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Found 17 results

  1. As this thread morphed into a general-patch discussion, will be putting original 0.3.1 OP under spoilers. From: http://blog.worldofwarships.ru/0-3-1-byulleten-razrabotki/ IJN CVs, Hosho, Zuiho, Ryujo, Hiryu, Zuikaku, Taiho and Hakuryu. AND USN BBs, which will include Michigan, Arkansas, New York, New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, Iowa and Montana. High-level cruisers. As an experiment Ibuki, Senjo, Baltimore and Des Moines get activated ability "Rehabilitation work", which was previously available only battleships. Kitakami - wonderful, but extremely fragile ship - got their hands on the smoke machine. We hope that the opportunity to put a smokescreen to make this unusual gameplay more comfortable cruiser and diverse. And he's not the only representative of the Imperial Japanese Navy, which has evolved, we have increased rate of guns CC battleship Yamato, swapped Mogami and Myoko, Senjo points added combat capability and rate (by the way, it will now be called Zao). Against the background of all sorts of changes in the East, it should be noted little innovation in the West: the cruiser Baltimore will delight their commanders increased rate rip Mogami 155 spam, 2014-2015. Also, probably a result of google translate derping but "rehab work" is the repair skill on BBs that heal dmg done by "light damage" and "moderate damage" shells.
  2. Rusty Old Frigates (RUST & OXIDE) Who Are We - Rusty Old Frigates is a group of like minded seamen interested in divisions, grinding ships, and competitive game play. Most of our players are Rusty and Old (30+) just like our ships, but we will accept anyone who meets our recruitment standards. Our community consists of two clans RUST and OXIDE. We are spread out across all US time zones, with most people playing during US prime time. While we like to be competitive and win games our primary mission is to have fun playing as a group. We participate in clan battles, operations, ranked battles, divisions, and setup scrimmages with other clans. Membership Standards - With our main goal being to have fun while winning games, we have come up with some standards to help ensure that new recruits are a good fit. However, we do have some standards new recruits must meet. These standards will become more strict once clan battles are introduced to WOWS. RUST and OXIDE have slightly different ability requirements, but the rest of the standards are the same since we treat both clans as one. Below is a list of our requirements. Be a cool person to play with. Be active in game, division with the clan, and be active on our Discord server. We don't have activity requirements as real life comes first, but we do want you to socialize with the group when you are in-game. ~1000+ games played. Flexible depending on the person applying. OXIDE requirements - ~52% win ratio, 1000 WTR, Tier 8 ship, interest in improving game play. RUST requirements - ~56% WR, 1.0 F/B, 1250 WTR, Tier 10 ship, interest in improving game play. We can be flexible on stats for the right person but if you are significantly far off the standard we probably aren't the clan for you. How to join? - If you are interested reply to this post or contact the following people. One of us will send you a Discord and Division invite. After joining our Discord you need to division with our clan to see if you are a good fit before receiving an invite. uncLe_Ownter (OXIDE) rearhatch (OXIDE) K538 (RUST) smf117 (RUST) MntRunner (Both) Join us on Discord for some divisions. If you like what you see after hanging out with us we'll send you a clan invite..
  3. It was only a matter of time before a thread like this was necessary for World of Warships. I've included the purpose of this thread below. Share your examples of pubbie greatness - bask in their logic - embrace their autist lifestyle. My contribution: Roax - Was in my New Mexico and all game him and another player were calling a NC and I retards and dipshits. Telling us to go back to PvE for another 1000 games, etc. All the good stuff. End the game with highest exp on our team, but in a loss of course. I sent him a message last night simply saying "You talk a lot of shit for being the 4th lowest exp on our team." I wake up and log in to the following gem.
  4. While there have been a bunch of updates about various nerfs/buffs in 6.4, today is the first time that I saw this mentioned. In essence, the Tirpitz will now have the EXACT same OP secondary suite as the Bismarck AND it's brawling 6km torps as well. This might push the Tirpitz over the top as the best tier 8 BB at this time. People like me who kept a Captain in the Bismarck for any future Ranked seasons, or just to enjoy those secondaries at tier 8 can now sell it off if they have the Tirpitz in their port. I am very happy about this change, one that makes sense considering they both have the same set of guns in the same locations in regards to secondary's. Edit: The one remaining benefit of the Bismarck will be it's Hydro ( 3.1km torp, 4.4km ship ) that the Tirpitz does not have - though they might add it at a later date, who knows?
  5. Since we are just starting season 4 of ranked battles, it seemed like a good idea for players to have a thread for posting what ships they are using in ranked battles, and how they see the meta. I just started at Rank 18, and have used the Gremaschy so far to good success. It's not that I am particularly deadly in it, but because it is a very strong tier 5 DD, it allows MM to upscale a cruiser or BB above me. In addition, the rule change this year is VERY favorable to bottom tier DD's that can cap. If you are top XP, you do not lose a star, and if you solo cap one and assist in another, doing average damage in your DD will put you on top of your team - win or lose. More than once I have seen my team disintegrate early, but allowing me to live long enough to do my damage, kill a CV and get some cap points. MM is chock full of BB's waiting in tier, so I pretty much auto start when I click battle - I saw one MM que where there were 2 CV's, 65 BB's 7 CA"s and 4 DD's. I am not sure what I am going to do when it moves up to tier 6/7 - I don't feel comfortable in my Farragut ( close to the Mahan though ) and I feel the Colorado is really too slow - maybe the Nagato or Myoko?
