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Found 16 results

  1. how often dose wotlabs.net Update as it say it Last Update: Wed Apr 29 2020 06:04:00 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time) but i have not play arty in the last 24 hours but it say i played 6 games in arty and the number of battles in my 140 is not right
  2. Hi guys, Is anyone else having issues with the stats not updating on wotlabs? Seems to be the same on Wotstats as well but not sure why? anyone know? Regards, Paul
  3. LABS is recruiting That's right, the #1 rated play4fun clan is now looking for recruits! Who are we, and what are we looking for? A solid group of active players, looking for overall dark purples. 6/7 nights available for discussing anime while we wipe our enemy's asses in clan wars. 18+ or be mature. lolwut was dat, who would join such bland, boring clam We're really just a bunch of people like the X-men, but without superpowers. "Old", young and childish, chill or stubborn. But despite that, we are all rather tolerable/tolerant, so we'll accept you with open arms. Except maybe our lord-emperor Solonii, because, well... But seriously, what do we expect of you? Activity is something that we'd like. But, this is a very casual clan, heck I've never even seen Never in the in-game chat. A visual representation might illustrate what I mean. Do you see the activity in south africa? Yes? Well then, right now, our clan would be something like that tiny dot south-west of it. That's why we make this thread of course. What I'm trying to say is that we don't care if you take a 2week break, or if you play 24/7. We're all here to have fun, and all we want is for you to do the same. How about stats? ayy lmao This is wotlabs yo, we don't care if you have trouble beating JSnazz in his OP hetzer. This guy knows exactly what's up: So, with a bit of that, and a bit more of LABS, the chemistry becomes real and this could be you! We'd like to have some semi-burnt out but good mentors/experienced players too, so they can help training the young padawans. Our plans for the future! It is quite obvious that we aren't even close to fielding CW teams at the moment, and if we're honest, we probably won't be able to do any of that in the near future. Play4fun and educate the youngsters. Advantages of being in the #1_klam_NA - Total immunity on the forums. Look at ZX, has the lord-emperor ever threatened him? - Tons of free gold Did you really think all that patron money is supporting this website? - We have girls Or maybe just one viking. - We're so awesome that nobody leaves our clan And if someone would, we'll wardec their entire next clan as soon as we can field a 15 man team... With tier tens... - Players from all over the world Although the maximum players you may see in the clan chat is around 4 at the moment, there's always someone. hue ------------------------ Well that's how I (scout), feel about our clam. Since diversity is what bonds us (lolwat), I'll post some serious, clear requirements and the lot. In case you're the kind of (lovely) person who prefers to receive information this way. Requirements: -50+ posts on the WoTLabs Forum. -Even if you don't have the 50poasts, being active is fine. -Have a working mic. -So we can hear that sexy voice on TS. -Be mature. -We have some very young people in here and I have to admit that they look at the games very fairly and always are searching for a solution in their own gameplay rather than blaming whoever they can. I can't say that's how I would've done it at their age. -Have a sense of humor. -Don't be the party-pooper that takes things too seriously, k? -Have a thick skin. -As mentioned, we're working towards that dank purple WN8, so you gotta be open to criticism. Clan rules: -Don't be a drama queen. -Unless, of course, you're M1ster_R0gers, then carry on Interested? Post something in the thread, or PM ZXrage, csbassplayer and/or me. PM anyone you want to for info about le clan. TS: ts.wotlabs.net:9467
  4. @CraBeatOff and another person I have already confused between @ZXrage and another Wotlabber dropped in morning game together. It was awesome! We lost! Team was bad, top tier heavy that was AFK, and our other heavies seemed intimidated by aggressive enemy lights. Still we all pulled our weight, and it was nice knowing you had two other folks that you knew were doing their best to offset pubbiness. Crab, I have the T49 re-searchable, I am just building up enough XP to put the top gun and gear on it. When I get a crew trained up will run with you guys again hopefully some day. Top damage in a JPII holding off (with a pubby in a Dicker Max helping) a T-54, MT-25, T54E1, and some STB variant while Crab and X (in T49's) extolled, cajoled, pleaded, and lead by example to get our heavies to freaking fight . . . sigh.
  5. Thought I'd like to reminisce on ye olden WoTLabs from when I've joined up until now. You guys can pitch in too. Old layout: How I got my title: The Pika Revolution: Note: I'm not saying the current WoTLabs sucks. I just want to look back at where I was when I started browsing and compare with how I am now.
  6. Hello, i'm a player from Taiwan on the ASIA server and hope to gain whatever new insights and learn up on on what i may have missed or not been aware of in WoT and get better at the game. I do make the occasional mistake and errors but i am at least aware of what i've done and and always trying to improve and get better.
  7. ZXrage

