that Wot console has released some new data points. I know it's only console, and I don't know how impactful the new data points will be, but it's a start. Example
  4. This thread is for developing WN9. The OP will be updated when it is closer to release. Current concept: Somewhat similar to WN8 in that expected values are used. Instead of having multiplicative terms (... + a*b + ...) which increase in a parabolic curve, square rooted versions will be used, which linearize the parabola (and consequently improve accuracy). Scales differently depending on tanks played, so as to make similar ratings between tanks approximately equivalent to each other. Separate formulas may be used for scout tanks and artillery, to fix perceptibly important problems. Progress: Still a while off.
  5. Preface: I am not a mathematics contributor and have only a basic knowledge of how WNX works, so if this sounds completely ridiculous please feel free to neg and make me look stupid. *** Frags should be removed from the WNX formula, leaving damage (dealt and eventually assisted) as the primary contributor to overall WNX score. The reasons for this idea are not mathematical, as I am aware that frags have a high correlation with winning, but I think a convincing case may be made for this change. I feel like the foundational question behind the WNX formula is "what factors contribute to a win?", assuming that the goal of the WNX metric is to rate how well a player contributes to the win of a match. Looking at the WN8 formula we can see that the two most prominent factors are damage and frags. But should they both be weighed so heavily? I say no. Why is damage correlated with wins? In my experience, most matches are won by elimination, that is, all tanks of one team are destroyed regardless of game type. I'm not sure that this is true across the board, but I suspect it is (even if it is not, there are still valid points to be made). If it is true, then the question must be asked, "what stands between your team and a win over the enemy team?" Some may say kills, but this is not actually true. Though all tanks must be fragged to win by elimination, the only way to get a secure a frag is to move the enemy HP to 0. If all enemy tanks were down to 1 hitpoint, a low tier scout could theoretically load HE and kill them all quite easily. So, in reality, it is clear to see that the HP pool of the enemy team is a far more significant barrier than just the individual frags. From this perspective the correlation between damage and winning is very logical, seeing that as more HP is eliminated from the enemy team the more likely your team is to get kills and to win. Why are frags correlated with wins? Assuming that most matches are won by elimination, frags are made a prerequisite to winning, and will therefore obviously be correlated with wins. It would be quite difficult to get 15 kills and lose. However, kills are only possible by damaging the enemy, and therefore are a byproduct of damage and not an equal factor. In this sense it seems obvious that both would be highly correlated with winning, but one is a precursor to the other, and in fact supersedes the other in terms of practical significance. Above I said that as your team gets more damage, frags become more likely, and therefore a win becomes more likely, but the base factor in this chain is damage, and other factors depend upon it for significance. TL;DR Frags are then, in my view, incidental, and do not by themselves contribute hardly anything to a win. The only situation in which frags contribute highly to a win is when a player eliminates a priority target which threatens the win rather than choosing to farm damage. However, this situation would be impossible to factor in mathematically, and unless some arbitrary limiting factor were to be incorporated to lessen the impact of frags on the formula the only logical conclusion is to remove it completely, leaving damage as the primary factor of the WNX metric.
  6. Some thoughts I've been throwing about lately: 1. Eliminate the problem of stat-padding in lower tiers and make the rating system only track Tier 8 and up. This includes win rating. 2. Give scouts some love and let spotting damage count just as much as damage dealt. 3. Win percentage should be some sort of coefficient to WN9, so a high damage loss counts less than an average damage win, but more than a low damage win. I'm no mathematician but the math labs guys might be able to figure something out. This might help solve the some of the statpadding/sealclubbing/damage farming issues that are present in WN8.
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