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Found 1 result

  1. Replays - http://www.mediafire.com/file/r4451h27kahl0ei/Winrate_is_Luck.zip Screenshots - Comments - I had a particularly good session yesterday. Since I wasn't grinding marks like a fiend, or doing stupid things like trying to do 15.4 (260) missions or playing tier 7 LTs solo I actually made good choices and played for some relaxed fun with friends. This platoon was imoody and AceHasNoOtherName. We played as you can see above tiers 7-10, as imoody is grinding the tier 7 Swede TD. I had just notice I had a couple hours of the M4A1, so I was trying it out for the first time. As is the custom among a certain subset of big garage foreverunica, we just rotate picks. That way imoody can grind his shit tiers, @Illusion can troll us with tier 3 prefs, and I can pick premium tanks over and over to grind credits while being carried. I count 11 HT games (the T30 isn't really a TD), 2 LT games and 7 in the MT. What are the lessons here? Well first, platooning is both more fun and more effective. Especially when your platoonmates know each other. Second, heavies carry games. I am almost always the last in the platoon to pick my tank, and I seem to always end up in the HT, because HTs are simply required sometimes, to hold, push or just trade, in a way that 3 MTs can't. We'd have prob lost that 113 games on Lakeville if I had been in a MT. imoody did jack shit in his Grille, because Grille is feast or famine. Ace did ok in the Batchat, but the Batchat can't brawl down a flank. Maybe I'm just not good enough in mediums. Anyways, I put this in pubbie battle boasting because I don't have a specific point except to say "look how good this turned out". But I do make my usual attempts to play tactically and smart, so maybe there is something for you to learn if you watch them. As always, happy to answer questions though.
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