    Intro Blaug

    Hello friends, welcome to my (new) blog :^) Anything I post here is stupid and probably should not be listened to. Anything I post here is also going to the one in ArmoredLabs, and the other way around as well
  8. Hello all, sorry if this isn't exactly the right place for this, but it seemed like a good place to start. I'm Tronyx and have been playing tanks for over a year now, but just recently started getting into WoTLabs, XVM, and working on my WN8. Recently, seemingly within the last couple updates of XVM, I'm seeing a discrepancy between my WN8 on WoTLabs and in game. Currently, WoTLabs shows 948, but in game it shows 1015. I've tried reinstalling XVM a couple times (even uninstalling WoT), but I'm still seeing the inconsistency with my WN8. Everything else, IE: WR, match up perfectly though. Any ideas? Thanks, Tronyx
  9. As the title and poll imply, what brings you here? I'm intrigued.
  10. In spirit of the city-building hype, I decided to fire up my SC4 again for lulz. With mods obviously, but even I get bored of the routine of building successful city clusters after a while. So I need a twist. You guys should help me fill the region. Pick your grid and name your city. Tell me how you want to put WoTLabs into a world of pixels. Decide whether you want smog city or a farmland or a shine to wrestling. Here's the empty region right now: Not all grids are the same sizes, some are 2x2 large. First come first serve. One grid per user for now, unless a group of you want your cities interconnected. And yes, I'm too lazy to manually mark down every grid coordinate. Every grid is fair game.
  11. Hey all, I'm _Brendan! I've been playing WOT since August 12th, 2013. I started off as a red baddie like most players do. When I first viewed my stats on Wotlabs, I realized just how bad I was... 757 WN8 and a pretty low survival rate. All I was really doing at that point was derping around in my IS-3 and low-tier tanks with bad players. It was then when I started stepping up my game. Come May 5th, 2014 I first sign up for the Wotlabs forum. Here were my stats at the time: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/brendanthekid/1399248000 I was slowly getting better at tonks. Since joining Wotlabs, I have read countless guides and watched tons of replays from all you good players. I have tremendously improved my gameplay and just last night got my first 6k, 7k and almost 8k dmg in my Object 704. Here are my stats now: Finally, can someone review my replays please? I uploaded my past 50 games here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cuts8orope3818s/Past%2050%20replays.zip Thanks Wotlabs!
  12. Hey guys, We should try to set up a WoTLabs community night where we do goofy shit once or twice a month together. I know the reddit guys run one every now and then with ELC races and other shenanigans. What do you guys think? What sort of activities could we do?
  13. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/19/canadian-war-museum-player-gathering/ So this is happening At the canadian war museum. I was thinking if anyone from wotlabs that is going maybe have a tag so that we can recognize each other. If anyone Is going put in some ideas (I should be going by using the OC transpo)
  14. I was just wondering what color scale you guys use? Default or WoTLabs custom? I personally use the default one because im lazy and assume everybody uses it and i want to see exactly what others see (stronk logic i know). What do you use and why? Which one do you think is besterest?
  15. Hello ladies, hi guys, googling some WoT topics I found a post on http://angryjoeshow.com about WOTLabs. In simple words: Stay away from the WoT forums and join WOTLabs. At first I was very skeptical about a website encouraging those annoying "statistic prophets" – but luckily, I was wrong. I read a few topics giving really useful tips. Well done, everyone. I don't consider myself a good player. I only play because my son is such a huge fan of WoT. But with time, I finally have a tier 9 tank in my garage. My biggest problem is that too often I play emotionally and irrationally. Sometimes I need to vent off and play like a true noob, like suiscouting with my ELC – which of course is not beneficial for my stats. Despite all the things that really suck about this game (yes, there are some), I have the wish to improve – not my stats, but my gameplay. Survive (at least longer), do more damage, kill more enemies. When you begin to battle all looks so easy. But somewhen comes the point when you realize it isn't all fun and games. My son seems to know everything about every tank, when he yells at me: "You can't pen a TankXYZ at the turret. Hit the lower glacis!" – Oh, my noob... Thanks for the tips, I'll have to read them again and again and keep practicing out there on the battlefields. Good hunting, Mouse Hunter
  16. Personally, I dislike skipping Orange completely and calling Red "below average", when Red clearly means "bad". This is how it is now. Vote please, on what you think should happen. (I probably put this in the wrong section, but oh well)
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