  6. My 19 year old son (Rexkodiak) and I have transitioned from WoT to WoWs ( both former members of ANVIL ) and I am looking for a place that I can use as both a Teamspeak server and a division source for us to enjoy the game together. I am in my mid 50's, he is 19 and we are both no Drama peeps that like to meet new people and learn how to improve. I have multiple tier 8's and he has multiple tier 7's and the Hipper. It would be nice to have a place of competent division mates to grow with the game. ANVIL has not transitioned out of WoT, and it doesn't seem likely any time soon based on Wargamings inability to expand clan membership past the fixed 100 member number. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, I would sure love to hear them.
  7. Hi, I'm looking for division mates to drag down and steal sea salt from between the hours of 8am PST to Noon on most weekdays. I prefer silent toons especially so since it increases my loading time exponentially. I usually load in maybe 15 seconds after match start though it can be higher given my luck, just so you know. I'm most sucessful in CV's & DD's as of late though I feel I still lots to learn. Tier 6 is my maximum tier and I'm going for higher tiers slowly. I'll be more than happy to roll CV's/DD's for your AA spec Cleveland or act as fleet magician to make your fat ass BB dissapear behind smoke both by request and my own compulsion. My ships: Tier 3: Wickes Tier 4: Clemson, Hosho, Fuck you Karlsruhe Tier 5: Kongo, Konigsberg Tier 6: Ryujo "Probably" more ships to come^ > Has 57% w/r mostly by Hosho seal clubbing for 200 battles? Thank you for your consideration.
  8. So yeah....... Who's really for some 800 DPS Cleveland 127mm @ 7.2km? (127mm AA buff + AA designation for x2 DPS + AFT + BFT + AA modules + x4 bonus of AA barrage) Provided there's any CVs to use that AA... Patch changes from PT (thanks to an EU topic) (Bold = large change, blue = comments) Yeah. RiP. Should also mention the speed difference between tier 5 CV fighters and tier 10 CV fighters got reduced drastically. Zuihou now gets A6M2 Zero... and Independence now gets F6F Hellcats. Thoughts on this patch?
  9. yoyoya2

    Myoko review

    The four Myōkō-class cruisers (妙高型巡洋艦 Myōkō-gata jun'yōkan?) were built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the late 1920s. Three were lost during World War II. The ships of this class displaced 11,633 tons (standard), were 201 m (661 ft) long, and were capable of 36 knots (67 km/h). They carried two aircraft and their main armament was ten 20.3-centimetre (8.0 in) guns in five twin turrets. At the time, this was the heaviest armament of any cruiser class in the world. They were also the first cruisers the Japanese Navy constructed that exceeded the (10,000 ton) limit set by the Washington Naval Treaty. In the game the myoko is a tier 7 cruiser with 5 double 8 inch guns that will fire at a range of 16.1km and 4x3 triple torpedo tubes. Armour The myoko is a fast heavy cruiser and suffers of having a huge citadel and overall weak armor. The main belt has a thickness of 100mm and a deck of only 37mm. This is comparable to the pensacola's 50-100mm belt armor. The citadels on the ship can be found at the waterline under the turrets,under the funnel and under the torpedo tubes. This means that it has a citadel for every occasion. So never show a broadside to anything that is shooting AP. The + is the fact that the myoko is very slim. Compared to its US peers the myoko can travel at a slight angle and not show at flat side to the enemy. The reason why you would want to travel at a angle is that it is easy for BBs to drop shots into the the front and get citadel pens. + Slim +Can be angled - Weak overall armor - HUGE citadel -I really do mean HUGE Armament Myoko is armed with 10 8 inch (203mm) guns paired in 5 turrets. These 8 inch guns have a decent rate of fire (12 seconds)To pump out great damage.With a range of 16.1km you can outrange all other IJN cruiser until tier 9 and can be competitive with the US CAs above tier 7. unlike the 6 inch shells the AP on these guns are very capable of killing CAs with a few salvos and doing serious damage to BBs while the HE shells can set fires like no other and kill BBs who are well angled The myoko is also armed with 12 torpedoes paired in 4x3 turrets with 2 on each side These torpedoes have a range of 10km and a speed of 62knts while doing a maximum damage of over 17k The arc on the torpedoes are 90 degrees from the side to 75-80 degrees to the rear therefore great for defensive but poor on the offensive. + Lots of guns + Accurate + Even with weak armor they don't get destroyed easily + Good torpedoes with fast reload (103 seconds) = Slower reload then aoba but better then peers = AA is lackluster compared to US but better than aoba - slow turrets -The gun placement can be wierd -Torpedo arc can be frustrating Maneuverability The myoko is a fast cruiser with a top speed of 36 knots this top speed helps it chase CVs and get in range quickly but can often cause you to overextend and die a horrible death. Being a very long ship you have to watch out that when you turn You don't clip a mountain but with fast acceleration and a rudder shift time of 9 seconds you can quickly change directions and do S turns without problems. Even with a decent rudder shift time the turning radius is pretty bad at just over 700m. + Fast + Decent rudder shift time = Acceleration - Turning radius is big -Length of ship prevents turning in tight spaces Overall The myoko is a great ship and clearly out performs the pensacola. It can be played as a support or as a brawler. If a BB rushes you you just need to let him pass you then launch 6 torpedoes to finish him off. And using the great guns you can easily kill CAs in two salvos at ranges under 10km with AP and can often one salvo DDs with HE while doing 5-15k dmg to BBs with AP at close ranges or 3-6k dmg With HE at long range with fires. Stats
