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Found 27 results

  1. Witam mam takie pytanie? Czy miałby ktoś Do oddania Konto do Wota blitz? Ktoś kto już długo gra w WoTA blitz i ma kilka Kont które są potrzebne jeśli ktos by miał i mógł oddać byłbym bardzo wdzięczny ?? Konto nie musi być nie wiadomo jakie mogą być słabsze czołgi nawet
  2. We are a fresh fun clan looking for new positive players to join us in Clan Wars, Advances, Skirmishes and Platoons. Team games in tiers 10 and 8 are run most nights, and we are always here for platooning or to socialise. We would prefer you to have 3 tier 10 and 3 tier 8 tank, usually in the heavy and medium class's. REQUIREMENTS TIR VIII: Minimum 3 tier 8 tanks useful in clan wars. TIR X: Minimum 3 tier 10 tanks useful in clan wars. Personal Rating: 3500 Discord: https://discord.gg/CBKFXTH Clan Page: https://eu.wargaming...s/wot/500164330 Sound good? Message our officers in game, or contact us directly on Discord using our address.
  3. I was just wondering what you thought was the best thing and worst thing of your WOT experience in 2017? And what are you most looking forward to out of the next year? For me: HIGHLIGHT: Probably the Christmas offer stuff... I saved a ton of money and time with it, and it was probably the best purchase of my WOT life (by a lightyear!) getting 75 boxes... the stuff I got made a huge difference. LOWLIGHT: Tier 8 MM experience is probably the biggest negative, and has produced the most frustrating game experience due to generally being bottom tier and feeling. WHAT AM I LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS YEAR?: Enjoyable tier 8 MM. Not very imaginative I know, but it's the big problem for me as a start.
  4. Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Youtube offerings of Pettybo and Hollybo. We are a pair of 21st century young(ish) somethings that are more than contented to use video games as a coping mechanism for the infinite wonders of life. If your curiosity borders on the creepy, then feel free to ask us more on twitter, links below.Our channel offers guides, replays and general tank flavoured fun! "Well my God that sounds exciting doesn't it, because no one has ever offered that before ever! " Well I guess now you are expecting some kind of grandiose statement explaining our incredible Youtube innovations, so to maintain your sanity, we will oblige. It comes down to the celebration of tanks, fun and general hilarity via the copious use of "British humour", because I'm praying to god that there is more to life and entertainment than the spamming of generic meme faces. tl:dr Youtube guides and things wot try to be funny with some vague sense of originality. If, god forbid, you do enjoy our internet creations, the please click the things below to enter the magical world of social interaction. Please be warned, I may actually reply. YouTubes Twitters FaceBooks Below you will find some of our more recent content, which is actually sort of ok. Our early videos are abominable so just avoid those yes ok good thank you much obliged.
  5. Oops, double topic post... One of them can go
  6. So, about two years ago I build my current desk. Its pretty simple, but I need to upgrade it since my child is a man-beast. But, that's just the second project I have coming up. (pictures too be added to OP as I sketch and work) 1st project: For the last 5 years, our kitchen table has been our "Drop" area for keys, purses, bags, etc. mostly because it was by the front door. Well, since we moved the kitchen table is all the way in the back of the house and we now eat at it. But, the dog's crate is at the front of the house. I have a 80lb black lab, and even if I were to let him out of the crate all night he'd still sleep in it. So, what my wife would like me to do is build essentially a wooden box around it. Its 27in wide, 29in high, and 43 inches deep. plan is to wrap it in plywood, which i'll stain 'Expresso' (so like, a deep brown). The rear of the cage will be open, with maybe a single strip across the back to help solidify it. Should be pretty nice once complete. 2nd Project: THE DESK But, this is the project Im excited about. Priced out, I should be able to build 30x96in desk for under 100$ which will be solid enough for whatever I want. The top will be 3/4in plywood again, but I'll probably keep it a natural color (if my wife will let me). I'll reinforce that with a MFD sheet on the underside. The legs Im planning on using 1/2in Industrial pipes which are black. I'll use 2 end fittings on each, and it will have 5 legs total (one in the middle back for extra support). I like this, as I can always create new shelving using the same sized pipes off to one side if I need to get things out of the kid's reach. Table needs to be strong enough to support all the electronics (will have a media server on it too) and strong enough for any child or animal which climbs it. Influenced by desk like this 3rd Project: Continuing Garage Storage A: A fold-out wood-working table (will sketch out my thoughts) B: Shelving Before I got into IT, military, etc. my summer jobs were always construction. Ive worked on several homes YEARS ago, and I really miss having projects. If this desk project goes well, I might start making a few for sale on Craigslist What other woodworking stuff do you guys do?