  10. http://wowreplays.com/ Basic site information: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/63869-introducing-wowreplayscom/ Example: http://wowreplays.com/Home/Replay/298 It's not as advanced as WoTReplays, because the WoWS replay files don't allow it to be. It won't pull the end-of-battle information such as damage and achievement ribbons. However, you can at least upload your replay, give a description, and (soon) upload related screenshots. Other players can then download the replay for viewing, vote it up, etc. The site owner seems to take a select few every day and convert them to HD video, add commentary, and put them on YouTube. This at least prevents a great replay from being lost the next time a patch rolls out and makes all older replays obsolete. There's supposedly some work on the replay system coming out this spring, including in-game implementation and changes to the file system that prevent replays from dying every new patch. Anyway, it's an interesting site. There are some good replays on there, feel free to add your own. I'm sure we can just add links in the existing Carry thread, but wanted to get this website some attention.
  11. WarShipStats.com has a survey out asking about the best ships per class and tier. Just filled it out to help the community and theirs devs (if someone is putting time and effort into helping us with any WG games, I'll certainly contribute). Links are: At the top left of the WarShipStats.com page, or Directly here At the end of the survey you can view the results thus far. Most are not at all surprising. I got most of them "right" (though I did do as they asked ... voted for those that I personally think are best). I'm only up tiers 5/6 (by intent ... taking my time). But I also have several ships that most normal humans don't (Alphawaki, Ark Beta, ... even the Marblehead, which many more do than those previous two) so I can vouch for their goodness or badness (Marblehead rocks!), but they got very few votes, as expected, since 99% of the playerbase doesn't have them) Rats ... can't remember the spoiler code so just putting these down below. The obvious winners: IJN DDs St. Louis Murmansk Cleveland Tirpitz Yamato Midway (though if you ask Aerroon, I think he might say differently)
  12. Uh... huh I have no words. Since some of you guys had no qualms about DLing this the last time it popped up in 0.3.X, I mind as well make you guys aware that it resurfaced ~3 days ago. video of it in action in a co-op(?) battle
  13. So I just noticed this posted this morning: official launch date September 17 Tirpitz will go on sale then, and the ranked battle season will start then as well. As for WoWS leaving "Beta" and going into release, discuss.
  14. Shes a beauty... Survivability (85)-HP: 69 200Artillery (61)-Main Battle firing Range: 21.2 km-Main Battery 4x2 380mm L/52 SK C/34 RoF: 2.3 rounds/min190 Degrees Turn Time : 36.0 sMaximum Dispersion: 274 mHE Shell: 380 mm HE Spr.Gr. L/4.6Maximum HE Shell Damage: 4400Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell: 34 %AP Shell: 380 mm AP P.S.Gr. L/4.4Maximum AP Shell Damage: 11300Firing Range: 21.2 km-Secondary Armament 8x2 105 mm L/65 C/37-Secondary Armament 6x2 150 mm L/55 SK C/28 Firing Range: 5.0 kmhttp://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/08/wows-bismark.html#more
  15. Captains of the Cock High Seas. Post your survival rate and ship breakdown for discussion. I'm trying to determine if I'm being a HUGE pussy in-game or ~50% is the median. Obviously the types of ships you play impacts this, which is why I included my spread. 48% Survival Rate BB - 26.17% CV - 19.75% CA - 44.69% DD - 9.38%
  16. So I wake up and see news of WoWS hitting Closed Beta March 12th all over the RU, EU and Asia, but nothing yet on the NA. According to the news portal on the EU: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/cbt-announcement/ There will be a limited number of CBT apps then they'll shut it off. (for a while I'm assuming) Also, going off of what's here: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/cbt-announcement/ There's a NDA lift on stuff after the 12th. https://www.youtube.com/embed/aJcPjw5xvi0' frameborder='0' width='432' height='354' /> Discuss:
  17. info here: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/6038-na-closed-alpha-test-recruitment/ glad to see it is starting
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