  7. So I was bored and thought of a fun (at least in my mind) game. Contribute your best 5 or less-worded WoT-themed horror stories. I'll start with a few examples. 1. New Patch. Arty Got Buffed. 2. Bottom Tier. Tomato Top Tiers. 3. 0 Damage. 5X Cleared. 4. Solopub. Come and potentially farm easy upboats!
  8. so my reload timer's been broken for quite a while now. it doesnt show if it's under 10 seconds and if it's over it omits the 1 (a 13 second reload shows the number 3 instead). anyone else have that problem and how can i fix it? My IS has a 13 second reload, but it just shows 3>2>1 then disappears entirely for the remaining 10 seconds.
  9. Well hello! I have a question to ask some of the e-sport players! Would you like to participate in a study that is going to check what are the current training aspects of e-sport players? It will be included in a thesis that I am currently preparing. It is posted via google forms, and is intended only for people doing cybersport (means you have to do it intentionally, and for tournament competition), anyone can still fit it in, if you consider yourself to be a e-sportsman just do it: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OMGvffb3MO1-JL6lRlvcSnzBgE0jXBz7FhXYvXFe-Cs/viewform If you encounter any problems etc. feel free to contact me here or on my Face: facebook.com/kaszanas PS: If this thread is out of place could you please move it :)?
  10. So, a couple of months ago the wonderful @TheMightyJingles posted several videos talking with Slov (?) and some other developers from WG. A particular section talked about equipment. TLDR Version of that: Tankers are using only a few pieces. If it can use a VStab? Done. If it can use a Rammer? Done. Can use vents? Done. Optics make sense? Done. I mean, for hell's sake my MT's tier 6+ are VStab, Rammer, Optics unless it cant use a VStab, so I use vents. But, what if: All tanks had their stats buffed by 2.5% + Crew. Vents are Removed from the store All Tank which had a rammer available: -10% Reload time on all tanks which use it, Rammer Removed from store All tanks which can use a VStab: Dispersion buffed by -20%, VStab removed from store All tanks with VR over 380 (Except scouts, but would receive a 5% increase to VR): VR is buffed by 5%, Optics exclusive to scouts How would this affect your crews, and equipment load-outs? I'll add my own thoughts to its effect on my crews/equipment. Theoretical at this point, but from that video it made it sound like this will come down the pipes in one way or another in the future
  11. Ok so i running WOT on 3 PCs, two i7s and one laptop i5. On all PCs WOT is installed on C partition (system) on SSD, slowest PC is i5 with only 8GB of RAM. Problem is WOT is sluggish, almost vanilla (only XVM), and still ALT+TAB takes 2-3 seconds, in-game menus just stuck all the time (on all three pcs). Is it me, or wot is utter crap of code?
  12. Hi All, I normally don't run around and post information about my channel all over the place, but since this forum is specifically designed for it, I thought I'd have a go. What to expect: - Cartoon characters - Tank Reviews - Replays - LOLs (hopefully) Note that since I use TTS, some of you may find that irritating. If you can see past this, you may want to check it out. Some examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWd3oaC4YSc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMV6eksxH3Q Cheers!
  13. Since I logged on this morning my A key doesnt work when im reversing, which makes ducking in and out of cover hard, i have had a couple games where it has seriously affected my gameplay. The S key works just fine when reversing, and the A key works when im holding W, and when Im stopped, but doesnt work in reverse. I did a little research and the only post I saw was on the WoT official forums http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/379329-cant-reverse-turn/ If you look and the last reply to this post it is dated from last night where someone was having a similar problem. I really need a fix to this. I have fiddled with my options and my controls, etc. and nothing has worked I have reinstalled my client, restarted my computer and everything, still have the problem. *note* its not my keyboard i have tested it in other games
  14. Hi peeps Dropping by and browsing the forums. Good Luck out there.
  15. If anyone would like to mentor me and work with me on new ideas for strats on maps that would be awesome. I mostly play medium tanks. NA East 2600 recent WN8, 61% WR looking to add a couple hundred to that WN8
  16. Time to apply to all the best clams. Best Player NA. Much skill. (Yes, I know. I am a Weeaboo.I take pride in it.)
  17. Yo, I'm Skell from the Sea server, and this is some videos that I've made. I post videos fairly regularly, except last month as i had UNI exams so study had ruled my life. But im back now again to start spamming vidyas bro. I play mostly high tier 8+ but i do sometimes stray into tier 5-6-7's. There are live commentary videos, videos with just post-game talking and some without. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrSkellGaming So here is a taste of my vidz: My 1st video on youtube, t49 ace The quality is a bit questionable on that one but it was my 1st ever video. Lastest video, T-29 Ace with Live Commentary Thanks ^_^
  18. Hello! As I am still searching content for my next FUNNY CHAT LOGS video,I thought I'd try to edit this motivational speech thing.I've seen many videos with that speech,regarding different games,so I thought I'd make one for World of Tanks aswell. I hope you enjoy it If you want to check out my other stuff,visit my website ! http://pinegaming.weebly.com/
  19. Im curious has anybody from this fantastic community played Wot Blitz and checked to see if Garbad's dream of no arty really makes Wot a much better game
  20. ireny


    Hello! I thought I could lighten up the mood with a random video so.. I'm bringing you something different today..memes.But not just any memes.Those are memes inspired from my(and most likely yours aswell) WoT experience. I bet you reacted the same as those memes in some cases,didn't you? Anyways,I hope you enjoy it See you next time ! What do I create? Random and funny WoT videos such as Funny Chat Logs (Current EP: 21) and Funviews(some crappy-editted videos in which I review tanks) ! BTW,if you want to check out my channel,here it is: LINK: http://bit.ly/1l5BJFX Thanks for your time guys! I really don't know how you managed to watch this crap,it's just a random video made to lighten up the mood See ya!
  21. Hello! Another episode of FCL for you guys ! In this episode you will take a look at the average WoT player(the troll one,not the tomato one ). I hope you enjoy those silly dialogues ! Check out my channel (: http://bit.ly/1l5BJFX Da Playlist: http://bit.ly/1lN0Ms2
  22. Good day tankers *yay 500 subs <3* I was bored,so I thought I should do something,a fan-made Trailer ! I combined some footage and this is what I got ! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do (: Check out my channel: http://bit.ly/19sPFG2 EDIT: Ops,forgot to add the video
  23. Hello! It's just a little music video I made ! What's its purpose you might ask,well,it's for the lazy a$$es like me,to motivate them to go on that battlefield and rule their enemies ! I'd really like to hear your opinions (: I hope you enjoy it PS. unfortunately,the video is blocked in Germany,because of the song.I'm sorry for that.
  24. Hi Guys, anyone of you having some experience on playing WoT on a 'cheap' Windows tablet? I just saw a video of a guy playing WoW on a 200Ł tablet and got me wondering.
  25. I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories so don't take this as a random whine Word I hear from the grapevine is that a WOT employee confirms that there is a 25% favorable buff to RNG for bad players, no change for the middle, and a 25% unfavorable nerf to RNG for players with a >59% WR. anyone want to do the math to figure out how much rammer + crew skills can offset a rigged RNG spread?
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